September 24th, 2015


Huge Clear files sales/ offers!

Hello all! I am selling all clear files that doesn't go into my collection, or ones that are duplicated :)

Trades are very welcome! I will trade for things in my wants list (found in my sales rules page), or I would be interested in clear files that are released before 2010 not are not in my collection.

Sneak peek of some of the items, much more under the cut:

P1090569 (Medium)P1090577 (Medium)
P1090580 (Medium)P1090600 (Medium)

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Thanks as always :D
new eeveelutions

I missed out!

Hey guys! So I guess I didn't get the memo about the new Pokebox charms coming out and my favorite eeveelution, Sylveon, is no longer in stock :( Does anyone have an extra they'd be willing to sell? I would definitely pay a fair amount for this one because it's so darn cute! Thanks so much in advance!!

EDIT: I already posted on the lottery thread that a comm member is hosting. Super kind of them to do that! ^^
Pokemon - Lucario nod
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eBay Lot + Question for Venusaur collectors~ + Sales!

New eBay lot is up! Lots of goodies for cheap-o~

Feel free to check my other eBay listings too~ Lots of BINs available! At least for me, eBay has a
$20 off $100 purchases promo
using coupon code C20OFFSEPT until Sept 27 so take advantage of it! XD; (I'm reading this is a targeted promotion though so not all people qualify?)

Well I say Venusaur collectors but I'm sure someone knowledgable about old TOMY releases in general know about this too xD;;;
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Claims reminder for Nebukuro prizes! Lots of Prize D-H still left!
Check my Claims post! Click here or the image to go~

Also have just a couple of this Pikachu figure up for claims :) A special edition clear version of the recent oyasumi friends XY set!

Lastly, sales plug!
Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

Old fatty Pikachu is coming back! ;_; <3

Hello everyone! :3

I´m surfing on this website and randomly find this: and was like EEEEIIICK! The old fatty Pikachu becomes a plush!!! A dream come true!! Really, I just thought about they should release a plush of the old pika, which I love so much more than the new one! And he is so underappreciated, really...I don´t know how you guys feel but I like the old design more than the new. I´m sad they changed Pikachus design. He was so cute and chubby!

It says so on the website, that he will come out on January 2016! I will definitely buy me one <333

Wanted: A Pair of Black Dragons with Red Eyes

It's always when opportunity passes you by that you realize you took the chance for granted, isn't it? Had a perfectly open option to take up the plush on eBay, didn't, watched the auction close without a buyer -- and meanwhile there's the second, a charm, remembering how its release was just the other month and sittin' here goin' "WELP." Thus, here I am to amend my odds again. <3

If anyone would have a Takara Tomy Posable Zekrom plush and or Pokemon Center 2015 Legendary Cries Campaign Giratina Dot Sprite Charm for sale, feel free to let me know as a potential buyer.

Japanese Voltorb/Electrode wants

I'm updating my list of wants since I acquired a few of them. Still looking for the following:

Japanese - 5

E2 (Aquapolis) Voltorb 33 Unlimited edition
E2 (Aquapolis) Voltorb 34 Unlimited edition

Legend 3 Clash at the Summit (Triumphant) Voltorb reverse holo Unlimited edition
Legend 3 Clash at the Summit (Triumphant) Electrode reverse holo Unlimited edition
Legend 3 Clash at the Summit (Triumphant) Electrode Prime reverse holo Unlimited edition

I desperately need these cards and will pay/trade well for them. Please note that they have to be the exact cards listed. Condition doesn't matter much at this point. If you offer a card that is not on this list, I'm afraid I will turn it down.

Thanks for looking and I hope to find these cards soon!

Quick Sale- Carbink Charm

Hi guys! I have this cute Carbink charm for sale. He's one of my favorite Pokemon but I don't collect these types of charms, haha

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on Feb 19, 2013
Ready to ship asap

5 shipped anywhere :)

Can be combined with perler sales or regular sales! (this post isn't updated, but it's got most of the things I'm selling, ahaha)

One dollar perler personality game is still going on btw, so check it out <3 (not that it's ever gonna disappear or anything)

Any funds right now are going towards a 1:1 Espeon plush in case you were interested. Because I definitely have unlimited space in my room >w>

Alrightly, and now a questionnaire!

*What new products are you looking forward to seeing from the pokemon center?
*What new nendoroids are you hoping for?
*What do you think they should STOP making?
*What are you currently most annoyed about merch wise?
*What are you currently most happy about merch wise?
*If you could send in one realistic request to the pokecen, what would it be?

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Quick wants! (Metal Figures - Ninetales, Poliwrath, Moltres) / (Metal Zipper Pulls)

I've been on a fairly long hiatus from buying metal figures and I only have three to go until I have the original 151! If anyone has Ninetales, Poliwrath, or Moltres, I would LOVE to buy them from you.

Also! If anyone has these metal swings for sale, I'd also love to see what you have available (I'm having difficulty finding the actual merchandise name, my googling has been for naught)