September 30th, 2015

oh, audino

a few wants! and a question or two

Payday's coming soon (friday gmt!) and I have a few items that I'm looking for!

☆ 2003/2004 - TCG Leaugue Pin - Sootopolis Hoenn Bage!

☆ Pokémon Time Milotic Clearfile

☆ Steven Stone Clearfile from this collection!

☆ TCG: wants are listed here!

I recently added some of the anime/scrap cars to my Steven and Lisia collection - are there any listings of all scrap cards? As I'd be happy to look into buying some more of the Hoenn leaders :D

Thank you very much!
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Post Birthday Want & Question.

Hello. ~

My birthday was last Sunday and I've found myself with some extra cash, so I wanted to know if anyone was selling this Roselia or Roserade plush? :D
I'm not really sure how much they're worth, as I've seen them go from $15-$50, so let me know what you're selling them for! Shipping will be to 34731 US.

(images are not mine. They will be taken down upon request if needed.)

I also have some general wants on my unfinished collection site here:
But I'm mainly looking for these two plush right now.

As for my question..
How often do you guys dust your collection? I dust mine every day and it's driving me crazy because they're constantly coated in dust.
I'm not really sure where the dust is coming from, because beforehand I'd only dust 2-3 times a week, but now if a skip a day I can see it on my figures and it's just ugh. I know that display cases help keep dust off them, and I will invest in them once I move, but for the time being all of the dust is just attaching itself to everything.

I should mention that I have a cat, but I've always had a cat. I was just wondering if anyone else cleaned their collections daily or not.

Wants: Lifesize Goomy

I've been looking around for the lifesize Goomy plush (I believe it's around 40 cm) that was released as a promo a little while ago. The cheapest I can find is around $200, which is out of my price range. Does anywhere know where I may have luck finding a cheaper one?
Alternatively, does anyone know the kanji I'd use to search for this specific plush on japanese sites?
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Ippai Ghost Collection GB!

A Japanese seller on Ebay is holding pre-orders for the Ippai Ghost Collection figures due for release sometime in October. They are only selling sets so I have decided to do a group buy.

I am claiming Litwick and Pumpkaboo,all other figures are up for grabs!

Gengar: kidgengar PAID
Litwick: shadoweon PAID
Cofagrigus: xxiiijamesiiixx PAID
Pumpkaboo: shadoweon PAID
Banette: volcanopokemon PAID

There will be two payments for this group order, the item cost + shipping to me and then shipping from me to you. The first payment will be $6.55 per figure.

I will need all figures claimed before I can place the order,as such please do not ask about a claim if you do not intend to pay in a timely fashion. All of my information can be viewed in my normal sales post:

Updated Metal Wants!

Hello all! I've just recently won some more metals i was looking for so I decided to do a more recent wants list.. there are 21 gen 1 metals that I still need to get in ANY color/any condition.. those 22 are Ivysaur, Venusaur, Blastoise, Beedrill, Spearow, Fearow, Nidoran M, Ninetales, Zubat, Poliwrath, Kadabra, Gastly, Kingler, Hitmonlee, Mr Mime, Lapras, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Omastar, Kabutops and Zapdos .. so these of course are my tippy top priority

Then there are plenty of gen 1's that I already have but I certainly dont have all the colors.. so here I will list each gen 1 pokemon with the colors I still need.. these are of a lower priority so im mainly looking to buy in bulk.. im also looking for ANY pokemon in lavender or pale pink

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I'm also still looking for any non gen 1's.. here are all the ones I KNOW exist.. most I dont have any figures of yet

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Also looking for any COLORED keshimon.. and any really damaged gold figures.. rubbed or tarnished for cheap

Quick want!

So it's just come to my attention that this is something that exists! O_o

Altaria suction cup figure! :O Look at it it's literally the cutest chubbiest little Altaria I've ever seen! XD I need it in my life so if anyone has it to sell please let me know! ^-^
fall fuji pika

Fall Clearing Out Auction and Sales! Should I get squishy bird charm? xD

It's fall and finally feels like it here in California. I have some limited Pokemon Center Cards, charms, Secret Base Ditto, Sleepy Fennekin and more. Click the pic below or here.

