September 12th, 2015

reintro + collection!

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I posted here. My name is Jessica. I'm 18 and a freshman at university (such stress wow). I live in Colorado with the mountains right in the backdrop of my window. I've actually been lurking here since 2009, and it's amazing seeing people share the same passion for Pokémon merch as I do. I've played Pokémon Yellow as a kid and actually started collecting and watching the anime at the old age of three. Since then my collection has gradually grown each year and I've never lost my love for Pokémon. Throughout my life I have played Yellow, Silver, Diamond, Platinum, Black, White 2, X, and AlphaSapphire, and caught all 721 Pokémon after hundreds of hours. Pokémon is love. Pokémon is life.

Without further ado, here is my collection!

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Thanks for reading!
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Offers Reminder for Pokédolls

This is a reminder for my Pokédoll offers that are ending on Sunday at 9am ACST. That's less than 30 hours from now! Countdown can be viewed here.


These four are officially up for offers!!! I'm kinda late with Wooper, but I thought he should still be mentioned since I know a few people who want him too.
Please click the image above to view the sales post.
I apologise in advance if I broke any rules and will take this down.

Collection weeding

Hey everyone, nice weekend to all of you! I recently weeded out some things and thought some of you might be interested. :)

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Also, is anyone else excited for the Mystery Mansion promotion? That pocketwatch is pretty amazing! :D

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Han and Leia

New Pictures from Daisuki Club: Mystery Mansion!


Hi all! With the Daisuki Club announcement, we got a bunch of new photos for Mystery Mansion! I've update my claims post with this new information. Unfortunately the metal straps are going to be blind packaged (Boo, Pokemon Center! Boo!) but that also means that I probably will not be able to get them unless they put up a full set on Amazon like they did with the rubber straps and Halloween Parade. But there are several other places to preorder them, such as Sunyshore for blind packs, or single straps from hebilea's claims post! :)

Also, I think we've sorted out the clearfile mystery. (Think!) So if you were waiting for one of the other designs you can claim them now. :) One of the other interesting things we found out was that Chandelure is on the back of the Umbreon Pocketwatch! :D So fancy!


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September Claims has been updated to reflect this new information! Just as a reminder, things tend to sell out very quickly with these new promos, especially on Amazon, so I would caution that wherever you are ordering from, make sure you pre-order or get on a claims/pickup list before the release!

Have a good weekend, everyone!


Binder Pages for Jumbo TCG?

Well, this has been a pain.... I've been looking for storage to be able to fit all of my jumbo cards into a binder, since I collect them from the boxsets. Here's the problem: I can't find the size anywhere!! I mistakenly bought a WHOLE BOX of Ultra Pro sleeves 5x7 just to find out that the cards were too big for it (let's just say I messed up using iRuler...)

Does anywhere know where I can buy a pack of these sleeves? Ages ago I saw someone on here that owned sleeves big enough to fit them in a binder, 2-pockets too!! I need to find these, and hopefully some good quality ones, like Ultra Pro Platinum (if they even exist). I'll take what I can get though, since I do want to protect them and finally get them in a binder!

Any help is greatly appreciated :x
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Let's Barter! Finally can trade!

Hiiiiiiii! So I'm super excited as I finally can trade with you guys! Yaaayyy!!! So That's why I'm here right now! So I'll leave some links that y'all can go to and browse around ;)

Here's an overview of what you'll see though:

Some highlights are a talking Bidoof and 2007 fuzzy Mew!

As for rules, I will only be shipping to the US for your and my sake. I also may not be accepting too many trades as shipping can really add up! I'll also be waiting a bit before responding to here all offers :) (Though of course I'll be responding enough to negotiate!)

LInk to plush:
Link to figures and miscellaneous:
Link to feedback:

AAaaaand link to wants:

So that's about it! And to make this post more enjoyable here's a question! What has been your favorite community trade so far? And also your least! Leave it in the comments below :)

Have a wonderful rest of the day guys!
Roll Tide! ;)

Wanted: pez dispensers!

Hello! I'm currently looking for some pokemon pez dispensers! Looking for any ones that are avaliable for sale :3

Shipping is to London, UK, I can pay via paypal, but I'd prefer to trade for anything in my sales post. :3

Thanks everyone!

Clearfile Sales, Question, and Discussion

Hey guys! I'm selling two clearfiles ^^ The N one is a double, otherwise I'd keep him lol

Feel free to ask for better pics, these were taken in the dark xD;;
10 dollars each

Can be combined with any other sales here, this is all I'm selling right now! Sales info is there too.

