October 15th, 2015


New merch revealed! Monthly Pikachu and Xmas campaign!

Credit goes to Sunyshore!

Yesssssss! A plate! Will I be the only one eating off it? I get a feeling its only just for display... let me know if I'm wrong!

I want the Latias! ;w;

And Christmas wreath Pikachu!

So precious!!!! So much want!!!

Also monthly chu:

No Xmas theme? :/
I wish they'd do a second campaign... like they did the Halloween.

And more with you badges!

Satoshi/Ash's Greninja! Nice surprice.

I love the season~

Next Pikachu Celebrations Plush coming soon

I was doing a search for a different Pikachu and came across this link:

Pikachu Celebrations Summer Festival

It looks like the Pokemon Center website is prepping the page for it.

Also, I came across this URL: http://www.pokemoncenter.com/Holiday-2015-Collection/b/13130362011?searchSize=60
So unless they change the URL, I think this will be the page where the Holiday 2015 items will be found.

Since this is such a short post.... and if anyone is interested

A link to what I have cataloged so far in my collection (my continual work in progress).

Also, my sales. I actually will be getting the Nebukuro items soon, but I don't know if I should even bother listing it here for sale since I think almost everyone here has gotten what they wanted.

Christmas Illumination and Aurora Tour Claims Up!

Hi everyone! I've added the new Christmas Illumination and Aurora Tour promotion items to my November claims post. There are lots of cute items, including charms, plush, notebooks and clearfiles, a blanket, and more! Be sure to get claims in for these items by 10/29! You can, of course, combine these with any November claims you've already placed.

Christmas11.jpg Christmas12.jpg
Christmas10.jpg Christmas9.jpg
Christmas13.jpg Christmas3.jpg

All Mystery Mansion orders have shipped out, so you should be receiving them soon! I love to get feedback when you do, so please leave me some if you'd like! I'm happy to return the favor. :) And as always, if you have any questions or have a concern with an order, please reach out to me! I check my messages daily, and will get back to you quickly. <3

Have a good day~!

Baby mega Kanga

Female Pikachu collectors?

Hi everyone! I was just wondering if there are any female Pikachu collectors on here (or even just collectors of Pikachu in general who have some female Pikachu stuff)? The reason I'm asking is because I recently started trying to build up my female Pikachu collection, but haven't had the best of luck in my searches of what official merchandise is available. I collect male Pikachu as well, but am trying to focus mostly on the female merchandise at the moment. If anyone has any female Pikachu items in their collection or in their sales, could you please show me some pictures? :) I am mainly focusing on collecting plush at the moment, but would love to see any other items as well. Thank you in advance :)
fall fuji pika

Bromide pulls from the market, Pokemon Ramune!

Just a quick post. I went to the Japanese market in San Jose last week with bearprince and bought a bromide pack. I went back Monday and pulled the same cards. >_<

They come in a pack with 2 shiny cards. My sales rules here

It will be $2 each for a bromide.

Ahh lots to buy to get 20 cards. XD Depending on the stock I can do pickups for $4 a pack.

Also they had the newest kids. However, stock went by quick! There was just 3 boxes left when I went back on Monday.

Last pic! Pokemon ramune bottles that I bought awhile ago from Mitsuwa. :D

Anyone else ever had Pokemon ramune and or kept the bottle?

Hope they stock more Pokemon drinks in the future. XD currently Yokai Watch is popular... I see more Yokai snacks and even drinks.

Yesterday was National Dessert Day so it includes the pic of Female Pikachu Cafe coaster with my Pikachu parfait that I bought from an artist at Fanime. Custom food is sooo cute. :3
me irl



WHAT'S UP, COMMUNITY? I hit ten feedback just a bit ago, and I'm so ready to get some trading going on in here!

You can see my feedback here!

What is it that I'd like to trade for, you ask? WELL.

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I can trade between these two groups too, so like...if you want some merch and wanna offer art, go ahead! If you wanna give me merch in exchange for my art, also cool! And if you just wanna like gauge interest or ask questions and all that junk, feel free to comment below as well.

So...that's it! Thanks for reading!  :^D

Pracoro Dice and Some Other Wants

Hello again friends! Long time no post. I took a couple month hiatus due to some school expenses, but I'm back now. :)

Today I'm looking to add to my collection. I've recently been overcome by an infatuation for silly pokemon-shaped dice. What can I say, small trinkety stuff is my weakness. From what I've seen, they only made Gen 1 pokemon, but please let me know if there are more!

I'm looking to spend about 4 or 5 dollars before shipping/pp fees for the normal ones or up to $10 shipped on the shiny/sparkley ones, or those with painted details. Obviously, the more you have, the more I can save on shipping! At this time I'm not interested in breaking up boxes...I'd feel bad about only keeping one or two of the dice and throwing the rest in an ebay lot.

Here's the catch though- I would like them to be the same color as the pokemon. (E.g. blue squirtle, orange charmander, yellow/beige abra etc.)

Also looking for a clear Froslass kid, kokeshi charm, any Froslass flats I don't own, and a Dragonair stamp like this one- not concerned with color:

Image credit goes to google images- let me know if it's yours and you'd like me to take it down.

And some Winona things:
Hoenn Clearfile
Japanese full art
Reverse holo Japanese trainer card
Gym badge card:

I'll also be updating a decently sized sales post (hopefully this weekend!), so look out for that! ;)

Sales and Auctions (Pic Heavy)

Hi comm, long time no posting

I'm bringing you today some sales and augtion. I'm including TONS of new cool items that I didnt put before. Please come, take a look and ask as many questions as you need ^_^


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Thanks for checking ^_^

Pokemon of the Week - Spooky Party Edition! Generation 4!

In celebration of October, Pokemon of the Week has gone full spooky! This whole month we'll be celebrating Dark and Ghost types of pokemon, separated each week into generations. This week we're all about generation 4!

Now lets get spppooookkkyyyy~~~

(These posts are meant to be all about these pokemon, so your post doesn't have to include merchandise! Have one in game? Saw a cute picture online? Post it!)