September 17th, 2015


Clear File Collection Update! + Please take these plush away

Clear File Collection Update

Hello all! It's been a long time, and I have finally sorted out my clear file collection! I have made a separate post on my personal journal, please take a look :D I have photographed about maybe half of them, so there's more to come, which I will update when my next pakage come in ^_^

DSC_1348 (Medium)
(Click for my Clear File Collection - somewhat image heavy)

Clearance plush Sales
Please help me takes these plushes home, they have been sitting here for a while and needs to go. All price includes shipping to anywhere, but excludes fees ($0.3+4.4%). I think these are already quite low price, since shipping would already cost me $3-4 each , so I can't really haggle ^^;

Please make sure to read my sales rules before purchasing - thanks!

Tomy Sitting plush, all JP version
Eevee - $10 SHIPPED anywhere
All others sold

Pokemon Center Standing Eeveelution (TTO), all JP version
Eevee, Vaporeon, Flareon, Sylveon - $14 SHIPPED ANYWERE each

Banpresto Bonsly MWT - $8 SHIPPED Anywhere

Custom Crochet Joltik - $14 SHIPPED ANYHWERE EACH or $24 SHIPPED ANYWHERE for both.
It costed me a lot more to commission these two, they are quite big (around 7" long)


pics of San Jose Round 1 Pokemon prizes, 2016 Pokemon Calendar + Sales Plug~

Hi all!

I updated my sales page. I have two Sailor Pikachus, Ghost Pikachu charm, Teeturtle Pokemon in pocket prints, Sleepy New Years Fennekin, Secret Base Ditto, Berries kuji items, etc. I am accepting a little haggling/OBO since money is extremely tight for various personal and collecting reasons. Finding it hard to let go of stuff but need the monies. >_< Click on picture to be transported!

I wish the Pokemon Center release more hoodies now that it's getting close to fall. Anyone have Pokemon Center hoodies specfically the Goomy Damono parka? I have them both in small and medium and they don't fit me the way I'd like it to be. :( I am slim but like my shirts/jackets to have a little room and longer length. The medium is a little too baggy while the small is alright but I feel it's too short on me. Anyone else have this problem? I am debating whether to sell one or just keep them both. I have barely worn them... only wearing them to try it on. If anyone has any interest, I would be happy to sell it for $30 or less depending the offer.

I went to the bookstore the past weekend and saw they had calendars already like the 2016 Pokemon one. Click on the image to zoom in! Sorry about the lighting/glare from the bookstore.

Which month is your favorite? I think mine is September since I love all the starters together! It's cool Latios/Latias get two pages! I still prefer the Japanese one and will get them at my local Japanese bookstore when they come out.

Also, this past weekend I went to Round 1 in San Jose (an arcade/bowling/entertainment center) which opened a couple weeks ago. zora_star made a post about it last week. If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area and near San Jose check it out! I'm glad we got one here in Northern California now since I heard people really like the locations in Southern California. They have some of the latest games from Japan as well! I wonder if we get Pokken at the arcade/game center at Round 1 since I read they might come to Dave and Busters..?

Check out the Pokemon prize pics on my Tumblr post.

I think the Pokemon prize I'd like to get are these guys! I'll need to win a lot of tickets. XD;;

Lastly, I made a Pokemon goods tumblr. I plan to start uploading my collection pics/gets and local Pokemon finds at the Japanese market and bookstore. Feel free to follow! :D

September gets! (& wants!)

So I've had quite a few parcels turn up in the past few days, so I figured I'd post my mid-end September gets now as these will not likely be the last ones until mid-end next month for the sake of my families sanity x3

Mewtwo banpresto, Mewtwo poseable figure (Thank yousugar0coated for the 'twos and 'chu!) Chesnaught Pokedoll, Lapras Type! Banpresto, Fennekin DX Banpresto & Pichu Banpresto

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"Pokemon with food" drawing commissions!

Hello comm! :3
After I finished all my drawing commissions yet, I finally can do more! YAY! ^_^
@ plushlosophy: I will show you a pic of your drawing tomorrow or on saturday, when I have the time after work :3 (Sorry for the long waiting time!)

Because I haven´t many time because of my work, I make a new rule: I will not make ANY kind of drawings anymore, because I was going to stock on some more complicated commissions which tooks too long...This is stressful to me because I must rush and I don´t want let anyone wait so long! I will even limit my slots until I finished these - and then open more. So that you must not wait a long time to get your commission!

