September 13th, 2015

Alola Vulpix

Pikachu "Nebukuro" Sleeping Bag Kuji Claims

By very very very popular demand I have decided to open preorders/claims for the Pikachu "Nebukuro" (Sleeping Bag) lottery goods coming out next week on September 19th!


★ The items in this post are prizes from a kuji (lottery) held in the Pokemon Center and other various stores across Japan.  They cannot be purchased directly, but rather are won by purchasing a ticket which contains a random prize.  Winning them in the lottery is the only way to obtain these goods.  I will be playing the lottery and passing on my winnings to you!

★ Please be aware that your claims are not guaranteed -- I *should* be able to meet many claims as I have a full set preordered, and I plan on playing as many times as possible regularly, but because these are prizes I cannot promise anything in advance. You are still responsible for the remainder of your order if it can only be partially filled! Do not request prizes if you are going to cancel if I can't get everything you asked for.

★ Estimated shipping is for Air Mail and is provided as a guide only -- it may differ when I have the products in hand, depending on how much the actual weight is.  EMS quotes can be provided once they are in hand.

★ And of course the all important sales info: I have had sales permission for many many years and my feedback is here.


★ Comment clearly with the prize you are interested in and which version (Charizard, Ekans, Eevee, Snorlax, Gengar, and/or Golbat).  The bath towel only has one available design.

★ Signing up for a claims slot is a committment -- please please please do not sign up with the intention of dropping from the list if you find your purchase elsewhere.

★ The list is first come first serve, and you must commit to get on the list -- questions/inquiries/etc will not get you a claim slot, sorry!

The kuji starts on September 19th and I will continue to keep the lists open until all the stores near me run out!  Please expect totals to be posted around September 25th-30th and be prepared to pay at this time.

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Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have!! I am writing this very bleary eyed after a long day of work so I'm sure I'm forgetting something...  I'll answer any questions asap ♡  Thanks everyone (・ω・)ノ☆

Looking for Ancient Origins Kyurem Full Art!

Howdy y'all! Long time no post!
Short and sweet reintro. for a short and sweet wants post: I'm SG, 23, law school, and a KYUREM COLLECTOR RAAAAAA
SO, on Kyurem, I found this beauty while searchin' for ice dragons the other day:

And I can't believe I didn't have it on my radar????
So, I'M LOOKING FOR IT! Kyurem-EX Ancient Origins full art!
Troll and Toad has it for $6.50, so I'm trying to find something comperable on the comm. because ily guys and thought I'd come here first! So, if you got my ice baby, let me know!
(Also a bonus if you also have the LUGIA-EX FULL ART FROM ANCIENT ORIGINS. Lookin' for that too but it's not top priority)

Thanks guys!

Loads of gets + a few questions

Hello fam! I've got plenty of gets from the past two months that I'm eager to share.

Since I only got three in recently, some of these will not be my pictures ;v; They all came from the auctions that I won.

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1. Why is the word (f igure) corrected to 'div'?
2. What's the difference between minky and velboa? Do all pokedolls have both versions?
3. Does anyone know what Giratina figure this is? Turns out it's not the suction cup one. I wanna know so I can fix the name on my collection website + not mistake it for something else o:

Suicune Jump

New Pokemon.. Sorta - Sales Update - Gets and More

According to, there is a new Pokemon.. of sorts. (Full article linked, cut is just picture.)
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It arrived! I'm so happy with this find! Lookit it!! *squeeeeee* My Suicune movie pose figure!

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I've added some items to my sales post: more Jakks figures, keychains, Play by Play Blastoise plush, talking Pikachu plush, more stickers, and made a temporary Tomy section from old pictures. I might do more temporary sections like that with pictures from my memory lane trip until I'm able to take better pictures. I will be temporarily closing sales sometime in the next few weeks while I move from PA to NE just as a heads up.

Anywho, sales permission on March 21, 2015 by areica96.
The new mouse in town!

Show Me Your Errors!!

I thought I have a little bit of fun today.  ^__^ Those of us that collect TCG or flats in general.  We have that card/flat...that is just a little more special than the rest.  Weather the wording is strange, it is a misprint, or someone mess up in the factory.  We can't help but treasure them for their little errors.

 photo errorcard_zpsvbrqghwd.jpg

Would you believe that I didn't realize this was error until someone post the full pic on their wants?  I was like why does my card look different?  Then I look down...XDDDD

I have plenty of cards to trade on my tradelist and I am opening my blinder for some of the rare cards on my wants.

Kanto Pokemon Custom Bottle Caps Reminder

This is just a quick reminder for your last chance for these little guys! There are still 114 of the original Kanto Pokemon left! And after this week they'll all be gone! Follow the link below to the original post.
I'm also auctioning off these shiny's! The auction ends tomorrow! Follow the link below to the original post. Thank you so much for taking a look!

Custom gets!

Hello comm :D

I was so excited! Finally my customs are received some days ago <3 I can't still believe it! :D My customs are matching so perfect to my collections :)) Take a look!

Sorry in advance! The light in Germany isn't so good today :C So I'm so sorry if the pictures are looking blurry.


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So it does not become boring here a question:
- Show me your cutest custom plushies! And why it is the cutest plush? And on which are you very proud? Edit: Or show us your official plush on which you are proud! ^^ <3 Let's go guys!

my wants
collection site

updated collection!

hey all! ive gotten all moved in and found some pokemon things from when i lived here before!!! everyone sits on a shelf now, aha but i plan to move them when i can!!