~ Sales permission granted on August 1st, 2015 by areica96.

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This is the momiji manjuu box exclusive to only the Hiroshima Pokemon Center. Hiroshima is famous for their momiji manjuu. The inside of the box is real nice, don't you think? xD

The inside of the box is really cool with the fall artwork. I love the Gyarados in the middle. It's really cool how it folds into a box. Very Japanese and beautiful with the art. <3

I have two extras boxes and don't need it as I will be getting more in the future because the manjuu are so delicious. :D

The condition is not NEW since it is a cardboard box... the bottom corners and lid may have some white spots. The lid was also taped so you will see that.

I would like to auction off one starting at $10. Auctions end next Tuesday, October 6th 6pm Pacific Time.
Buy it now price for the second is $15. I will not ship them flat. They will be shipped in a small cardboard box.

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I will be going to a local indie comics/fan art convention. Second convention in two weekends! xD I totally forgot to buy some Pokemon fan art goods from this artist... well, I was trying to save money. Good thing she will be there at this convention and I get paid Friday.

The Swablu rubber charm is soo cute. If anyone is interested her stuff, I can get them. ^^ The charm is $12 while the 8"x5" canvas zipper bags are $15. Ooh and I like her Carbink and Whimsicott charms as well!

I need to update my pickups page because my friend told me the Tokyo Lifestyle store at the mall carries talking Tomys, other Tomy figures, and even the Pikachu cup gachas! Dittochu is the same price as all the other figures. :o

Any questions, please ask!

Found another grail <3

Hello all!

It's been a while since I posted here.
Last weekend I went to a Belgian convention named FACTS.
I know one store there that I know sells legit stuff so I always go there to see what they brought.
And.... I found a Whimsicott Pokédoll!!
It's been on my wishlist with the note "will probably never get" because I saw it was expensive.
But I made a really good deal here!
Also found 3 Eevee figures to add to the collection ^^

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Collection weeding sales

Hi everyone! Today I bring you some more sales!

Sales permission granted by areica96 on 1/08/15, and here is my feedback:

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Check out my other sales post here:

Thanks again!

✿ Where is Jirachi when you need him? ✿

grail.jpg Hello everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG

I'm here looking for a Jirachi to grant me some wishes!
I've been looking for these particular items every single day for months now. (Almost a year for the stamp, kid figure, and coin.) but to no avail! I try not to post my wants too often because i know i am super annoying sometimes. I can only imagine everyone hated me before i got Winston, when i was constantly posting about wanting a Zig plush. xD
Anyhoo, i really hope today someone will be able to help me!! :D
These are what i want the most currently:

✿ Bandai Clear Attacking Zigzagoon Kid Figure
✿ Zigzagoon AG Retsuden Stamp 6th Advanced Stamp Set #201 (AND LINOONE STAMP no photo available)
I actually have 6? or 8? other rare retsuden AG stamps stored away. I'm willing to trade ALL of them for the one zig stamp or linoone stamp. ;n;
✿ Japanese Mood Color Changing Zig Coin

Other Urgent Wishes:

✿ Clearfiles

✿ New Hoenn NOTEbook, ✿ Zigzagoon Metal Tazo, ✿ Zigzagoon Minibee, ✿ Zigzagoon/Linoone Japanese Post Card

Please please let me know if you have any of these items OR if you see any around for sale! <3
There are more items i am looking for in the banner below! Please check those out as well!

(Also speaking of cutie-puff^, I'm working on a slurpuff plush! I'll post in a few days when he is finished! :D )

~ Thank you for looking! <3


When I first joined the community in 2014, I received my first 1:1 Chikorita plush (gray-green). I named her Lil' Leaf :3 and then few months lately I found her sister, Basil (bright-green). After that, I decided to collect the whole gang and have been searching endlessly for both the Totodile and Cyndaquil. To be honest, I am not much a fan of Cyndaquil (pleast don't hate me Cyndaquil-lovers >.<'') but I was really at my wit's end until recently I found both of them at a good price (I think record low for how much they are going for nowadays). I was seriously very nervous as I watched the auction everyday because if I couldn't win the Cyndaquil, I might just dropped that line and sell all the merch I have of him since there isn't any point in keeping him if I don't even have the 1:1 plush. Luckily, I was able to win both of them!!! :D
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**PLEASE HELP ME OUT**: Upon receiving the plushies, I noticed that Totodile's teeth and eyes are kind of falling apart. Is there any remedies you guys can recommend to fix it? Please let me know the techniques, any tools, and type of glue to use to get a clean finish with no tackiness. I am very worried about which type of glue to use because I really don't want the glue to seep through the fabric (looks like felt to me) and make it hard and look ugly :( Please help me guys!!! See below for the conditions.