This time I´m offering a "Pokemon with food" colored pencil drawing on a 5,8 x 8,3 inch.(14,8 x 21cm) big paper.
You may choose: 1 Pokemon, normal or shiny, 1 kind of food (a pokepuff or berry or any kind of other food you like!)
If you wanna take a slot, please answer the following questions:

1. Which Pokemon? (only one)
2. Normal or Shiny?
3. Which Food? (if you want a berry or pokepuff please tell me which one you want from the games!^^)

1. brunnera93
2. raymence
3. wobbuwhit

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Thank you everyone for looking and for your interest! <3

Updated wants, more gets, and serious mini doll need!

Hey guys, its me with a few gets.
Yes, more mini pokedolls!
I am seriously addicted to these xD
I want more!

First up though, a really special get!
(From nysaurus! Thanks!)

A Mega Sceptile buss pass case!!!

Finally my baby is a Dragon!(I knew you had it in you!;w;)
It's a real dream come true! (Even if it happened when Dragons are no longer the no. 1s in battle...)

Its a really cool item,

this is the packaging.
I have never seen anything like it! And to have been blind packaged and there being 12 other pokemon it could have been, I feel really lucky to have gotten my favorite!

Thanks again nysaurus!

More gets under the cut!:

Pika the 1st(left): "Huh? Who is this?"

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My mini starter pokedoll collection as of now!
(With Victini!)

Seriously addicted as you can see xD

So, obviously, I need more.
Lots more. Okay maybe not huge amounts but I REALLY need these following guys!

NEED IT, Okay seriously I have lost 7, 7 Kyogre pokedolls over the course of this year. 5 in the last 3 months.
I especially would like this tiny one, either bootie or real.
Of course price differs, but if you have one for sale PLEASE let me know.... ;_;
I can also trade for custom plush/art.

I found some old pics around, and these were booties too? So because of their status I can only offer so much for them. ._.
But I want them so badddd D:

high priority: Rayquaza, Ho oh, Pichu, Shinx, Pachirisu!

If you have ANY of these, or from the same line or other mini pokedolls not on my list do shoot me an offer!
I am always willing to hear it out!

I also will trade for custom plush and art!

Other high priority mini pokedoll wants;

And rest of wants (wants list) here:
That's it! Thanks for reading^^

Talking Mew Want<3<3

Hello all, I'm trying to find my grail!
The Tomy Talking 1:1 Mew!

I see one of these on ebay right now but the price is pretty steep... I was hoping someone on the community would be able to part with one <3 The box doesn't matter, in fact I'm sure one with a box would be much more expensive anyway. Let me know I'm trying for less than $200.

Mini Figure Collection: A Few of my favorite toys

I'm excited to share a post featuring some of my favorite toys from when I was a kid. I used to play with these playsets all the time and although the figures didn't originally come with the playsets they worked perfectly for the size. I even used these figures when playing with my pokemon monopoly, it made it so much more fun. I'm still in the process of posting and editing all of my collection images. Definitely more to come!

I'm looking to get more of the mini figures, but I'm not even sure what they're called. As much as I love my playsets and would never sell them, I'd like to learn what the value of them are.
Rattata happy

Display Poll

Hey, guys! I haven't made a formal post in awhile, it's mostly been comments and Free for All Friday posts.

I did a display poll over a year ago, and everyone seemed to like it, so I thought I'd do it again! Also I really like seeing other people's collection displays ^^ A few of the questions are changed around a bit.

1. How do you display your collection?
2. Do you display figures/flats/plush together or separate them?
3. Do you display rarer pieces differently?
4. Do you have cuddle plush on your bed?
5. Does your display match its surroundings or does it stand out a lot? (I.e. do you have it on a shelf with other things or is it the focal point of the room?)
6. If money/space were not an obstacle, how would you display your collection? (Basically: what's your dream display?)
7. Have you ever bought a piece of furniture specifically because of your collection?
8. Do you anticipate and make room for new items or do you just re-arrange when the items come in?
9. Do you have multiples of the same thing? How do you display those?
10. Post a picture!
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The new mouse in town!

Looking for the Weedles(Again)

I am looking for this weedle pin if I have no luck...going to buy it from the pokevault.  I want to check you guys first.

I am also looking for the weedle FCS figure.  I would add a picture but all of the pics that I found are on the small size.  So...XD

I Wanna Buy Plush!

I want your Pokedolls, Pokemon Center plush, Pokemon Time, I <3 series, ghost-types, fairy-types, normal-types, Gen 5/6 anyplush, Secret Base dolls, anything big and cuddly (especially the Rainbow Promo Pikachu- my grail!!)!

Thanks so much, guys- I love this group and all of you. <3