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so whats new? well, theres my beanbag pikachu plush, my jakks zorua, a pikachu from mcdonalds, my fennekin plush, a tepig from mcdonalds, a big talking piplup plush (she needs batteries haha), small piplup plush, piplup figure, jakks shellos plush, jakks buizel plush, jakks axew plush, giratina figure (with one wing...) and not pictured by big reshiram figure!

now, i know im new, and not that known, (if i shouldnt even ask this, please tell me!) but would anyone be willing to trade for some things that i dont collect anymore? i collect pikachu, reshiram, shinx evo line, furfrou, and eeveelutions, particularly umbreon ! im actually pretty attached to the zorua plush, but if someone really wanted him, id be willing to trade him! ANYWAYS ill post again when my luxray kid from hatsukihaunter gets here!!!! bye bye! <3

It's been a longggg while; multi post-

Hello pokemon peeps.

Its been a long while since I posted. I didnt have a job all summer so I couldnt really afford to buy anything decent; ontop of nothing on my wants list has been for sale. But I did get something unique I would like to share :D

So I already own the Pokemon Wonderball shelf display, but this one is the wall "drop" display which I had no idea existed. I was so excited to find this! Its a very unique piece to add to my food collection. On top of that, the seller threw in the Eggo Waffle box for free which had been on my wants as well!!!

Due to being at college I only was at home long enough to take the one pic, so I dont have any fun detail pictures. Nor did I take an updated food collection pic, but that was more due to the fact that I had no space left for the waffle and new Wonderball box. That will be addressed over Christmas break haha.

On anther note, I did do an update to my Horrors of Completed Listings Saga. For those who dont know what that is, it's my blog with screenshots of Pokemon goods that sold at insanely good deals that may make you cry. I ususally have to get a few screenshots rounded up before I do an update. If you have any screenshots youd like to contribute, feel free to PM me!

The rest of my website has a few things edited as well including my wants lists, so feel free to check it out. I actually have money now so please check out my wants:D I have some customs coming in within the next few months, so Ill be sure to post those when theyre done :)

Full collection pic, cause why not. #messydeskstatus


First Sales/Trades Post! Metal Figs, FCS, Coins, Plush, Misc..

Hello All! Welcome to my sales post! I have a bunch of random pokemon-ness up for sale here so maybe there is something for you :). My first choice at this point would be to trade any of my items for more Metal Figures that I don't have yet but I AM willing to sell. If you feel a price I have set is unfair then please let me know, I can't promise I'll change it but I'm willing to work with you. I will occasionally add stuff over time but it will be a fairly slow process, mainly metal figures since that is what I collect and wind up with duplicates of! Now on to the stuff!

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Anyone selling codes?

Hey, I'm looking to buy some tcgo codes! Any sets are fine, but I'm looking to buy in bulk, around 15 cents per code. I prefer to take them over mail ^u^ But if you would prefer to send through email, that is fine too.

Trades post!!

 Hi guys, today I'm here trying to find some of my main wants. Since I didn't have luck with buy them, maybe someone is interested on trade for anything I have, some of them are Jolteon canvas, Raikou TOMY, Feraligatr UFO, Heracross UFO, Dragonites... and more. You can find more info and items under the cut... THEY ARE NOT FOR SALE
The biggest wants are the ones you can read here but I have more on my wants post.

  • Larvitar UFO

  • Marshtomp UFO

  • Poliwhirl Pokedoll

  • Butterfree Pokedoll

  • Politoed strap plush

  • Quilava bell keychain

  • Vulpix talking figure

  • Vulpix grabby figure

  • Mightyena metal figures

  • Custom plushies

If you have any of the main guys I could trade other things of my collection so please, let me know! You know I collect the popular guys xD
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Please, understand that I can say I don't want to trade something, I don't want to sell them but if I can get something I'm more interested I would do it. Of course I can combine with anything of my sales post or even art commissions. Thank you guys

A Hello and a Request!

This is my first post to the community, so I'd like to say hello!
I am from Canada and I collect Eevee/lutions, Sentret/Furret, Zigzagoon/Linoone and neat/sometimes random things!
I don't have a good photo of my collection (as it has grown a lot since I took my last photo... and I got a new light bulb for my collection room), and I am on vacation to the USA!

I look forward to meeting all of you. ^_^
(This is my first ever post to LJ so tips and tricks would be appreciated!:D )

Anyway, I am in search of the Banpresto UFO Zigzagoon as it is my grail.
If someone has any leads or one for sale, I would love to talk!
Depending on price, I would like to do a payment plan.

Note - This is not my photo. I believe it is Zigguppafu's :)

Thanks in advanced!

TCG Oversized wants?

I don't know how I've gone down this rabbit hole again, but here we go :D

I'm really looking for the Jumbo Mega Charizards (13/106 and 69/106) that were distributed every where BUT North America!

If they're in box, that would be even better!

I can't find the 69/106 at all, but 13/106 is on ebay in a lot, but I'd rather much buy here!

Part of my TCG Collection~!

So, I know I posted yesterday but since others were posting some card collection stuff (and I used to play TCG) I thought i'd chip in and show you guys some of my rares/foils! Most of these are relatively new (Gen 4+). I have TONS of old ones hiding somewhere but if I got those out it would take forever to get pictures! So without further ado, Let's post some TCG pictures! Be sure to click for larger photos! Some are kinda blurry- sorry for quality QQ

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No cards were injured in the creation of this post. \0/
EDIT: Also, if you have any species specifically you'd like to see let me know! I have a LOT of cards. Not all (not rly gen 6), but a lot. LOL
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