September 21st, 2015

Some recent gets + a Custom!!

So, long time no post! Finally settled in back at college, and have been very busy spending all the money I earned over the summer ;; someone needs to teach me a little something about moderation.

I do not have most of my collection with me in my dorm, but I do have a little missmatch of merch I have ammassed since I got here. Heres a preview!

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Thanks for looking!

Back from Vienna - gets, including food :3

Hi there! I back from my vacation.
And I was obviously hunting for pokemon merchandise there ^^
I even found something for my main collections:


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That's it for today! My next post will probably include some community gets and an update to my TCG trade/sales post, so stay tuned :)
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TCG/Flats Trades/Wants

I wanted to make a collection update this time around, but the lighting has been terrible lately so I'm putting that off for next time. However, I've added more cards to my TCG Sales/Trade thread and would like to trade these extra cards for some cards I have on my TCG wishlist (that I have also updated with more Pokemon as well as a priority tier). The list is much more expansive since the last time I posted, but if you don't happen to have any cards I'm looking for but are interested in the cards I have, I might be interested in other flats of the Pokemon I collect (see cut for details). I also love the art for the HGSS series but have practically no cards from that series, so I would be interested in those as well.

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Honestly, I have so many extra cards that I had to buy the two newest binders on the Pokemon Center website to fit them all in, and my main binder of non-extra cards is overfilled as well. I would like to at least weed out the extras as much as possible. :P Thanks for reading!

Clearing Out Sales - Huge Discounts

Hi everyone! Hope you had a lovely weekend. I'm still awaiting the Halloween Parade box, so it may be tomorrow when I start getting you your totals. (If you ordered something for both promos and want your Halloween Parade items to ship separately, let me know! Otherwise I am assuming you want to combine with Mystery Mansion and those items will not be in my hands until mid-October.)

Today I bring you lots of items from my closet! (Literally) I had two big boxes of stuff that needs to be sold, so I'm bringing it to you at discount prices. There's lots of plush, some new, some old, and plenty of figures, notebooks, a Glaceon t-shirt, and Eeveelution Pokemon Time Straps and stickers! I've also listed two eBay lots, one for mini models, and the other a GIANT lot of Pokemon toys, figures, straps, etc.

Ebay Lots:

Please feel free to combine with any claims you may currently have!

2015-09-21 09.39.57.jpg2015-09-21 09.39.43.jpg
2015-09-21 09.39.38.jpg2015-09-21 09.39.34.jpg
2015-09-21 09.39.28.jpg

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I've also started my October Claims Post, although it's currently only housing the HipPop! Parade items and the Monthly Pikachu. Feel free to check it out, and as usual, it will be updated as more information about upcoming releases is announced. <3 (Monthly Image Credit, HipPop! Image Credit)


A very spoopy update!


As you might of guess I've been flipping out over all the new Golbat themed merch out this halloween, including those adorable sleeping bag ones wHICH I PREORDERD THE CRUD OUT OF <3

I did however get a very spoopy delivery from sunnyshore thismorning :3

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And finally, I don't think I'm overly fussed on the Joltik and Pumpkin pika in this set, if anyone would like them they would be $15 each shipped world wide or $25 together, if you're in the UK and would like them they would be cheaper for shipping, do ask! The set originally cost me $40 from sunnyshore.

I  was granted sales permission on 3/12/12 by entirelycliched. Feedback here.

Looking to commission a Pokemon OC con badge!

Hi everybody! I am looking for a digital or even traditional artist I can commission artwork from for a convention badge. The picture would be a half-body picture of one of my characters with one of her Pokemon (probably going to be her Sylveon). I do not have access to a high-quality printer so I would like to have it printed and mailed to me as well. I do have access to a laminating machine so I can do that bit :) I have multiple references of my character to provide. Thank you all so much!
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An adorable get and new wants- Looking for Flareon necklace

Hello fellow Pokemon nerds!
Today I have a few new wants and wanted to see if I could find any of them. But first, a cute little get:

An ADORABLE Laying Glaceon Tomy plush!

I got her from a fellow community member and it got me thinking: I really like the relaxed pose plushes like this one and the Kuttari line. Hence some of my wants today. xD

My first want is the Flareon K-uno necklace. I didn't have the money at the time of preorders and regret that I wasn't able to get it! >.< I'm looking for the silver version- if you know where I can find one or have one to sell please let me know! <3

Next up are a few plushy wants:
If any of these pictures are yours and you would like me to remove them please let me know. :)

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I'm not picky about tags, so please let me know if you have any of these in any condition. :3

Thanks for reading! <3

Sales update

Hi guys :). First, everything that's been paid for recently has been shipped or is going out tomorrow morning (those orders can't be changed, though, because they've already been packed). Second, I added some items to my store. The main things added were clearfiles and a variety of Dragonite merch. Some other random items were added here and there and some prices were lowered :).

