October 11th, 2015

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Saving money for Japan trip sales again!

Hello again
I got some more stuff to sell and updated images :)

I cannot ship internationally right now due to my work schedule. If you seesomething you want tho, let me know and I can give you an ETA shiping time if it is still available/you want to wait!



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UPDATED 10/11/15
Click the images for bigger photo

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  • sing888

Flygon Wants

Originally posted by sing888 at Flygon Wants
Hey guys! I was on a few month hiatus and only logged in for 2 times, hopefully i'll be on more :p I still have alot to acquire .-.
Currently collecting mainly Flygon merch and some Raichu so I'm looking for these items if you have any please let me know how much you want for them (: I'll be updating this post with pictures! I can pay via Paypal

Dice with Flygon
Flygon lightpost movie figure thing
Flygon dex figure ( both types)
Flygon attack kid
Flygon dex sticker
Flygon chocoball figure
Flygon and other pokemon card sleeves
~~~~~~~~~Big Wants~~~~~~~
Flygon Clear kid + Clear attack kid
Flygon movie charm Figure
Flygon pan card
Flygon battle eraser
Will offer alot for these!($40-50)
Flygon retsuden stamp YASSS
Flygon bottlecap figure
Flygon shiny kid
Flygon roller stamp
Flygon puchi chara(both colors)
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Quick Battrio + Tretta Sales

I've had these sitting around for a few years because they came with either Pokemon Fan issues or from Tomy MC's i've purchased. I would like to finally clear them out so i've made a sale post for them.

Dragonite Battrio- $3
Celebi,Volcorona,Cobalion and Braviary Battrio- $2
All others- $1*

If you purchase another item, I will offer Tepig for $0.50! If you buy it alone its $1 though.

All my sales information can be viewed here:

I can combine these with any item from my other sales posts:
lati, latios, soital, soi

Wants post, phantom grail wants & info on these?

Decided to finally post a wants post ^^


Welp I've kinda always thought these guys were custom or fake these past years but I must have been wrong, I now have phantom grail wants! ^^ In the other picture I've seen them in they looked to be custom or such but in these pictures they seem more like lotto plush back from the early 2002's or such but I could be wrong, does anyone have any information on these guys?? I really would like to own a set and my max didn't turn out well so if anyone has any information please let me know~! (also to whomever won theml congrats! dowantmorepics! ;3)

Annnd...+2 to the lati plush wants

Latias & Latios Lotto (???) Plush

Also if anyone has anything of Latios, Latias, Lugia, Weavile & Ninetales that I don't have I would love to look at them! Got a bit of money to spend but also saving for these babies next time they pop up <3

Please check out my wants posts too, I don't have everything photographed but yeah: http://xxlatiosxx.livejournal.com/4134.html

Questions about recent Tomy Ash figure and shipping out things for free.

Hey there everyone. I got two major questions that need to be answered. first of all I've seen a new Ash figure online and need to know are the pokedex and pokeball he hold removable?

My second, more major question is about shipping. I have a few original pokedolls from when the original pokemon center site was up. I'm thinking about maybe giving them away for free someday to the board in the future. what I need to know is there a way to ship them within the US for free? I'd like them to someday go to a good home but don't want any money for them in any way.

Like I said I'm just considering, since I've seen alot of people on the board looking for original pokedolls I have. Although only with butt tags I've kept them extremely clean all these years, first in a double trash bag now in a ziploc space bag with my other poke plushies.

The Grailest of Grails!

Hello everybody. Small collection update. I have recently completed my Gym Heroes and Double Crisis sets, which brings my total number of completed sets to 20 out of 109 (baby steps).

Even more exciting than that though is my most recent grail get: Gold Star Umbreon! I thought I would never be able to afford this card, but thanks to a wonderful community auction hosted by h1tchh1ker, I was finally able to add this rare card to my collection for a very reasonable price!

I'm just so happy that I can check this card off on my list! Thanks for taking a look. Happy collecting everyone :)

Looking for PokeDoll Oshawott Plush.

Hey, I recently lost my Oshawott plush and it had a lot of sentimental value to me. Right now I'm looking to replace the little guy if anyone is selling an authentic MWT PokeDoll Oshawott plush. I don't care if it has the NA tag (the original mispelling is fine too) or Japanese tag. I'm looking to pay up to $25, but we can negotiate the price. Again, genuine, please no booties.

I'm specfically looking for this particular plush.

Leave a comment or private message me. You can even email me at zipperheadxd@gmail.com
  • niraito

XY8 sales and wants

Hi everyone!

I just opened my two boxes of XY8 and I have two full arts for sale.

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$22 shipped in a bubble mailer each.

I'm looking for:

Blue Shock:
11 Typhlosion holo
13 Octillery holo
26 M Mewtwo EX
33 Meloetta holo
37 Zoroark BREAK

Red Flash:
10 M Houndoom EX
25 Magnezone holo
36 Marowak BREAK
39 Mamoswine holo
42 Yveltal holo

I'm willing to trade these for the full arts above or any other card in my sales post

Rattata happy

3rd Year Comm Anniversary: Re-intro and Collection Update!

Hey y'all! So today, October 11th, I've been on here for three years! I'm going to re-introduce myself, especially since I've been pretty silent lately, and then show how much my collection has grown! I have about 3/4 of my plush with me in my apartment, and then the remaining plush, and figures, are still at my parents house, so there will be pictures from both places. I'll have the re-intro and collection update under separate cuts so you can ignore the re-intro if you'd like ^^

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This is how my collection looked when I first joined!

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Well, now that I've hurt your eyes from all the pictures... thank you so much for reading! As you can see my collection has grown a lot! I've had so much fun on here the past three years, and learned so much. Vulpes_canis and I were actually able to run a panel at a con this past year on Pokemon bootlegs! I never dreamed three years ago I'd know enough about collecting to do that.  

Wants Post- Totodile and Zoroark and small Sleepy Kuttari sales

Hello again! I know I recently posted a wants post for this but I updated the specific want and I also have a few other things that I'd really like.

Not too long ago I made a wants post asking for the Large Top Insight Totodile plush.

Well, I've decide while I would prefer this big guy I'm open to getting the Keychain Top Insight Totodile plush instead. I actually used to have this plush but sold it in hopes of replacing him with the large plush. I now realize that having the keychain plush instead wasn't so bad and regret selling him now...

I'd be looking to spend no more than $40 on the big guy and no more than $15 on the keychain version.

Other than this, I haven't really gotten to updating my wants list but I'd like to get what's already on it out of the way anyway especially the Pokemon Conquest clear file featuring Zoroark and the Ichiban Kuji Movie Theater Lottery Zoroark Keychain.

Wants list: http://pepperzark.livejournal.com/654.html

I also have MWTs Sleepy Mudkip and Sleepy Charmander Kuttari that I'm looking to sell for $15 a piece. I can take pictures if need be, but they are still in the plastic wrapping so in perfect condition ^^

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pepperzark/

Thanks for looking.