October 17th, 2015

  • erlanai

Quick introduction :3

Hello there o/

I'm new here, you can call me Eli ~
First of all I apologize for any grammar mistake or anything else, I'm not english native.
I'm quite obsessed about plushies of any kind, and I've got a little Pokemon plushies family that I'm trying to expand :3

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Thanks again for letting me join this community ~

Pokemon - Choroneko - TCG

Raising money for a return trip to Japan!

October of last year, I went on what I figured was a once and a life time trip to Japan. Well, I was wrong for I have been given a chance to return at the beginning of 2016! The only issue, I need money and a lot of it!! In an attempt to raise funds, I have put several auctions up on eBay. Majority of which contain items I brought back with me from my Japan trip last year.

Before I continue, some important info. I have been a member of the pkmncollectors since August of 2007! So, I was technically "grandfathered" in. Here is a link to my community feedback:


Community members are more then welcome to organize group auctions or group buys for my lots. All items come from a smoke free, but pet friendly environment. I have two cats and hard as I may try to remove it, sometimes packages comes with kitty hair. Just think of it as a free gift from Jaden and Jiraiya. I ship from the US and am located in Virgina.

Enough of my rambling, time to show off what is available:

Link to the Team Rocket cel

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There are some other Pokemon and various anime listings not pictured here too. For a complete list off all the eBay auctions I have up, click the link below:


I have more things that I plan to list on eBay in the coming weeks. Thanks...:3

Edit - It has come to my attention that the images in the post are not showing up. I had to manually go into the LJ photostream album and change the security on each photo. The odd thing is, the album itself is set to public. Another LJ fail I suppose? Hopefully, the issue is now resolved.


Introduction post!

Hi, I'm Birdydown or Van, and I just joined this amazing community.
I'm 19, and live in Canada.
I don't collect anything specific currently, but I hope to change that!
I've been a fan of Pokemon for 14 years, with my first game being red.
I didn't really start collecting until getting in contact with my awesome little cousin, who is also a huge fan of Pokemon, and collected the toys.

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Mini TCG Packs!

My local dollar store (Dollar Tree) finally started carrying the mini tcg packs. These are mini packs that contain 3 cards. I believe the XY, Phantom Forces, and Furious Fists expansions also have these, but I haven't seen them. Anyways, I decided to get a whole bunch, first of all because I collect TCG wrappers, and secondly beause I was curious what was in them.

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✿ New Sales - Lowered Prices! & Gets!! ✿

grail.jpg Hello everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG

Today is an exciting day! I got a big box of new items from SMJ in today, and a few other awesome things, so i thought i'd show you all!! :D I still have a ton of stuff sitting at the warehouse waiting to be shipped, but this is about half of what ive bought lately!

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Next up, I did a huge clean up in my sales post! Changed the theme, cleaned up the rules section, and lowered prices on just about everything! I also spent the entire day making this brand new banner! Although i'm pretty disappointed with the coloring job i did, it will do for now! Please please check it out!! Click here or the banner to see!! :D

OH, i am also willing to TRADE FOR ANY ZIGZAGOON/LINOONE ITEM I DON'T HAVE ORRR FOR CUSTOM ART. (plushes, drawings, sculptures, etc show me what you've got!)

I also have a bunch for sale on my Ebay! Click here to see those items!
I'll also be adding a totodile kutakuta MWT to Ebay in a little while! So look out for that! :D

~ Thank you all for looking! <3
hawaiian vaporeon

Sales and Auctions and Wants, oh my!

Hello friends!

Once again, it's been about a year since I posted to pkmncollectors, and I have made a big decision since then.... I am changing what I am collecting! In the past, I've collected Eeveelutions, and I have decided I am going to switch to Pokédolls~ :3 Now, because of this shift, I have some collection weeding to do! Of course, in the future I will be selling more, but right now these are the things I'm able to let go :)

EDIT: Trying to fix pictures now!! Sorry for the inconvenience~! Fixed! Thanks to everyone who brought this to my attention :)

Here is a preview for the auctions and sales:
*sales permission granted by dakajojo on 7/20/11*
*please note the dragonite pokedoll is not for sale, it is for size reference for the lot of kids*

+ more plushies and charms!

Also a lot of 586 kids at a starting price of only $20!!! That's 3.5 cents per kid!

Click HERE or the pictures to go to the Auctions and Sales!

Also, I have a MAJOR want~

The JP Minky Lapras Pokedoll~ and here's the kick, I'd prefer it with it's tush tag only :) Please help me out~ I really want this little guy <3 <3

Thanks so much for looking! I hope everyone has a good night :D <3
Mew Close-Up

New York wedding: gets and Nintendo World photos!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going to my internet friend's wedding in Long Island, NY! I know her through the Pokemon community, of course, and I went with a few members of our online friend group. The wedding was lovely, and as you can imagine, it was a weekend brimming with Pokemon, naturally including a trip to Nintendo World!

First, one of the friends we met up with brought incredibly generous Pokemon gifts for everyone! I honestly started freaking out when I saw what she got me!
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At the very end of the trip we decided to venture through Time Square to reach what else, but Nintendo World! I took some photos, and couldn't resist getting myself a little something!
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Pikachu Golbat plush photo Golbat Pikachu_zpsmyxuna0k.jpg
I wasn't planning on getting anything for myself, but I decided I had to get one of the Halloween keychain plush! It was between Golbat and Mismagius, but I like that Golbat is more recognizable. :3 (I may also be using it as a reference for something, hehe! >3)

Lastly, my sales post is still open, and includes an awesome Pokemon Halloween card - right in tiem for the holidays!

Thanks for reading!


Final Collection Clearout - Pokédolls, Canvas, Zukan, ippapi figures!

Hey guys,

The time has come for the final collection purge, I'm getting rid of 99% of everything. Essentially all I'm keeping is my Dragonite pokédoll (unless I get an INSANE offer on it...)

Below the cut you will find Pokédolls, zukan, canvas plush, ippapi figures and all sorts of other stuff from all kinds of gens.

These are mostly auctions: Finishing at 10pm GMT on Saturday 24th Timer here.

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Please wait until this is crossed out to bid! BID AWAY!
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Custom get and quick sale

Hey guys! I forgot I ordered this little guy awhile back and he arrived today! I can't wait to show him off!!

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Also, I am going to Japan Dec10th-24th. Thank you everyone <3 I can't wait to see the culture, try the food, and pokeshop!

Quick items to sell

Strap is $7
Hand towel is $5
Both brand new in package

Trades Post

Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing well!

So I realized that I'm swamped in Pokemon cards lately and I'd like to get rid of some of them! I've got a few EXs, and lots of reverse holo cards! You can also ask for a specific Pokemon, and I'll see if I have any cards of it!
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Thanks for reading! Next time I'll definitely post a proper gets post or something! I'll see you all next time!

Also to make this post less boring, here's a quick picture of some stuff I got recently!