September 20th, 2015

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Sleeping Bag Kuji Extras

Today I played the Pikachu Sleeping Bag Kuji and had lots of success! However, I am also swimming in tons of the lower level prizes that I would like to clear out ASAP. (If you participated in my preorders/early claims here, I am in the process of totaling up your winnings, but you may add anything from this post as well)

★ I have long ago sales permission and my feedback is here
★ All of the sales rules related to these kuji items can be found in my previous post here
★ You can combine with my off-site Pokemon sales here

Hand Towels (28 cm) (all designs available) - $7 shipped

Ekans Mascot Plush - $20 shipped

Rubber Keychains (Charizard, Eevee, Ekans, Golbat, Snorlax) - $14 shipped
**Snorlax keychain not pictured but also available!!
Socks (Charizard, Eevee) - $12 shipped

Thanks all! Happy collecting! ♡

A Little Update and 20th Anniversary Thoughts

Hey everybody!

I thought I'd give everybody a little update on the status of the Pokemon Kids Store I've been working on! It's moving along a bit slower than expected since I'm not back in school, but I hope to be able to have it up an running by November. I'll keep the comm updated slowly as things start to progress! :)

Now onto the real topic at hand! With the 20th anniversary comming up early next year...

(Image off google; if it's your let me know and I'll replace it immediately)

What does everybody think about the Merch that will be released? I'd love to hear all sorts of speculation on the topic; it would be nice to see what merch everybody would like to see, as well as any ideas or leads that people have on the topic! I don't think we've really had such an important milestone such as this one since the comm's become as large as it is!

Leave any comments below, I'll definately read them all :) Who knows, maybe the pokemon company might even get a look at our ideas if we're lucky!

All the best guys,

Jaydee <3

★Praise be to Arceus★

Hello Pkmncollectors community! It's wonderful to be here.
Until very recently, I'd say... the last year or so, I wasn't much of a collector.
That all changed when I got my first Arceus figure in a San Francisco shop...
And it all went downhill from there. Please, pray for my poor wallet!

My collection has been rather stagnant as of late. Thanks to this website, I've found many Japanese dealers selling more Arceus merch for WAY CHEAP. Cheap in comparison to say, Pokevault or ebay... but with no chance of bootlegs/making me pay $14 for a very tiny keychain. Also, members from this website as well! I'd like to thank Splash and Poke-Zula for helping me get a bunch of new figures!

I can't wait to add them to the pantheon~
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Articuno Collection update and awesome pokedoll find! :D

I'll be going back to uni tomorrow and so will be saying goodbye to my Pokemon collection till Christmas, so I thought I'd share one last collection update of all the new stuff I've bought for my Articuno collection! :) I didn't have time to take individual photos of every item, but here is a picture of everything together! :)

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Thanks for looking at my collection update! :D As always I'm looking for any Articunos on my wants list, and maybe even some that aren't! ;) My wants list can be found here please let me know if you have anything on it for sale! XD

Massive Update : Groundbreaker collection and ... secret figure ?

Hi community,

I am back for some updates about my Groundbreakers collection !

7 years ago, Kaiyodo officially cancelled the Pokemon TFG series 2.
At that time, we thought it was impossible to get all these 42 figures.
However, today I feel lucky because I managed to gather all of them !

My Groundbreaker collection is complete ! 22 figures are their own original bases !

Thanks to WhiteChocobo for the last figure: Mankey !

I've also found some funny variant grounbreakers.

[Click to see]

2 different Spindas with different patern of spots:

Clear Leaves Venusaur:

Purple Wartortle:

Regarding the mysterious series 3, we have recently discover the Minun figure.
It was the last figure to find. I am proud to show you my homemade checklist 100% complete.


So... Groundbreaker collection finished. Third wave checklist complete.
Is the adventure over now? Is that the end of thrilling? Have all the figures been discover ? That what it seems to be.
Nevertheless, one never seen before figure has just join my collection.
Where does it come from? I don't have a clue but I can notice it is the same size and same quality as TFG's.
Plus, it perfectly matches the two other members of the mythical trio.

Tremble before Giratina !!

It's maybe one of the final 4th wave promo figure.


(Kaiyodo had already produced this character but not in the TFG line ! The figure was bigger and had different appearence )

This compagny keeps many secrets....And there's quite a big chance that this line might surprise us again.
Enjoy this new pokemon and stay tuned !

Good bye everybody !

My want list:
Minum, Plusle, Sneasel, Tyrogue and Whismur tfg

Hai there! Re-introduction, Gets + Collection pictures! [Warning: Lots of pictures!]

Hi there everyone! I used to be in the community before but I was sort of in the shadows buying from all you and I really didn't have much to show off in my collection but I have returned to show off a few gets and my collection so far!

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SO enough with the chatting, let me show you my gets first!

I had bought a few things from skdarkdragon such as the new Kuttari plush and the new Raichu Pokecenter plush.

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Now for my collection all together <3
It's not as big as I want it to be but I hope to have it grow soon enough.

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Thank you so much for checking my pictures out, excuse the camera quality. I hope to really grow my collection and stay as active as I can in the community.
I'll eventually make a wants post soon when I find the time and money so keep an eye out~i

Eeveelution Auctions

Hi there

After some digging, I have found a large number of items I would like to rehome. Since I have been on a hiatus to collecting for a while, the below items are either for auction, or for sale at around the price I originally bought them.

I have other items: Figures, Charms, Keychains etc in my sales post: HERE. Due to the higher shipping costs, it might be worth while to see if there are other items for combined shipping.

Before, you look at the thread, please be aware that I am from Canada and its one of the countries where shipping can be expensive. So please inquire about shipping costs before bidding (anyone who fail to do so and cancel a bid will receive a negative feedback).

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Ultimate grail get + small wants + figure ID?

Hello community! I've got two chou get wants and a few possible keshipoke wants! I really want to complete these two sets; now that I've completed the Tomy set. I'm thinking of only collecting Giratina for now since he's my top priority over Arceus, Dialga, and Palkia.
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GRAIL GET!! I am super happy about FINALLY getting this! I even got it MIP which makes it so much better. I've got both Giratina, Dialga, AND Palkia. Set complete! Unless there's an Arceus one? Either way, I'm super pumped to be getting this package from FJ within the month.
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Lastly; what is this figure? I got it in a lot I bought on eBay, but I can't find anything on it. Is it a legit figure or a really weird looking booty? I thought it was a kid figure, but apparently not.
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Sunday Art Corner - September 20th to October 18th

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