September 27th, 2015

Vulpix PD

Sunday Sales and Wants!

First up is a quick sale! The August (sailor) Pikachu plush that I accidentally ordered instead of the September version. T_T Will straight trade for the September (Chef) version or shipped prices (include fees as well) are: USA-$26 Canada-$32 Everywhere else-$34 x2 available!

Second up is a preview of my sales post, also in that post are tons of POGS (5 for $1!) and a bunch of freebies with purchases.<3

Lastly here is a little compilation of my current wants! Maybe you could help a girl out? Willing to buy, trade any sales items, or maybe even trade certain items from my collection (there's a lot not in my collection post so if you're interested feel free to ask what I have).

Post Birthday Pokedoll Wants!

Hey everybody!

So I turned 18 on the 25th, and I have a bit of birthday money to spend.
I'm looking for the following pokedolls, but I do have a budget, so if you're willing to part with any of these beauties, shoot me what you're looking for! :)

I'm not picky about release or whether or not it has the hang tag. I would prefer a tush tag, but if the price is right, I'll overlook it.

I'm looking for-

- Shadow Lugia Pokedoll
- Absol Pokedoll
- Weavile Pokedoll

Also, if anyone has any custom Gogoat plush for sale, I could be tempted :3

Thanks everyone! :D
Happy collecting!

~ Ebon

last sales until the holidays! come get your stuff

Hi! I have taken the last batch of my pokemon items that I weeded and lowered the prices on my previous items to try to get them OUT THE DOOR. I really need these items gone. I am not trying to do this thing in October to where I don't go out unless I really need to, haha, so I won't be doing sales after this until the holidays. :o)

As always, there are previews below and click for an assortment of items from zukans to figures to plushes to daily use items and such. And there are freebies including the EEVEE MAISON ID BADGE HOLDER.

And I know it is the end of the month, so if you are COMMITTED, but can't pay until your paycheck, I would happily hold them until payday. Just let me know.

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A wild Litleo appeared! ☆

Hi all! I am here with a get I just must share! >u<

So, I have ptomised myself that I will not buy stuff just cause' "it's cute and I must have it"... ^_^" So, I made my very own wants list, (wich I will propably post in the near future) from wich I can allow myself to buy stuff from if it just walks to me. :D And one of the items was any Litleo plush~ Now look at who looked lonely at Target! :'3

I am so in love with her. ♡ And again, I want to apologize if this post felt unneccessary to some. I just love this pretty little thing so much! >3< And it was on my wants list, so yay for achievement! :'3

Thanks for reading, everyone! Happy collecting~♡

Mt.Fuji Pikachu pictures!

First, I hope those who celebrate Mid Autumn Festival are enjoying it! I will be checking out the super moon tonight and eating mooncakes. :D


One of my favorite recent Pikachus is the Mt. Fuji/Gotemba Store Pikachu. It's so cute! <3 I know many of us would love to visit Japan to go to the Pokemon Center... but I would also love to go see the majestic view of Mt. Fuji especially during the spring and fall. Google the pics and tell me if you like how Mt. Fuji looks in spring or fall better? :)

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Now, should I take Mt. Fuji Pikachu when I go hiking? There's nice hiking places close to me in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Would you take Mt. Fuji along with you when you're near Mt. Fuji? XD

I'm a sucker for beautiful scenery especially Japanese scenic places so I love Mt. Fuji plush so much.

Thanks for reading! :)

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Hey there boys and girls,

My name is Dikkertje, I'm from the Netherlands and I've loved Pokémon ever since it came out. In my spare time I enjoy singing, gaming and crochet. When I discovered this community I knew I had to become a member :P. I'm just a small time collector, but I have some items that I really love. Below the cut you can see the collection of tomy figures from when I was still a little girl!
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As you might expect I'm mainly interested in expanding this collection bit by bit. I also have some other things to show from my modest pokémon collection, but I'll save those for another time! Thanks for reading :)

Grail-Level Custom, Figure ID Question, and More Sales!

I am finally, FINALLY getting around to posting something IN my collection and not just needing to leave my collection, haha. This little guy came a while ago, and I just didn't get myself in gear to take and edit pictures until now, but I just LOVE him! Can you guess who it is?

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I discovered this figure while moving back in 2012 and don't know what he is. I remember that he was in the Impulse Buy section of Toys R Us back in 1999, but that's all I know.

EDIT: I now knoe what he is! j_ule guessed and elekid confirmed that he is a J. Franco and Sons figure, which I had been questioning, since they are also water squirters, were sold in the same store section, and are harder to find. Thank you both so much for your help! <3
I've had a few people interested in him, so I will put an offers post for him up this coming Friday! (10/2) If you're interested and want me to tell you when the post is up, please comment here, and I'll link you when I post it.

There are more pictures, but I left them as links so that my post wouldn't get too image heavy.
The text on the back is hard to see but reads:
(c) 1999 Nintendo
All Rights Reserved
Made in China
Mfd. for Playfully yours
Lower Back

Lastly, I did some Major weeding and rearranging and totally need to post pictures of my Jolteon and Meowstic shelf of my china cabinet, but that's another post for another time. The post for this time is my sales post, which is now full of lots of things that need new homes. Please make me an offer, if there's something that interests you! I'm happy to work on prices and payment plans, but I need these things to move to new homes.

Click the link or either image to be trasnported!
Everything from the top image was just added this evening. There's a lot more that didn't make it into the preview pic!

Thanks for reading! <3

Small Sales Post + Collection Pictures :D

I hate to have to do another sales post but I'm really trying to save up money to cover that car battery I had to buy :'D (plus I'm going to Japan in December so it would be nice to save up more <3)

Firstly, have some collection pics! I'm still working on reorganizing everything until I'm happy but here's what I have so far ^w^

I've weeded out MASSIVE amounts of plush and at some point I will be selling those
I have yet to set up my raichu/pichu plush :'D I'm deciding where to put them...

I don't even collect pikachu gosh darnit x'D ignore the yellow fade at the bottom, my phone case gets into the way of photos sometimes

Secondly, I'm looking to buy/trade for these two cards! (preferably trade) My boyfriends wants them for our anniversary <3

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