September 29th, 2015

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A Quick Gets Post

I've been meaning to post an update on my gets for a while now, just because I'm a bit excited.

I finally got a latias to accompany my latios! They're both the fuzzy tomy plushies. I found out though, these weren't the exact plushies I was attempting to replace, as they're not as large as the original ones I had (which were pretty big guys!) I've been told my only chance of getting THOSE is to check out Y!Japan, which I plan to in the future. Still, these plushies are still very epic and I'm super satisfied with them. :) Latias is especially in good condition, a special thank you to Miss10 for her (I don't know how to do that fancy user tag thing).

I have a good number of other plush gets as well, but I'll post those at a later time when I can take some cool pics of them.


Hi guys! So I know some monthly Chus have an American release but I was late and didn't get buisness chu!
I'd love to complete my collection. To complete them I'd love
Monthly chu
Kids day chu
Festival chu
I'd prefer to spend $25 each!
Pics of my wants below
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✿ Rare AG Coin Sales & More! ✿

grail.jpg Hello everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG

Before i get onto the good stuff, i just want to let everyone know that if you bought some XY pogs from me last week, they will be shipped tomorrow! I was supposed to get them out yesterday, but unfortunately i was sick all weekend and not able to get to the store to get more bubble mailers/envelopes. :c

Now onto the sales!! ~

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~ Thank you for looking! <3

WTB iphone 5/ 5s pikachu case

Heyy everyone
Long time no post. Hope everyone is well.... I haven't been active for maybe a year or two, but I've still been buying poke stuff! One of these days, I will make a big re-intro/ update, but for now, I'm specifically looking for one thing.... can anyone help me out?

Need it for an iphone 5/5s. Want it asap if possible.... Shipping is to Canada :)
Sunset Overdrive

TCG Wishlist finally done :D (Quick backstory included)

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone,

Since completing some of my plush wants of the Arceus line I am turning my attention to completing another collection. I used to collect the TCG back when I was young and had this massive binder full. Well I stopped collecting before RSE and so it was just gathering dust in my den. I finally took it out, looked through it, and decided to finish the sets I was starting (I started Double Crisis as well so that's the only "new" set I'm collecting). So I finally got it all straightened out and the list is up for anyone. Please note I am looking to buy whatever cards are on the list, not trade, though my friend did give me a XY Primal Clash Reverse Holo Groudon (84/160) and a XY Primal Clash Ninetales (21/160) so if you are looking for one of those let me know. List what cards you have and what your prices are if possible as well, please. Thanks for looking :)
Green and Gold
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Totals for Mystery Mansion metal straps!

Hello there guys!
Time for complete totals of both Halloween charm! The straps have arrived to me safe and sound, and all I can say is that they are absolutely gorgeous and very detailed!!!

Please read the rules before you pay!

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Thank you so much guys for making this possible!!! :D
I also have these small extra Mystery Mansion items that I do not need, as I have been buying them for the hopes of having a Doublade there, but no luck!

Extra charms! 3x Litwick and 1x Mismagius! 10$ each!

Super cute mini-towel! 12$! SOLD!

Croquis notebook! 11$! SOLD!

Beautiful clearfiles! They came as a set, so it would be 12$ for both!

Anybody want the extra boxes from the straps? I have 5 from the first set and 6 from the other! I would ask 3$ for each, and I will flatten them when shipped!

Thank you so much guys for making this possible!!! :D

Many grails!

Hey all, I hope Everyone had a great summer/ vacation time and those who went back to school are enjoying classes. Just got back from vacation myself, much fun was had with the family. But its nice to be back home. Today I just have a small collection update but with some items I thought i'd never get.

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Some wants

Hello loves!
I am looking for a Pokemon Time Ampharos mug! I have a sweet little custom plush on its way to me; I think it would look adorable sitting in this mug! I don't really collect Ampharos, so I don't need the tin that comes with it.

(If this is your picture and you want it taken down, just let me know!)

Also on the lookout for any Flaaffy/Mareep/Ampharos stickers - except for pan stickers.
Finally, I'm wanting a few pokedolls! Here's a little list:
Ho-oh, lugia, suicune, raikou, entei, togepi, houndour, gizamimi pichu, magikarp 2009, duskull, poliwhirl, absol, phanphy, secret base totodile, secret base chikorita, secret base cyndaquil
OK that's more than a few but SO MANY WANTS ;_; <3

Thank you for reading and I hope you have something I can buy! Hehe c:

Seeking Gotemba Store Tote Bag and Postcard set

Found - thanks!

Hello all! I am wondering if anyone has the Gotemba Store Tote Bag and Postcard set for sale (it's so cute ;_;), or know anywhere I can get them?
Shipping will be to Hong Kong, thanks! I don't mind if the bag is slightly used, because I am going to use it anyway. I am happy to trade or pay. Thanks in advance :)

(Photos from pokemon center's official site)
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Mid-week sales

Mostly plushies. come take a look!

I was granted sales permission on July 27th, 2013 by entirelycliched
My feedback can be viewed here:
I ship from Canada and shipping to the states for one plush starts at $7. Shipping to Canada is more.
Asking for quotes does not mean committed. Committed buyers will have priority.
I usually ship within the next few days.
No haggling please.

Once the item is shipped, I am not responsible.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


HI so! i said yesterday that if i got something in the mail, that id post today!!
and boy do i love what i got!

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anyways im expecting one more thing in the mail hopefully tomorrow, so again, if i get it, ill post it! thanks for reading!!! see ya pals! <3

Birthday Sales Post! Free Shipping For Everything~

Hi guys! I turned 17 today, wooo :D I have some sales with SUPER reduced prices. I just want this stuff out :')

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Aside from those things, I have updated the inventory in my store. Custom orders are accepted as always of course :) Here are a few new items floating around:

Link is here:

I also have a monthly Pikachu question. I don't really keep track of these guys, but I'm now wanting one of my own. Originally I planned to stay local for college, but now that I know what I'm planning to do in life I'm broadening the search to colleges that include the program I'm interested in. Does a college student or medical Pikachu plush exist? I feel like I've seen one, but I may be imagining it. If it does, I want to buy it and take it with me to college (if I don't get into one of the local ones I'm looking at). That way I'll have a buddy while I'm torturing myself in PA prep :')