As always, I have plush, figures, tazos, lottery items, charms, etc. Something for everyone! Since I'm shipping tomorrow anyway, most orders paid for tonight will go out then.

Sales preview:



Sales are here:
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Sepia Graffitti sales + Amiibo Pick-ups!

Hello there! Old memeber and long-time lurker here. It's been what, 6 years? I feel so old now >.> Anwyays, hi! Don't be freaked out tha tthis random stranger is here to sell stuff- I jsut haven't been very active for a while now. I bring a small selection of fine pokegoods for your perusal, since I'm outta space and money is nice.

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Amiibo Pick-ups!

I also have some slots for amiibo pick-ups if anyone is still serarching, since I live in Australia and we have amiibos like WOAH. So many. All here.
All are $15 each, and shipping is $12  for the first 2, then $25 for 3+ (all US prices)

slot 1:
slot 2:
slot 3:
slot 4:
slot 5:

Slot 1:
slot 2:

Slot 1
Slot 2:
Slot 3:
Slot 4:

Slot 1:
Slot 2:
Slot 3:
Slot 4:
Slot 5:

There are plenty of other amiibos available (like Pikachu!) PM me with who you're after!

Collection Update and New Gets!

Hey guys sorry for posting so often lately :0 BUT I have gotten a few new things today, and will also be showing updated pics of my collection since I probably won't be adding to my collection until this christmas sadly so no more posts from me for a while haha but here is a preview of it so far :)

((the mew face is there to cover the one shelf cause all I have there are some pullip dolls, THEYRE NOT POKEMON RELATED))
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THANKS EVERYONE FOR LOOKIN also I have lots of jakks plush that I no longer want and I've been thinking about getting sales permission so I could sell some, I'm too busy at the moment but in the future look out for a sales post maybe!! Thanks you guys for looking, I hope you all are doing well xoxo -Maya
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(ノ ・∀・)ノ !Guess what this is!╰(・∇・╰)

I've gotten some extra bubble mailers....
And I'm sure you saw all those pokebox charms...

so GIVEAWAY!!!! ☆~~ヾ(>▽<)ノ。・☆

All the brand spankin' new eeveelution charms (including sylveon! I'll buy another :3) are up!

Here's some pics!

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Just like before folks! I'll put up a comment thread, and you put up the respective number on the comment above yours! (So lets say I say 1, you reply to my comment and say 2!)

The first thread up is the one you comment on! I'll be trying my best to keep track and delete any comments that go out of the thread (Say for example, we have two comments saying 4, the one under will get deleted)

I'll be posting, or at least I'll try to, reminders every so often! There is no given end date as of yet because I'm indecisive, but tell me how long it should be!

And most importantly!
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pokedoll figure auctions

After a while of thinking I've finally decided to part with my pokedoll figure collection. That being said - I will be auctioning off every piece.

* Sales permission granted by dakajojo 7/2011
* I Ship from MI, USA.
* Feedback:
* First come first serve.
* Auctions will end Thursday, the 24th at 8:30pm EST. countdown.

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Feel free to bid when your particular thread is up.
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auction reminder + sales reminder

The auction will end at 23:59 o'clock in german time. So that are over 2 hours left.
Also I have still some sales :p I want to give my items new homes <'3 before I put them on Ebay soon.

Kraks auction:
Clicky the picture or the link:

Items which are left for sale:

+ more and moooore! (Click meee!)

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 19 SEP 2014

Thanks for reading!

my wants
collection site

i want your shinx evo line merch!

ive... really been after shinx line stuff recently x______x i got some money in my paypal to buy a shinx pokedoll from a fellow member, but they havent responded, so if they dont respond soon, ill be looking to spend it on other stuff!

so show me any shinx stuff youre selling! figures and plush are my main thing, but i like cards too!! i have a luxray kid, a shinx kid, and shinx clipping figure already!! thank you!! n(^  ^)n

if they respond, i will edit this!!
Espurr, Pokemon 5
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Plush Care Questions: Old Glue leaks/ pilling fur?

Been trying to get my collection looking its best when I encounterrd two little trouble spots on two of my plush. I'm afraid to try anything without asking for advice first, so here's what I need help with.

First off- the glue on the plush seems to be leaking with age:

Around the nose joint here and near the edge of the green and white on Serperior below. I checked my newer ones and it seems to be only on the older/more loved parts of my collection. Is there any way to safely get that excess glue off?

And second- the pilling of the fur on this plush is driving me nuts. I've tried brushing it with a small bristle brush and it helped a little but not enough. Any suggestions to what might work better?