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13 October 2015 @ 11:56 am
Hi all~ I am looking for a few things.  Let me know what prices you are thinking.

Innertube Mudkip (Picture by kephisos)
Mudkip Secret Base Pokedoll 2014 JP ver please!
Sleeping Kuttari Charmander
Kuttari Charmander
Charmander Canvas Plush (There's on on Amazon but I think it's probably bootleg?)

Latios Pokemon Center plush
Latios Tomy plush
Mega Heracross Tomy figure

Totodile Secret Base plush JP ver please!

Any bug-related customs you might be selling.
Any really cute Charmander or Latios plush I haven't noticed.

Also, if anyone might be able to help me with middlemaning something in Japan please send me an PM.
13 October 2015 @ 12:24 pm
I am looking for dragonite bath buddy plush. Let me know who sells it and how much it cost.

Hello hello!

So many things happening here on PKMNCollectors, I love it! :D I have been here more than 1 month I guess, and I'm still happy everyday that I am part of this community with you guys, everyone is so helpfull, sweet and nice!
Also I bought a lot (not only zig items) but also others, just too many nice pokemon stuff!!

Okay, this post is mostly about my Zigzagoon wants, I was hoping some of you have something for me for sale?

Click HERE for my Ziggy wants!

Also, I am looking for a Wailmer Pail, like this pic:

If you have seen this, or have this for sale please let me know, you would make me sooo happy!
(Picture is not mine but from Furrettails. If you want me to delete, please let me know! :) )

Also I am looking for this very cute old Pika plush :3 For some reason I forget when it will be released? I know in 2016, but when? And what about pre orders? And does someone know it's official name?

Thanks so much for helping me guys!! :D
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13 October 2015 @ 01:52 pm
Hey guys,

Came back for another "want" list most of them consist of Lati@s goods. If there's still anything you would have please let me know. Shipping would be to the States.

*If there's anyone who doesn't want me to use their photos please let me know, and I'll take it down.

More wanted Lati@s goodiesCollapse )

Also a question to the community, when you're desperate to purchase a big order would you sell your prized possessions? I mean, usually when I do sales I stay away from selling my plushies since they have so many memories with me. Now that the cough Jumbo Pika is at the Pokemon Center US website, I'm still not sure what I can do to save up for that big fella.

Not to mention the 3rd batch kuttaris and Christmas promo is coming also in Japan soon.

I'll come back again soon, when I get the next new order from Pokevault in the mail. ^^
13 October 2015 @ 02:34 pm
Hey everyone! I received the lots of pokeplush GA today! So I'm taking shipping payments!

Totals are as follows!

eboncharizard - $3.47 (for rotom, regigigas, zorua, and axew pokedolls) - SHIPPED
butterfreeboy - $2.41 (for mime jr pokedoll)  - PAID - MARILL PETIT EXTRA
starpurrloin - $2.60 (for jolteon pokedoll, chikorita and totodile canvas) - SHIPPED
rainiflower - $2.41 (for emolga pokedoll) - SHIPPED
aurorabeams - $6.56 (for charizard pokedoll, stunfisk canvas, and chikorita petit) - SHIPPED
fuzzytorchic - $2.41 (for piplup pokedoll) - SHIPPED
bandanna_boy_17 - $2.50 (for tepig pokedoll and deerling pokecen) - SHIPPED
nicolarbear - $2.41 (for deoxys pokedoll and mudkip petit) - SHIPPED
zamakiko - $2.41 (for totodile petit) - SHIPPED
mixie94 - $2.41 (for laying minun plush) - SHIPPED
chaobu - $2.41 (for jirachi pokedoll) - SHIPPED
kiiyame - $2.41 for espeon pokedoll) - SHIPPED

Please send your totals to herar@smileandleadcustoms.com with your user and the items you won in the memo!

All plush came without hang tags and are in varying condition (loved to good condition) with a few exceptions which I will note below:

rainiflower - unfortunately your emolga was in the worst condition. :( It's missing it's tush tag and there's a big hole in the back of its head. Pic: http://i.imgur.com/nkTbIwI.jpg

bandanna_boy_17 - deerling has stains on her flower and ear, but i feel like they may be able to be washed out? Pic: http://i.imgur.com/8zDxfhz.jpg

nicolarbear - Deoxys fabric is really piled. Pic: http://i.imgur.com/PJ6E4HP.jpg

We still also have some extras for sale!
These are all $5 EACH. They are open to participants for the first 24 hours and then for the rest of the community after that.

Lapras, Turtwig, and Squirtle have loved fabric, the rest are in good condition.
Riolu Pup
13 October 2015 @ 03:45 pm
The Battle Wheel Strike GB has arrived and I have your totals inside the cut! Thanks so much for participating guys! ^^
Small sales plug! I updated my sales post today.


