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hi guys, long time no see?
i need some advice. long story short, i need to be out of my house by saturday, and i'm wondering how some of you go about moving plushies and flats?
i'm currently moving only a fairly short distance, but if things get bad i'll probably end up having to move to utah, which is several states away.

i need advice for flats especially, i've put some of them in card binders and boxed them up but i'm still very low on space here. also, how would you move plushies that have tags without those getting damaged?

and before the mood gets too sad i figured i might as well post some typhlosions here since theyve gotten sooooo big

hm01 jokeCollapse )

i've also made a collection website if anyone is interested

Are the MC 2nd generation Entei figures very rare? I was trying to find images of them MIB other than the one on bulbapedia and I struggled. It may just be an issue of keywords, but I am not sure what I haven't already tried ^^; Any information on these would be helpful -- I can't even quite figure out how much they're going for.
This is the one on bulbapedia:

On to some grails
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06 October 2015 @ 01:38 pm
Hi! I have a few auctions/sales today. Need to make some money for a package I need shipped from Japan so hopefully you find something you like :)

Also made this Gengar sculpt the other day. Hoping to complete him with a base and maybe another ghost poke like Duskull and hopefully auction him off to a fellow ghost collector :)
I'll be taking on a custom slot and I'm willing to make almost any Pokemon except for a few exceptions like Reshiram since I'd like to do a few more sculpts before taking on more complex Pokemon ^^ the auction will start at $32 and will include a base of course and be around the same size as the Suicune pictured. My sculptures are OOAK and I will not remake them again.

I have some auctions, small sales and a custom sculpt slot ;) click on the link below ^^

Auction, Sales, Custom slot belowCollapse )
I've been busy lately... Late notice but my Hiroshima Momiji Manjuu box ends in 4 hours!

The inside of the box is real nice, don't you think? xD

If no one bids, I will continue to sell these! They make a great fall decoration/display.

Click the above image or here to be transported.

Rules and Shipping InfoCollapse )

Second, I still have

Halloween Ghost Pikachu charm from 2012 $18 OBO

More Sales~
Sleepy Fennekin, Ditto, Pikazard figures, Berries kuji items!Collapse )

APE (Alternative Press Expo) aka Artistic Passion Experience Gets!

Can you guess the interesting item here?

Who's that Pokemon?!Collapse )

Whimisicott charm for lotad It was the last one and the artist kindly saved it for me for Sunday after I tweeted her about the charm.

Also, squishy Swablu charm from the same artist! I couldn't resist getting it. :3

I got a few more things but you can find that in a future post when I take more cool pictures with my latest gets. xD

Thanks for reading~
06 October 2015 @ 02:46 pm
Hello pkmncollectors!

I reorganized a little this morning to make room for new things that I'd like to share. :3 First up is the amazing Snorlax Hammock!

Mini review and new getsCollapse )

Here's how I reorganized:

Collection pics ahoy!Collapse )

And if you'd like to trade with me I have some new things up. Click the preview to go! :D

Benny Woolley
06 October 2015 @ 02:53 pm
I recently privately sold the vast majority of my toy Lucario collection to a great user here, who will take great care of them. I checked and she is happy with me showcasing what I had before it went.

I wish to thank everyone who personally helped me find or acquire many of the items, and who showed me items and supported this collection. I am grateful, and I loved doing it.

I kept my Heartland that my mother worked on with me to repair, the Pokecentre rug, my d215lab custom, the strange plush that my friend helped me aquire with fuzzy arms, and the buyer didn't want the Pokechummy Lucario. These aren't pictured because they weren't on sale.
If you have any questions about individual items, please go ahead and ask.

You may not use these photographs for wants or sales posts.
Lots of pics and figures and things.Collapse )

Flat sales to follow some time later in the year. riolu, I have a small page of blue dog art for you, if you want to PM me your address I'll send that over.
I also have my entire (paired) Plusle and Minun collection to decide about selling at some point. Here is 3/4 of it:
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Hey guys! Just a quick reminder that the Pokedoll Posse GA is ending in a bit over 24 hours - tomorrow at 9:30 PST. We're only a few dollars over halfway to the buyout price, so we need quite a bit more to reach our goal. Here is the link, or click the picture below.

And some quick questions as well.

My understanding is that velboa begins to pill from extensive use/wear and tear, but can it also just pill naturally on its own over time?
My 2005 Weavile pokedoll is in really nice condition; obviously the previously owner took good care of it. I've seen quite a few pictures of pilly Weaviles lately and the difference is pretty big. Mine just stays on the shelf and I rarely handle it, so should it be ok? Or do you all do anything special to prevent pilling?

Also, for Lucario collectors... besides the size, are there any notable differences between these two plush? Do they have different fabric or anything?

First one is the Super DX Banpresto UFO (cred: Lostlatios); Second pic are the non-DX Banpresto UFOs (cred:Lucario's Time Flower).

I saw the first one on Y!J yesterday with a buyout price but I was too slow in my consideration. ;-; I don't even know if I'd have a place to put him but he looks so cool. Maybe the smaller ones would be more practical but the bigger one looks more well-made.

I swear I'm not collecting Lucario now... jfc I already have so little room! But I'm on a kick right now I guess!
06 October 2015 @ 07:21 pm
Hello! I have super small sales for yall today. I also cut some prices of some of my older things as well so please take a look! :)

Sales!Collapse )
Hey guys! I haven't posted in quite a while since i've been busy with Instagram and other internet endeavors but I wanted to share a little update on parts of the collection a and a fun little photo story for you all!

Photo story Cut!Collapse )
06 October 2015 @ 09:20 pm
Hello pokepals <3
I am so happy right now. I got a few customs today annnnd I just really would like to share with you all!

customsCollapse )

Thanks for looking. :)
Pleaseeee take a look at my wants list: http://flaaffy.livejournal.com/943.html
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06 October 2015 @ 09:36 pm
I purchased this last month and I am actually surprised how quickly it arrived from Japan. My Ghost Show Tin arrived ^_^ And yes the cookies/lusk were delicious...made the significant other eat some because otherwise I would have eaten them all myself x_x The wrappers have Ghastly on them which is another Pokemon I am fond of. Who else has tried these? Of course I am keeping the tin...anything spooky/ghost related is welcome in my home.
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06 October 2015 @ 09:52 pm
There are only four days are left!
Please check it out: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/20104726.html

06 October 2015 @ 10:11 pm
Just lost an auction on these deck boxes along with some cards, so I thought I check if anybody else has them for sale.

Pictures are from the original post by oxymoronictonic (let me know if there's a problem and I'll remove them right away)
Keep it real folks

Hello!! Its been almost two years after my haitus Ive been so longing for my day return to this wonderful community I have accumulated some stuffs which are sold out for quite some times and as always trying to bring you them with awesome prices and not to mention for the first 15 buyers who buys over 25$(not including shipping and fees) will recieve one Korean ver pokemon XY Booster pack for Free!!!
Everthing is like brand new with both tags and JAPAN ver.

And if you are unfamilar with me please check out my 294 postive only feedbacks (click left to check out :D)my pride and joy thank you all those who participated writing feedbacks :^)

Hop on down and find your happiness <3Collapse )

To the lucky first 15 !!!5 LEFT!!! person who buy over 25$ ♡ Win a free sealed Korean booster pack!!!!

Thank you everyone!

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