October 14th, 2015

The new mouse in town!

Clearfile Wants

I am looking for these two clearfiles for my collection.  Many thanks for the photos from hebilea and poliwhirl

 photo weedleclearfile_zpshdpk5bey.jpg

Of course, for the weedle.

 photo raltseedotclear_zpsptbeutlp.jpg

And for my little acorn.  ^__^

A little voting reminder here to which outfit I should make for my little Seedot.  So far the bat is winning....:)

My Tradelist has a lot of cards.  ^__^  Come and trade with me! 

More Slots open for my "Pokemon with food" drawings!

*** SLOTS ARE FULL ATM - Thank you all! :) ***

Hello everyone! <3 :)

Since I finished the first 3 slots for my drawing commissions, I can open more now! I just made a few price changes since I made a little mistake in shipping costs and I charge paypal fees now, because they´re a bit high ;_; (I think 5$ for a colored drawing is a great price though!)

You can see the old post here:

Rules & prices are below and under the cut! (please read them)

The pricing is: 5$ per drawing (+ 3,90$ Shipping to everywhere+ 0,50$ PayPal Fees)
Sorry the shipping is so high because the drawings are too big, even when they´re just flats! :/

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I would be happy if you take a look and thanks all for your interest! <3 Have a great day! ^_^

Another batch of custom Kaiyodo TFG appears! Now featuring Clear Parts and a Mega Pokemon!

Hey guys! It's been awhile I haven't posted anything about custom figures... So now I'm back for more! I'm pretty interested in dynamic and detailed miniatures and Kaiyodo absolutely delivers pretty much "Perfect" figures, at least for me. Anyhow, without further ado, here are my prototypes! One last thing, sorry for the bad photography, lol. All I can say is that I like looking at them better in person.

Only the Ditto pose was not designed by me. All credits go to the original Japanese designer(forgot the name). For the rest of the figures, I designed, sculpted and painted them all based on imagination.


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That's all for now. Thanks for looking! Happy day everybody :)
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mini sales + need US middleman

i've gotten many new items i'd love to show everyone but since theyre mostly still packed from my move, it will have to wait a little longer ! so i figured i could whip up a sales post to show some sort of activity.

no title

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also i'm in need of a middleman from US but i don't know if it's okay to ask since the item is not a pokemon related item...? but if someone wants to help me, please let me know. it's listing on ebay and not very expensive one either (and it seems to have free shipping in US). FOUND !

Many tiny gets!!

Greetings friends! 😄 I've got some super tiny gets in the mail recently that I thought I'd share. I love tiny things don't you? 💕💕

Here we have Dratini and Snorlax keshimon, a Munchlax mega blok from kayeechu1993, GORGEOUS Snorlax art pin (holy crap you guys this thing is amazingly beautiful) from poliwhirl, Electivire keshipoke from eledora, Munchlax zukan, and Darkrai Rumble figure from evilashi. I'll be leaving feedback this evening for those transactions I haven't already gotten to. ❤️

Follow the cut to see more (larger) goodies!

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That's what I've got this week! Thanks for reading! :D Any feedback I need to leave will be taken care of tonight. ❤️ DONEE

Sales Update

I've updated with my sales with some new items, including old plastic locks, M08 straps, and some things from my own collection that need new homes. I've also lowered the prices of a lot of other stuff, some of which are now priced to sell fast (I hope!)

I have a big get sitting at the warehouse right now - like literally somewhat large - and I need to make space. Plus, some stuff has been sitting under my bed for months now, and I just don't really like keeping things around if they aren't being displayed.

Click the images below to take a look!

I might take a long time to ship but I will keep you updated. (No more than 2 weeks, and ideally I'll get stuff out waay before that, but I want to give myself some leeway.)
Also, please give me some time to respond once you comment. Items are held for 24 hours after I respond, not after your comment was made! So please don't worry if I'm taking a long time, the item will still be kept for you until I answer your questions. I'm working my butt off this month and 40 hours this week and next so I won't be very available, but I won't leave you hanging.

Reshiram and Zekrom pokedolls wants.

Hello everyone, I recently sold a lot of old pokemon stuff and I have some money to buy pkedolls, I am looking for the Reshiram and Zekrom pokedolls, It does not matter if you have the american or the japanese version, but it should have tush and hang tag. I am looking to pay between $25-$50 for each one, plus shipping to Mexico and priority mail service :)

Please let me know if you have one! :D

Recent Gets :)

Thanks to everyone who helped me with my wants list! I really do appreciate it all. I really want to show off what I got in the past few weeks. I was able to build up my Rotom collection quite a bit recently, and I ended up getting some new Pokédolls for a great price total! I'm amazed that I didn't pass $100 for the price of all 4 of the Pokédolls I recently got (Plus, Croagunk and Rotom Wash have their hang tags too!). And, because I didn't spend as much as I thought I would have, I have some spare cash for more things on my wants list :)

Happy Croagunk
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Updated Wants List + Revamped Collection Site!

Hi, I've been getting a lot of things off my want list lately and I figured I'd post my new wants list as well as a link to my collection site I've been working really hard on to re-vamp! I'd appreciate it if you guys took a look, although bear in mind there are many components to work on, so not all the categories are completed yet.

Anyways, first here's the wanty wants:

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And here's the spiffy new link I made for my collection site. Feel free to post your collection sites in the comments, I love looking through them!

 photo Banner Smol_zpsvyz23mkt.png

Have a great day everybody!
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Small wants!

Hello community!
I'll be getting a few commissions this week which means I've got some extra cash to spend (yay!). That being said; I'm looking to buy another one of this guy. (pic by me)

Looking for something relatively cheap(er than normal). Can be covered in a lot of scratches and can come without box! Just as long as the figure + stand are not broken. I'll have a little wiggle room for price, so I'll look at any offers I may possibly get o:

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Wants | Collection

Intro and Master Wants List + quick wants

Hello, I'm a long-time collector, and decided to finally make a intro post after completing my Master Wants list :)
I'm a collector of quite a few various Pokemon, but focus on plush of Pokemon used in my in-game teams. I've been on a "journey" to complete every main-series game, and have become close to various Pokemon along the way. I'd love to eventually own a plush (favorite official, or amazing customs) of each of my team members and their evolutions. I have a soft spot for most Hoenn Pokemon, and eeveelutions with Sylveon being my favorite. I also collect Item replicas (Pokedex, Pokegear, Pokeblock cases, ect) in any way, shape or form. I also collect anything of May (or Haruka), and other trainers here and there. I plan on doing a major collection post shortly. For now, here's my Master Wants List and some quick wants! I'm so glad to meet all of you and be a part of this community :)

SUPER IMAGE-HEAVY Master Wants List (Team plush added only for now, other items to come later): http://itcheeee.livejournal.com/2017.html

Quick wants: Jakks Swinub plush - any condition, looking for a price range $10 or under
Any "trainer items"; Pokeblock cases, Pokedexes(any size), Pokenav, ect

Thanks, everyone <3