October 4th, 2015

DP Zukan set Group Buy

Hi guys! :) I found a reasonably priced set of the DP Zukan set that features the shiny legendary dogs, and since I only want Suicune I thought I'd do a GB for it! :)

I was granted sales permission on August 7, 2015 by areica96
My feedback can be found here
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Shiny Suicune - clicky797
Shiny Entei - spiritbomb92
Shiny Raikou - hollyasevenx

Zorua and Zoroark -
Celebi, Piplup and Pikachu -

Collection Photos: A Farewell to TCG Cards

In 2012/2013, I stopped collecting Pokémon cards. The last expansion set I collected from was Dark Explorers. It was that winter, with grad school looming and student loans coming due, I decided that to keep on buying these cards indefinitely into the future as newer sets were released and obviated their predecessor sets would just be a way to leak money. It was a difficult decision, and a sad one - and one I sometimes still mourn when really cool new cards come out - but ultimately it was the right decision and a relief to have made.

Under the cut below will be pictures of my binder, stuffed to bursting with all of the rare cards I still have after, oh, about 15 years of collecting and playing the TCG. And these are not all of the cards, either. This binder contains only those cards I'm planning on getting rid of. In individual sleeves, there are yet other cards I'm either keeping or am still undecided about. And I do plan to keep my eye out for any new individual cards that look nice enough to collect for their own sake, ha! ^_^

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Hello everyone, I've been checking out this site for a little while now and decided to finally join. I'm excited to be a part of this community! Well, my name is Ivan and I'm 23 and I've pretty much loved pokemon since I was about 7 when I got Yellow Version. I don't have a huge collection but I've always had a couple things that are not the games.
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thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a great day ! :)
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Gets Post/Wants Post

I know I haven't posted a get post in forever. I just kept putting it off and it just never got made. I though want to change that and post much more gets for my collection. This post is gonna kick start everything back up however to not overwhelm myself I decided to just post about gets from about 2 weeks ago until now.

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Now onto my Want:
I'm looking for the Pokemon Cafe Meowth coaster. I lost an auction for one not that long ago and well I haven't found one since. Any help would be appreciated!

Now I'm just gonna end it here with a link to a prevoius post about a mysterious Meowth plush. I would really love it if someone would help me identify it <3
Mew Giddy

Long Overdue Get and Sales Reminder!

I've been hoping to post about this for over a month! At the end of August I got to go to Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions in my city, and it was an absolute blast! I cosplayed as Serena and went with my little brother, and saw a bunch of my friends at the event. It was really special, so of course I got a poster and had it signed! I then went to get it laminated, which was really expensive and took a really long time, but I finally got it back today and will hang it in my room!

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Also since it's the spoopy season with my favourite holiday coming up, I wanted to show off my Pokemon Halloween card!

Halloween card (inside and outside) photo Halloweenboth.jpg
The left side is the front of the card and the right is the inside, full of ghost and bat Pokemon! You can find this card in my Sales Post if interested!

Lastly, Pokemon.com put up some printable Pokemon pumpkin designs! I already have an idea for a Pokemon pumpkin I want to do, and I can't wait! How do you guys decorate your place for a Pokemon Halloween? (Photos encouraged!) >D

Thanks for reading!

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September Gets and More!

Hello All! I posted earlier about the fuzzy tomy latias I got on here! I likely would not of found one within a reasonable price range without this community. :)

Here's a preview pic including the mudkip my boyfriend surprised me with while I was out on a research trip!
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I also decided to take some time to create a bootleg guide comparing charmander canvas plushies, check it out here!
Let me know what you think. :)

Spooky Auction and Updated Sales

Hello again everyone! :)

I've actually received quite a few gets lately, but I will be making a separate post of that later ;v;
I'm here today to bring you a spooky auction! I was having a bit of an art block working on plush so I
sculpted something to break the block!

I can't get over how cute the new Halloween promo is and couldn't help but make this Gengarchu figure! :D
He is up for auction and will end on Saturday, October 10th at 5:00 PM CST ~

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A little info about Gengarchu~
He's about 2 inches tall (you can see me holding him for size reference) and made entirely
from polymer clay. I painted him and sealed him with a polyurathane sealant.
The sculpture will be OOAK (one of a kind) as I do not tend to remake him.
He can can stand on his own no problem! :)

Please let me know if you have any questions in the thread down below! :D

Also, I've lowered some prices and added a few new things to my sales post here! http://higginstuff.livejournal.com/1078.html
The new mouse in town!

Lets Not Talk About This Experiment Again+Monthly Gets+Wants

As I talked about in my last post.  I decided to try out some transparent clay.  It turned out to be a nightmare.  First off, it really isn't transparent...more cloudy in color.  It doesn't bond well nor does it paint well.  It was mess.  I am positive that I won't use it again after I finish up the pack.

But on a positive, my project turned out a lot better than I thought.  SO come and look on what pokemon figures that I made for my collection.


 photo preview1_zpswzhcpvvk.jpg

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But before you go....I am going to make halloween theme pokemon for myself.  I'm planning to make a weedle in a little ghost costume.  But my seedot...I am tore.  So....poll time!

What Halloween costume should the Seedot have?

Superhero Seedot
Other (IDEAS!)

Joltik card case added to USA pokemon center

TCG Collection reveal!

I've don't think I've ever mentioned my TCG collection! I'm not really a strict collector, many are from my childhood but I do occasionally buy a pack from the new series out of nostalgia (and for tins)

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Wants list has been updated Ow<)/ And I'm looking hard for the remaining Tomys on the list! (Especially Voltorb and Electrode now! Time to get those two out of the way, I know they'll be the most tricky)

Looking for a Wailmer Pail!

Hey guys! :)

Hope you all had a nice weekend, I had :3
Well, just a little question, I am looking for this Wailmer Pail.

I saw it on an auction one week ago, but I lost (while i was sleeping) :(
It was sold for $20 included shipping, so I was hoping I could find it here maybe?

I live in the Netherlands :)
(Picture for attention, is original from Furrettails, found it on Google. Hope you don't mind Im using it, otherwise ill delete, no problem:) )