September 23rd, 2015


Sales: Price drop

Heya everyone I am back with sales :3

I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE
~All Rules apply~
I will take commitment over quotes, so if someone is committed to an item then they get it.
If you feel an item is too much then we can negotiate a price; just let me know!
-I will try and ship items out in a week or my next day off.
I ship items in bubbler mailers or boxes.
-I ship from KY, US and use USPS; I am only shipping within the US.
If you want international shipping its: $10.40
(I am NOT responsible for damage or lost goods!)
I will ship through standard mail which is very cheap it does come with free tracking.
-If you want me to show you the receipt I will gladly do so.

-I will only accept paypal as payment; please send payments to:
-ONLY if you are 100% committed then I am willing to do holds.

-I live in a pet friendly household: With 2 dogs and 2 cats. These items are located inside shrunk; so they shouldn't make contact with these plushies.
-I do live with smokers sadly, but they only smoke in the kitchen. They do NOT make contact with my plushies.

If you want more pictures just ask.

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Updated Auctions, Sales, and 1:1 Plush!

Hi everyone! Just letting you all know that I've done some small updates to my auctions post, including adding another Shadow Lugia Pokedoll and lowering the starting bid on the original Flareon zukan piece!


Go to Auctions Post!

But the biggest reason I'm here is to announce that there are several of the older 1:1 plush on my sales post, and all at VERY low prices. Click on any of the links or images to see!


These guys are all very old and not in top condition. Meowth has some whisker damage that's photographed on the sales post itself. Pichu is in very good condition but lacking tags. But BELIEVE ME when I say that I am willing to part with these guys for very low prices, because they're probably going to be thrown out if I can't sell them. I just don't have room for them anymore (Meowth is 16" tall!), but I would really love to find them good homes! Please go check out the sales post if you're interested! You'll be able to find all my rules and shipping details there as well. :) 

Go to Sales Post!

End of September custom plush slots

With September nearing its end I've finally got some time for custom plush! I'm opening up 3 slots right now so if you're interested please check out the details below!

EDIT: All slots have been filled! If you would like to be notified when I'm open for customs again let me know. Thanks a bunch!

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Custom Plush slots:
1. eat_my_bear : Wurmple Pokedoll in fleece Payment Received


2. mizunosakura : Mega Audino soft and cuddly 1' custom Payment Received Planning pattern

3. poliwhirl : Poliwhirl Pokedoll in cuddle fabric Payment Received

Oh my god WHISMUR

Ok so im frantic right now i look on yahoo auctions for whismur merch and i found that Whismur was in the OOPs promo as a sticker??? Does anyone have this i need this in my life! Also i never seen this advetised what is this from? Thanks so much!!!!

"Kuttari Cuties" Line is Live on!

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As announced on the 16th, the Kuttari line has made its way to America! Only the first wave (Pikachu, Raichu, Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon) are on the site as of now, but according to this quote from the announcement, we should expect to see more of them: Many more are on their way, so keep checking for more Kuttari Cuties!

Each plush is being sold for $9.99. There are no pictures of the tags, so I cannot say for sure if/how they are different than the Japanese tags. Unfortunately, there is still no word concerning Pichu's kuttari fate.

edit: It seems they have already sold out. You may be able to get them if you search for kuttari in the search bar and add them to your cart that way.

edit 2: it appears that it was a glitch and everything should be fine now. Almost all of the kuttari appear when you click the banner on the homepage. However, a few of them (awake Vaporeon and Eevee, and sleeping Pikachu) don't appear. You have to search kuttari for those ones to appear as of now.

edit 3: finally, all kuttari appear when you click the kuttari banner on the homepage.

My Games & Pokédoll Collection

Hey everyone! First time posting to this community! I've been a Pokémon fan all my life and just wanted to share what I have. I LOVE the video games and have a LOT of them. I also love Pokédolls of some of my favorite Pokémon, so I thought I'd share them too :)

All the games that are shown are complete – meaning I have everything that came with them. They're also all in mint/near mint condition. Same for the Pokédolls, and although I don't care to collect the hang tags these all have their tush tag and are in excellent condition too :)

Kuttari Cuties now available!