I also got this really cool clock, does anyone have info on it? Like rarity or origin? I'm so excited to hang it up, haha

And lastly, what's your favorite official figure? I realized that I almost never post figure gets or collection updates... they're always focused on plush.
This is my personal favorite; I love the weight and detail of it <3

Annnnd store link :D
If you bought from me on etsy please leave some feedback there, I'm using it in my college application :P
Rat, Fancy, Tophat, Cute, Nezumi

Introduction + My Collection + Question

Hey everyone! :)

I'm RainbowRatJonah, a student from Germany. I'm currently 21 years old.
When I found out about this community, I was so excited, but I just kept scrolling through the posts until I finally decided to apply a few days ago. I'm glad I got accepted and hope to get to know many awesome people and other Jolteon-fans!
I have loved Pokémon since the very beginning (of the Europe release, of course), as I suppose many of you did, and while I didn't have a particular favorite Pokémon as a child, but collected everything Pokémon-related, I'm only collecting Jolteon merchandise now. I don't own a lot yet, and I have only seriously started collecting a few months ago, but after being inspired by a collection online, I just had to start my own! ;U;
My other favorite Pokémon are Nidorino, Houndour, Houndoom, Zangoose, Girafarig and a bunch of others I don't remember in particular right now.
I have played most of the Pokémon games, but my favorites are SoulSilver and X!
Back to my love for Jolteon. I don't exactly know when or why it started, but at some point I just made Jolteon the leader of all of my teams in any game and I would get super excited whenever I saw Jolteon featured somewhere (like in that amazing April Fool's Day prank that Google did, where you could find Pokémon by scrolling through the world map. I still have that screenshot where i caught Jolteon XD)

Inside this cut, you can find my collection. It's actually a bit bigger, but when I started scroling through your community's posts, I learned about bootlegs and found out most of my plushies are probably booty, so I didn't include them in the pictures, in order not to offend anyone. :c I will keep them, because I obviously paid money for them, or they were presents by loved people who wanted to see me happy, but didn't know about bootlegs (or Pokémon in general), either. But I want to try and get the real versions of those bootlegs in the future, even though getting them is not my first priority.

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On to some wants.
If those are your pictures and you want them taken down, please just say so and I will. :)
(Caution, a lot of images incoming!)

Collapse )Aaand on to my last point, the question.

I was thinking about getting this deck here:

My question is, on , it says that there's a coin
with Jolteon on it, so I searched, but couldn't find any picture of it and only a few other pages
stated something about this coin which confused me a lot.
It didn't even say anything about the coin on the back of the package, if I read correctly.
Does anyone here own this deck and can explain this to me?xD
I would be super grateful!:)

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!
Hoping to have a fun time with you guys!:D

P.S. If I did anything wrong, please tell me and I will correct it immediately!

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BIG Flats Sales! ^o^ + few Auctions

Hello guys!

Today I've got a BIG BUNCH of flats up for sale and some up for auction!
Including really rare old Polish Pokemon items from promotions that took place... 15 years ago! *o*
Also there's a lot of Japanese book/magazine pages, cards, stickers sheets and other stuff like that :'D

Please ask what's still available and what's not to be sure ^^

Here's a little preview of auctions:

AUCTIONS WILL END ON WEDNESDAY 16TH SEPTEMBER 2015 at 11:30 central european time
Here's the timer:

So... let's get it started!

* Please DO NOT EDIT your comments, just reply to your own comment when you would like to add/change something!
Even if you'd post 10 additional comments it's better for me than 1 comment edited 10 times :P Thanks!
Just include "still looking" to your comment.
* It would really help me if you could include link to the photo/name of photograph (ONLY FOR BOOK/MAGAZINE PAGES, for example M001) and the price of the item you're commiting to/asking for the quote.

Remember that you can always combine items from this post with items from my latest kids sales, please take a look, there's stil A LOT of figs up for grabs ^^

And with items from my other sales:

Also I promised to tag some of you guys :D
chaos_21 - I remember that you were interested in these Sylveon stickers sheets!
pkmnexcavation - for Mr. Mime ^^
absol - Absol, Manectric, Salamence and Ninetales items below, I put Absol flats on hold for you! :D
m14mouse -  Seedot line, Ralts line, Empoleon, Pichu and the Weedle :)
stalkingsuicune - Suicune/Lati flats below! I put them on hold for you as I promised! <3
kidgengar - for Gengar :D
diamondphantom - for Raichus and others :D
riolu - for Riolu and others :)
nicolarbear - for Abra and others :)
okgod - check if anything from here interest you :D
aslyl - there're some Misdreavus, Cherrim and other flats ^^
captainangel - for bats :)
slowwwgirl - sloooowpokes ^^
zigguppafu - Ziggy and Linoone!
mandamaeh - Slowpoke and Sealeo flats!
flaaffy - flaaffy flats :D
aarux - Aerodactyl, Charizard, Totodile/Feraligatr, Tyranitar, Salamence, Metagross :D
emeraz - Cyndaquil line flats :)
clicky797 - Articuno flats :)
peppermmints - Cyndaquil line and Gengar flats
pkmnsuicune - for Suicune if there'll be any left ^^
swan_sea - for Sylveon, Slowpoke, Purrloin, Skitty and Wiscash :)