Click!Collapse )

I also received something special in the mail today!

[What is it?]
It's the Mystery Dungeon Best Art Selection! I bought two and this one arrived first.

The individual postcards. The one with Riolu is my favorite. <3 I might sell the two that don't feature him. Still debating on it.

The folder itself makes up a HUGE map! Over two feet long! Super colorful and very vibrant!
13 October 2015 @ 04:02 pm
oops i've been virtually inactive lately and i finally added something to my collection.
i have decided to sell off 99% of my collection but i needed something to cuddle with when i'm stressed so i bought these big babies.
pics under the cut ~ praying it works this time
Read more...Collapse )

these costed a pretty penny but i finally saved up for them. thank god you don't need to pay right away when using buyee <3
so yeah thats my update thanks
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13 October 2015 @ 05:14 pm
I have a few extra Eevee rubber straps I am selling as well as a Mystery Mansion strap. Please take a look! :)


Link: http://gaarasyami.livejournal.com/37398.html
13 October 2015 @ 06:49 pm
Hi guys! I'm back with some HUGE DISCOUNT SALES! We need to clean our room since we could be moving soon and we have too much stuff so we have put super cheap prices for everything!!

But first of all a reminder that clear flygon kid and mightyena keshipoke are going to end tomorrow! Mightyena now is 15$ for start, I won't put it cheaper, if it doesn't get sold I'll keep it >.< You can click HERE or on the photos to see the auction


And now, HUGE SALES UNDER THE CUT Kids at 0.5$, plushies at 1$ and more!!! :D

  • You must spend more than 3$ please!!

  • If you spend more than 25$ (without shipping), you'll get a free original art of ONE character made with markers!!

  • FLATS are at 50% discount (50% of the price marked)

  • POGS are at 50% discount (50% of the price marked)

  • NO-POKEMON are at 50% discount (50% of the price marked)

RULESCollapse )
SALESCollapse )
17$ OBO. Misgmagius A5 And a quick sale, another inktober art this one with Mismagius and Pikachu on them. A5 size, OOAK and made with markers. It's also available on my ETSY STORE
0$ Houndoom and Mightyena A5 made with markers and silver and white posca.
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13 October 2015 @ 07:40 pm
hey there community how's everyones' evening?
I thought i'd just show you a breife little photo op litleo and i had with our new friends

HM01Collapse )
13 October 2015 @ 07:48 pm
Hi everyone! I have a quick want today!

This Pikachu smartphone holder! Shipping will be to London, UK! I can pay with paypal or trade <3

Willing to trade anything from either of my sales posts! :3



Thanks everyone! :D
13 October 2015 @ 08:10 pm
I got two cuties in the post today! <3

such cute!Collapse )

Eeeeeee I love them!! Piplup is so chunky and Marill is adorably round :3 He joins Drifloon hanging above my bedroom mirror. Eventually I'd like to get more of the Petit plushes to hang in a line! And I want to get another Marill to hang on my backpack.

Thank you Splash for my new things! :)
13 October 2015 @ 09:05 pm
I went to Walmart today and saw some very.. uncommon stuff in their Pokemon section..
There were:
-all 3 Kalos starter Petit keychains
-all 3 Kalos final evolution Pokedolls
-a Pignite standard plush
-two Patrat standard plush
-a Zekrom Pokedoll

I was so confused, how the heck did Unova plush from 2012 end up in my local Walmart? The Petit plush were around $7, the Patrats were $12 and Zekrom was $22. I didn't see the prices for the others but they're probably the same. I almost bought Zekrom, but I like Reshiram more, so...

I wonder if other Walmarts have different new plush? *0*

Interesting to see they're getting more Pokemon Center plush now, since they had the Kanto starter Pokedolls in the summer (I never saw them myself, though). Sorry I don't have any pictures OTL
13 October 2015 @ 10:22 pm
I though it was time to construct a wants post. I'm always on the lookout for items listed here.
I'm located in Canada, but I have a US middleman. :)
Images are from various places on the internet including Sunyshore. Let me know if I used your image, and you want it removed.

Helioptile/HelioliskCollapse )

BraixenCollapse )
Keep it real folks
Hello!! Please check out these awesome Japan pokecen like new with tags!!!
Find them in great price! I'm trying to make as much space possible so I'm not thinking of earning profits check them out! <3 ^_^
To those who paid I will be shipping them out tomorrow afternoon and will comment each of you personally afterwards <3

Thank you everyone! Boy it is getting chilly around here stay warm <3
CLICK HERE or the pictures to go!

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