Last week I posted about the Kuttari Cuties coming to, and today is the day!

Eevee, Pikachu, Raichu, Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon (and the alternate sleeping versions) are all available now on $9.99 is a little surprising compared to other standard plush which are about $12.99. Are they smaller than normal plush or something? Or just randomly cheaper? I've never actually paid attention to these guys but they seem really rad and everyone seems to have gone crazy for them haha

Quagsire Plush?

Hi everyone!
A friend of mine's favorite pokemon is Quagsire and she's been on the lookout for anything Quagsire! Preferably plush, since she already has a big collection of flats and figures. Please let me know if you have any for sale!

New merch announced! Pokemon butts! And British plush!!

Hi guys!

They just announced a new promo, Hip Hop parade and it features....Pokemon butts?

(A lot of butts in Hip Hop I guess?)

Its pretty funny though xD
(Will also have mugs, pouches, rubber straps, towels and more)
Out Oct 10th~

And.... THESE!

GAH, NEED that Skitty!
I am so surprised about these! So many cool cuties!

According to
"At the Tokyo Game Show this year Three British Trade announced they will be releasing some Pokemon plushies! They have a pretty unique lineup with everything from Oddish to Goomy. There will also be a large size Pikachu plush. They are expected to be released this December.:

Does any one have more info on these?
Will they be EU exclusive?
Japanese company, oops! Nevermind.

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day~

Has this plush been bootlegged?

Hi again, Pokébabies!

Ok, a silly question. Is this plush a bootleg or has it ever been bootlegged? Since isn't always a safe site to order Pokémon merch. :0
I know the reviews are good, buy people can't always tell.

Here's the link to the site as well.

Do you think it's safe to order? :) I have been wanting this plush for ages!

Thank you so much! ^_^ ♡ I appreciate all the help I can get. :3

Multipost: auction reminder and sales

Hi guys I'm back with a multipost! First of all, thanks to all that give me suggestions about Rakuten, I can say it's fixed and Politoed strap plush has been paid :D A japanese friend is helping me with it.

Secondly, a reminder than the auction for the Slowking and company dices is going to end tomorrow and most of them are without bids!! You can click HERE or on the photos to see the post

Thirdly, I have updated my sales post with more figures (bell keychains, shinx bobble head, more kids and more random figures) and I have added non-pokemon sales (danganronpa, yowamushi pedal, digimon and durarara things) you can click on the Poochy to see them
Finally, a quick sale. I found this adhesive tape on a lot I got. It seems it has the full 150 pokemon on it. You can see more photos under the cut. I wanted to ask 10$ for it OBO.
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✿ Room Meme & Awesome Trade Request!! ✿

grail.jpg Hello again!! IMG_9103.JPG
I know i just posted yesterday, but i just have something to ask you all!

First though, i did a video Room Meme! I've never done a video before, but i really enjoyed latias_latios_7's and her commentary so i thought i would do one as well since i just cleaned up the room! :3 I sound a little nasel-y because i'm pretty sick still and stuffy, but you can still understand me! c:
I added it to my website so you can view the video here:

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~That's it for today!
Thank you for looking! <3
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auction reminder

My pokedoll figure auctions end TOMORROW! 24 hours! I'm selling the entirety of my pokedoll figure collection so there's a lot to bid on!

click here or the picture to go.

Let me know if you have any questions!

PS, i will be getting a whole ton of nebukuro stuff in about 2-3 weeks so if you're looking for anything let me know! I'll be selling almost everything except the large charizards and eevee plush. I'll be selling relatively cheap.

New Items and some sales

Yes, I did get the US Jumbo Substitute.

I've been checking today and they have been coming in and out of stock. When I checked this morning there were two. Then it went out of stock. Now there are three up again... So if you guys are interested you may want to keep checking throughout the day. If any of you guys want one, I am linking it below.

Jumbo Substitute on Pokemon Center Website

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