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*FUN FACT*: I noticed that both Totodile and Cyndaquil's arms have literally no stuffing in there. Which I concluded that the previous owners probably loved to hold their arms until all the stuffing went into the stomach XD. Totodile's tail is also missing stuffing too and so are Cyndaquil's feet. I will be fixing that soon :P

Would anyone be able to make mock tags for my 1:1 Johto Starters with the pictures below? I only have pictures of the tag but I really want my babies to have somewhat of a "tag". Please state how much you are charging :)

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On to the Sales! Everything is OBO! Drop me your offers! :) Also willing to trade for anything in my sales for items in my wants list:

**Shipping for items that is no thicker than 2cm can go under the flat rate~! e.g small megal bloks, some fcs, notebook...etc**


Here's a little preview:

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Thank you for looking! :3

Chikorita wants!

Hi guys!

Haven't been on here for a while ^^

I'm looking for some of my main wants. Please help me out :)

-Chikorita plush plush MWT
-Pokemon time Chikorita plush
-Meganium Banpresto plush

If you have any other Chikorita merch, please let me know !



Bento Boxes

Hey all! ^^ Been a very long time since I've posted - my collection is growing exponentially with the help of this community, so I'm preparing a big gets post for later. (LJ and cuts make me a little nervous in case I flood the front page with tons of pictures >_<)

I also randomly met captainangel at a fair recently and traded cards!! Now my first question for any Pokemon fan I meet is "Are you a member of the comm??" XD

My question for the community is about bento boxes. I love to cook, and adore Japanese food, so would love to start making bento lunches. Of course, I'd like Pokemon bento boxes to put them in!!

I would like to know if anybody has any Pokemon bento boxes in their sales? Also, can anyone tell me a little more about them, such as the size? Asakura Japan and Amazon UK have some Pokemon bento boxes for sale, but I can't tell if they are 'kid sized' or would be suitable for an adult lunch. Ideally, I'd like one that came with chopsticks, or has enough room to fit chopsticks in there too.

So what are everybody's favourite Japanese dishes? I love salmon, so salmon nigiri or teriyaki for me, though I really love octopus takoyaki too... now I'm hungry XD
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Hi everyone! I hope your morning (ledyba) /day (sentret) /night (hoothoot) is going well :) I really really am going to post my collection as soon as I get a little spare time!! College is keeping me very busy though :(

For the time being, I'm wondering if anyone can sell me/ help me find some things I'm looking for? I'm interested in items with Pokemon Petit, Pokedoll or Pokemon Trozei patterns on them, such as tins, bags, mugs, notepads, stationary ect. I have put a few pictures below of things that I'd like to get but I'd consider buying other things with similar patterns on them :) Cheers!

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Lucario Smash

Wants & Sales!

Hey all, I just wanted to post a wants list today. Specifically, I'm looking for a Lucario pokedoll.
Ideally, I don't want to spend too much, so I'm totally open to loved and tagless 'dolls. Otherwise, I believe the US velboa versions go for around $30-40(?) I'd like something on the inexpensive side for now, however, if you're selling something a bit more in the $40+ range I may come back to you once October is in full swing for money reasons.

FOUND! Though if you're offering up a loved/tagless minky one for a good price.. do let me know :P

Click the pic for photo cred

Also looking for these Weavs:

Clear Kids!! / Retsudan Stamper / Can Badge (??) / Clear Face Strap / DS Drawstring Bag / Clear Minimodels

Would be awesome to get my hands on these clear kids soon. Come December, it'll be a fully year that I've been looking for them! The hands-on-hip one has popped up once, but I haven't seen the arms-crossed one at all.

Also, I lowered a few prices in my sales. Click here to go check it out!