October 7th, 2015

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Need some help identifying a fake or error base set Nidorino

Hi everyone! Currently i am trying to collect Base set, Jungle, and Fossil. I decided to first before buying anything to go through all my old cards first and organize them!
Well, I found a really odd one. Its a base set 37/102 Nidorino that has the 1st edition stamp, is shadowless, but for some strange reason it has the Jungle set symbol? Is it a fake card or an error? I am so confused! .

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Tomy Collection Update and Display: Before and After

It's been quite a while since my last collection update post. This time there's going to be a Before and an After picture. They're both pretty big because each picture is the entire collection. Click on the photos to enlarge them to full size.

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As always, thank you for looking, and an even bigger thanks to those pkmncollectors community sellers who have helped make this collection as full as it is! =3

Question about Bulbasaur pokedolls?

I was wondering if any community members have ordered a Bulbasaur pokedoll from the US Pokemon Center website? I've been thinking about getting one but it doesn't say which version it is (which tags, material, etc.).

Also, i have some other questions...Is the 2013 pokedoll minky? Slightly different in color? If it's the US Pokemon center, does it come with Japanese tags?

Thanks for the help!

✿ So Many Giant Updates! Sales, & More! ✿

grail.jpg Hello everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG

I can't believe my day off is almost over. ;n; I wasted it all on the computer updating things for you guys. That being said, my replies may be slow today!

I hate weebly so much. It takes like 20 minutes to load one thing, and then it goes and puts it in a totally different spot. I did a huge update on my site today! If some things look a little out of place, please ignore it. Weebly decided it would keep moving things around on me today even though i moved them back it kept doing it.
Some pages that got the most updating were the Zigzagoon/Linoone page, the Laying Plushes page, the Pokemon Plushes page, and my Wish List!
You can find tons of pages through the drop down menus at the top so please feel free to browse around and let me know what you think! :D

The next enormous update is my SALES POST!! I added so many things so please take them away!
There are even some of my kutas and kuttaris up for sale! I'm keeping a bunch of them, but unfortunately collecting them is just two expensive, and not a main priority right now. I'm just going to stick with main collecting the zigzagoon line and THAT IS IT. x.x No more side-collections for me!

Lastly, i've done a lot more internet browsing lately and found a few things to add to my wish list! Please take a look and let me know if you have anything!! :D And THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone that has come to me recently with things from my list! <3 I really appreciate it so much! <333
Here is my Wish List:

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~ Thank you for looking! <3

Looking for GA co-host!

I found this pretty cool lot that has tonnes of awesome pencils in it! :D Would anyone like to co-host a GA for them with me? :) There are pencils featurng Johto and Kanto Pokemon such as Lugia, Ho-oh, Raichu and Bulbasaur! :) I would like to do the posting, threads, etc. so seeking someone to bid and ship the items! :) The lot is on Y!J so it would need to be someone with a deputy service! :) Please let me know asap as this lot ends in 2 days! XD I will delete this post when a co-host is found! :)

Updated Wants Post

Hey again everyone. I've updated my wants post to the things that I really want being listed first, while the things I want, but could go without being last on the list. You guys really helped me out with my last wants post, so I figured I'd list a lot this time in the hopes that someone could help me out. Again, I'm trying not to tear a hole in my wallet when it comes to the price of some of these items. So, without further ado:

Note: Any of the Pokédolls listed I DON'T need them with their hang tag. Only tush tag.

Also, Disclaimer: NONE of these pictures are mine, and I just found them all from Google.

Swampert Pokédoll

Duskull Pokédoll

Pokémon Crystal Version

I have the game, only looking for the box and original inserts

Poliwhirl Pokédoll

Not to be confused with the Poliwhirl PlushPlush Doll.

Rotom Freeze Pokédoll

Noctowl Pokédoll

Rotom Figure Collection

Pokémon Red Version

Again, I have the game, only looking for the box and original inserts

That's really all I'm looking for that's harder to find as of now. Any help is appreciated :) Thanks!!

October Art Commissions!!

Hi! I'm back with more art commissions and a new kind of bookmark I tried :P Please check the options I offer and if you want anything diferent, let me know! I have been trying different styles so I could try whatever you think :P Also if you want digital art, avatars or stuff like that, send me a PM since we can't do it over here :)
I'm also open for trades/partial trades for anything of my want post ^^
If I can't reach that much, I won't be able to do them, sorry.
You can follow me other drawings and styles on my DeviantART , INSTAGRAM , BEHANCE , Tumblr and Facebook
And buy my art on RedBubble and Society6 !!
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Commissions: poketime bookmarks #pokemon #sailormoon #art #illustration #winona #golbat #crobat #zubat #camerupt #numel #butterfree #beautifly #vivillon #groudon #kyogre #maxie #teammagma #froslass #bellossom #pokelove
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Since I got my charmander Kuttari and I love the tag I made some custom tags of my favorite guys so I can do commissions for these too! They are the same price than the poketime bookmarks and I can do them with any background, sleeping version or awake version and with ribbon or without it. 5$ each

DSC_0851_2Commissions: custom stickers #pokemon #illustration #lunatone #solrock #umbreon #espeon #bellossom #commissions #art #pokelove

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Commission: Kanto by Agui-chanCommission: Johto by Agui-chan

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DH: the monster by Agui-chanSailor love wins by Agui-chan
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FOR SALE:  I'm selling some of the inktober art I'm doing this month. This one features: Murkrow, Gengar, Duskull, Umbreon (on the background), Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist. A5 size with posca markers. 15$


questions about pokebox?

I keep seeing Pokebox on the community, and was wondering what it's all about?

A quick google search led me to their storenvy. Pokebox merchandise are fanmade goods right? They're really nice, but I was curious as to why and when they got so popular :o

Some of their charms/tarot cards seem to be valued pretty highly too! Was it because it sold out so quickly?

Also, besides their storenvy, I found a store on taobao that seems to be Pokebox, but I'm not too sure. Does anyone know whether this is the real Pokebox artist?

Have a good day!~

New merch announced! Chou Get figures! Core Zygarde~

According to pokepolitan:
"Tomy is releasing another set of Get Collection figures! This the first time we are seeing merch of Core Zygarde! Each figure will come in random Poke Ball with a candy. One box contains all 10 figures for 3,024 yen and will be released late November."

What do you guys think?
Does this mean more core Zygarde to come?
I really wanna see more Zygarde in general.
I keep hoping Pokedolls will make their comeback with the anniversary coming up, and I would love its 50% and 10% forms.
No idea why there's blurring/censoring on the names(?)

Edit: I don't known if its okay to include this but I'm still looking for anything mini pokedoll, and absolutely NEED this guy:

PM me! :D