I hope I didn't forgot about anyone :D

Here're my rules:
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And now onto auctions and straight sales! :D

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And that's all!
Thanks for looking!
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Mewtwo and Mew

August Gets!

Long time no post! I hope everyone's had a lovely summer. I got a few neat things I wanted to share with the comm!

First up was my local anime con! In the past few years there have been a lot more bootleg Pokemon products, but this year there was actually a few stores selling legit stuff like Inferno Cat and Roany's! In the end, I wound up buying from without_reason who had a ton of zukan for sale, and since they're my weakness and she was offered me a lovely deal, I couldn't help myself!

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I also got a new video game! Well, "new."

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Part of why I got the game on Kijiji was because I went to a small video game convention and couldn't find it there. On the plus side, the creator of the con was very nice and was giving away doubles of his Pokemon Topps cards to kids, and when I asked about them I was allowed to pick one!

 photo Mewtwo Topps Introduction_zpsvdncwoia.jpg
Naturally, I chose a Mewtwo Strikes Back card that I didn't already own! I don't really collect flats, but I won't turn down free things, especially where Mewtwo is involved!

Lastly, this isn't a get, but I went to a video game exhibit called Game On at my local museum, which was super cool! Better yet, they had a whole section dedicated to Pokemon, and I pretty much flipped out! Polygon took some great photos of the exhibit that are much better than mine, haha.
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I also went to Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions, and got a signed poster which I am currently getting framed! Pics to come!

Lastly, you can also check out my sales post which has been updated!

Thanks for reading!


Assistance with postage costs/companies

Cause I'm sick to death of Royal Mail charging what they please with Airmail International Track/Sighed for. (recently a small card order cost my buyer £8.80 (nearly $14) in postage...ridiculous.

Does anyone know anyother reliable comapnies that ships from the UK at reasonable prices? I know not tracked is cheaper - but not by much. I'm always afraid that if things don't turn up I'd be classed as a scammer or similar if not tracked. I do take a photo of the reciept when shipped not tracked to send to the buyer.

Royal Mail's stuff to the US is found on: I do always refund the difference if it is less minus paypal fees and buying the envelope/box etc.

Any help appreciated.

First post, my little collection!

Hello everyone!
Short introduction: I and the English are not very good friends. If I say some stupid try to understand, I am ignorant XD
This is my small collection of gadgets Pokemon, small because in my room I have little place, because I share with my brother >.<

Ps. The tags of Pikachu and Amaura are hidden from everything else XD

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✿ Questions and Auction on a Jumbo KutaKuta Sleepy Pikachu!! ✿

Hello everyone!!

So today i have a pretty exciting post.
I received a second kutakuta jumbo pika in the mail today, but i am a little concerned about it!
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EDIT: It looks like the bigger one is just a US release, while mine is the JP release! The previous owner must have just taken the beans out. Thank you everyone for your help and information! I really appreciate it!! :D <3

tinyzig1.jpg Thank you all for looking!! <3 :D
~Ziggily Wiggily
cat&#39;s meow

First post + Pokemon cards

Hello everyone,

this is my first post so I hope I do it right!

I don't have a huge collection and I haven't bought much PokeMerch in recent years, but I'll show off what I do have and try and get a little more involved here.

I have a few old figures, a plush or two, etc but I don't want to spam you with all of it at once!

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I'm sure it's nothing you haven't seen before but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. I'd love to get back into card collecting, I always loved the artwork.

Until next time then!
Pro pic 1
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Wants! (=゚ω゚)ノ

Hello everyone! I'm looking for these items, and hopefully I can find people selling them!

I'm very interested in items related to the Crobat, Lapras, or Skarmory line! Any of these would do for me :)

The Wants! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ
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That's about all to it at the moment! Please let me know if you have any of these you're willing to sell (=゚ω゚)ノ

Couple Of Wants

Hello everyone, I'm looking for a couple of wants to knockoff from my list today! :D

Shipping is to USA!


