October 3rd, 2015

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Sale Post for October & Last try for those keychain

Hi Everyone~ I had update my sale and reduce some of the prices for some items. Feel free to come in and check out my sale post ^w^ ~~


Okay i know i've been post this for awhile and this will be my last try.....
i am still looking for thoese keychain. I REALLY REALLY WANT THOSE KEYCHAIN SOOOO BAD   >_____<
If you have one for sell or if you know who's selling them please PLEASE!!!! let me know
P.S. I would love to do trade for those keychain

~~~ Thank you  ~~~

Let me Know if you have any questions
maskie, judas

First post (Intro) - Story, collection and small want


First and foremost, more than anything, if I did anything wrong, I'm really sorry. I did read through the rules and try to look at how people post their introductory post in the past, and will try my best not to do anything wrong here, but obviously, since this is my first time, I could possibly mess up...>_<"

OK, now to my lame introduction, hi everyone. I go by the name Ju-da-su. I'm actually from Thailand (which I bet no one else here is my fellow country man), and am in my senior year at the university. I've always love pokemon ever since I was in elementary school, with Pokemon Red being the first game I've ever played, but actually just got into TCG collection scene, specifically collecting Japanese cards only. I have great preference for fire pokemons, with some of my favorites including Entei, Ho-oh, Reshiram, Growlithe, Arcanine, Ninetails, Houndoom, Flareon, Charizard and Quilava to name a few. I like collecting "unique" cards, most of which are actually considered to be very rare and grails for some people. I do still feel a little nervous about joining this community mainly because I see that most people are more interested in collecting plushies (which I can't because of lack of room space T_T ), but please do treat me well regardless. >_<"

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And those are my collections. Now, because my collection has yet to complete, I am also looking for the following card in NM or better condition only.

My Rayquaza EX needs its pair, so if anyone has this and is willing to let go of it, please tell me. I'm potentially interested also in bulk gold stars or FA cards (1st Edition Japanese only), so if anyone also has those that they're willing to part way with, please tell me. Thank you very much to those who read through everything and hope I can have a pleasant stay here! :)
pokemon ♚ yes!

quick want!

Hey guys!

I was wondering if anyone happened to have this little guy for sale:

(photo credit!)

As an art student, I feel very connected to this lil fella. :,) And I'd like to have a small art-themed corner of my collection, so this Pika would be an awesome start!

Lemme know if you have one you'd be willing to sell!!
fall fuji pika

Movie 18 Tomy Pose Figure Pickups! and quick sales

I went to Marukai (one of the local Japanese supermarkets) yesterday evening before closing and was surprised to see these!

They are nice small posable figures about 2~3 inches in height? I got Arceus and will get Lugia next time!

Hoopa Unbound

$10 each and discounts are available if you purchase 2 or all 3. I can ship it with out without the box.

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Also quick sale~

Pokemon 3 tier cookie tin (no cookies) you can unscrew the different levels and turn it around. :D Lots of Pokemon! -$15

Also I have one of these Hiroshima manjuu box for $15 See this post for more pictures.

Have a great weekend!

search terms for pokemon lab on y!j?

hi everyone! I've been struggling a bit to get the terms right to try and find the pokemon lab keychains with the glassware on them - or anything from this event in general - on y!j. :c I've tried just 'pokemon lab' and also '企画展 ポケモン研究所' but I'm not having much luck with those. would anyone happen to know what else I could try?

I know there are some of these keychains on ebay, but they're either from the US and cost too much in total because of shipping to the UK, or they're from japan in a set of two and I wouldn't be charged customs if it was just one, plus I only want one. I think they're also both the overlapping ones with two flasks, when I think I may just about prefer the ones with only one on them. I don't think I'm massively fussy, though! either way I think I'd just prefer to buy one straight from japan for as little as possible.

I've been reading somewhere that they also have a colour change effect? does anyone have any information on that? *^* thank you!

September Gets

Hey guys! I thought I'd like to make another post of all the figures I got this month and thank everyone who I bought stuff from on here :D

Pics under the cut!

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Thanks for reading and happy October! Anyone else looking forward to Halloween?

  • supairo

Collection post!

I've been on this community for a month, and I've spent some $$$ to get my collection back to its former glory! I don't have all my stuff pictured, but I wanted to show you what i have on display!
It's mostly jolteon, with some other pokedolls and such :)

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Thanks for checking my stuff out! Hopefully I'll get tons more in the future. 

Tons of gets, an AMAZING custom and wants list!

Hello fellow collectors!! It's been some time and I must say my collection has grown quite a bit. This post is also long overdue so full disclaimer that this will have a ton of images (under cuts of course).

First things first, my fast growing fire dog collection:
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And my secondary collection da Slows:
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Other Pokes:
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Whew...That was a long one  ^_^' . I think I'll eventually need to take a month off of collecting....in December, since it's already too late for October and November, whoops (Growlithe butts + sleepy figures tho!).  Also, I have a wants list now which you can find here: linky link any help if finding these items would be extremely appreciated!

Until next time! Happy collecting~  

Wants Post

Hey everyone. So I'm posting my first wants post in the hopes that some of you may know where I can get some of these items without breaking the bank. So what I'm mainly looking for right now is Rotom merch. I love Rotom and have since Diamond and Pearl.
I'm hoping to find:
Rotom Wash Pokédoll

Rotom Freeze Pokédoll

And the Rotom 6 Figure Collection (not entirely sure what it's called, but this)

None of these photos are mine for the record!
Also, for the Pokédolls, I don't need them with the tag! Only the tush tag.
Thanks for anyone who can help :)