Swablu Secret Base Pokedoll. This has to be MWT, but it's fine if it has its tag detached.

It's the last one I need for my Secret Base Pokedoll collection. I wanna try asking here first, before looking on ebay.


Mini Pachirisu Pokedoll from 2012. Does not need to be MIP, however it must have ball chain.

I may request pics, because there are many pachirisu plush this size that look alike XD

I also need this to complete my entire Mini Pokedoll keychain set from 2012.

OBO Sales! + Mock Tag for 1:1 Johto Starters Help! + Advice in gluing Totodile's teeth

Hi everyone! I need some help from those that own all the Johto Starer 1:1 plushies with paper tags. Could you guys take some pictures of the tags for me? Or could someone make a mock tag for me??

Another question I have is, my totodile's teeth are splitting. What kind of glue do you guys recommend me to use and the technique to apply to glue so it doesn't seep through the fabric? Thanks!

On to the Sales! Everything is OBO! Drop me your offers! :) Also willing to trade for anything in my sales for items in my wants list:

**Shipping for items that is no thicker than 2cm can go under the flat rate~! e.g small megal bloks, some fcs, notebook...etc**


Here's a little preview:

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Collapse )

Thank you for looking! :3

Gen 4 Pokedoll Gets + Small Auction!

I was able to cross off some more items on my want list! I couldn't wait for these guys to arrive!

Collapse )

This is the pile of pokedolls I'm weeding out of my collection. I'll be adding them to my sales and auctioning some off in the future so keep an eye out, if you want to give any of these guys a new home.

I wanted to start small, the first auction is up with 8 of them up. Check it out by clicking the pic or clicking HERE!

Thanks for looking!
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Food flats?

Does anyone know what kind of stickers this snack package comes with? I'm really looking for obscure dedenne merch since I haven't seen anything in a while.

Does anyone know any foods that come with a dedenne toy/flat?

This one also has my attention, it says it comes with "Eevee friends", which probably just means the eeveelutions, but who knows! There may be a dede in there!

I'm honestly not sure if this one even comes with a toy/flat, and I'm kinda warey to buy it since it has meat ingredients, and I know I would never eat it.

Lastly, how many cards come in a pack? In a box? I just bought a case of Ancient Origins, and was kinda disappointed in my pulls, and still want to try my luck.

I'm hoping for some awesome customs to be arriving soon, can't wait!

I'm also collecting those oversized pokemon cards, but can't for the life of me find the
Jumbo Xerneas promo
Jumbo Yveltal promo
Both Jumbo Mega Charizards
And the Jumbo Kyogre and Groudon cards (Not the primal ones, those are on Amazon)

Its been a while. And looking for a rat :P

Hi everyone (and to anyone who remembers me)

Its been a while. Life has gotten beyond busy which leaves very little time for pokemon.

A friend of mine's b-day is coming up soon and she has always loved our favourite Gen 1 rat pokemon. So I am looking for 2 items to put into her B-day bundle:

1) Raticate tomy figure (must be mint/near mint condition)

2) Raticate Zukan (just the piece of fine, but if you have the set, thats fine too. Again, mint/NM)

If you have any of these two, please let me know and can I get a quote to shipping to Canada.


Also, to those who have inquired/pm-ed me during my hiatus for any zukan/eeveelution items for sale. Sorry I havent replied to you. I will be digging through my storage and see what I have left for sale/if any.

New Gallade Gets~!

Hey guys, I'm back with new swag. This post won't be AS long as some others because I don't have as much to show off but I wanted to show you guys before I forgot!

So a couple of weeks ago, I bought a second Gallade kid figure and some lovely Mega Gallade coins from salamence646. They arrived in amazing condition. I'm getting the kid painted in a shiny format in a couple of months, but here's a picture of them guarding the other Gallade merch- those precious things.

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SO now that that's over with, I have a tale! My family visited from NJ in the last week of August. We went to the Minnesota State Fair together, and just out of morbid curiosity I entered the merch mart to check out the generic anime booth they have there. Most of their stuff is bootleg, but imagine my surprise when I actually saw Gallade merch there!!! With tags and everything. I did some research on it and it was a Banpresto UFO prize if i'm not mistaken. I hadn't seen it yet, and I had to have it! I managed to pick it up for 12 dollars! Which according to some online prices is pretty inexpensive. So I feel good about that.

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So yeah theres my hastagswag for the next month or so. Next up should be something NOT GALLADE RELATED FOR ONCE. Because of the Halloween promos I have to give my Ghost Bros some love so prepare to see some Banette, Gengar, and Sableye action!