October 18th, 2015

Introduction Time!

Hello everyone! After recommendation from a friend, and some community lurking, I have finally joined this great looking community. My name is pokefanxeni, but you can call me Xeni. I live in Saitama, Japan and have loved Pokemon my whole life. My collection is still small, but I'm working to build it bigger. I get happy when the Pokemon Centers get new items. I am within a reasonable distance of 2 main Pokemon Centers and one small one (Mega Tokyo, Chiba, and Tokyo Station.) I mainly collect Pikachu, but I also love Jolteon and Sylveon. Who doesn't love at leave one of the eeveeloutions, am I right? I also collect Furret a little bit, but it is hard to find. I was very happy this year when they included Furret in the Pokemon Time promotion!

For now, here are my most recent items. I don't have fancy collection spots just yet like everyone I see here. It's so inspiring! I hope to make lots of friends and become a great memeber of this community. I want to gain Pokemon collecting knowledge and maybe even help others get items from Japan who have no access to them. Nice to meet you all! I hope to have a great relationship!

Sunday Art Corner - October 18th to November 15th

Welcome to the Sunday Art Corner, a monthly post where you can share your creations with the community! Here you are permitted to post anything you have created, plushies, sculpts, cosplay, artwork (traditional and digital), writings, etc. Something creative? Post it here! We understand the want to talk to the community about your artwork so this post is going to remain on the sidebar all month for members to use and chat about.

We do have a few rules we would like you to keep in mind.

Absolutely no advertising of any kind is permitted on this post. You will get one warning and then you will be banned from posting here. We are taking this very seriously. This post is meant for discussion and critique, not to gain sales. Art trades are acceptable.

This includes asking for commissions. Please PM the artist if you are interested in discussion commissions.

Please keep everything Safe for Work. This means any fanfiction needs to be PG or under. We're not here to share your raunchy fanfiction (there are other places for that sort of thing).

Please be respectful of every one posting. We have a wide variety of age groups and talent ranges. If you are here to critique, remember to keep your points valid. "Oh this looks bad" is not a good way to critique and you will be warned and banned from posting for things like this.

If you are looking for critique, please add "Open for Critique" somewhere in your post. Some just wish to show off their artwork while others want feedback on how or what to improve. If someone does not specify then please do not critique.

As always we are trying our best to improve this, if you have any suggestions, questions or concerns please feel free to contact the moderators via Report a Problem

Please keep images 750x750 and under. Since this post is going to be very long and large, try and keep images small for those with bandwidth caps or mobile users! Any posts with extremely large pictures will be deleted until those pictures are resized.

In this post only, any type of art is accepted, not just Pokemon related. We're currently testing the ratio of pokemon to non-pokemon art posted and will change the rules depending on this ratio.

New Pokemon plushies by Sanei this December!

Hi everyone! I was browsing some japanese toy sites this morning and found something so cool! Sanei, the company that does mainly Nintendo character plush, is doing Pokemon plushies in December! So far on hobbylink japan for instance I've seen Jigglypuff, Poliwag and Oddish to name a few. I own some of the plush they've done and they will be very well made and soft in my opinion. These will likely come out to the US next year by import or by the company Little Buddy, who licenses the Sanei's plush line for the States.

Looking for Totodile Merch!

Hey guys, I'm feeling like my totodile collection is too low! Especially after looking at some other members collections of their favorite pokemon I'm lacking totodile in some categories.

I usually collect plushies and have most of them, but I'm thinking I'm going to expand into figures, cards, charms and ect.

So if anyone has totodile merch they are selling that is centric to totodile or his evolutionary line, post it here so I can see it and possibly purchase it!

I'm looking for a range of 1-100 dollars total.
  • pogaf

Mega Swampert & Mega Blaziken TCG Goodies!

Hey guys! I've got some goodies from the Mega Swampert & Mega Blaziken Premium Collection box sets - I think my Target put them out too early :X These are supposed to be released on November 18th.

Mega-Swampert-EX-and-Mega-Blaziken-EX-Premium-Collection.jpg <--- These!
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First off, I have the extra boosters - my RS set is complete and the others I'm good on. ;)

8 Booster Packs (Unweighed/Unsearched) - $30 shipped in the US
Roaring Skies x4, Primal Clash x2, Ancient Origins x2

And the rest of the goods! Playmats, Jumbo cards, and TCGO Codes, Oh My!
image2.JPG image3.JPG image5.JPG
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Thanks for looking!
  • psy_man

Looking for pokemon tfg series 2 groundbreakers cards.

Hello all, it really has been a long time. I have a question for all the pokemon tfg collectors out there. I recently came in contact with a fellow collector who is very interested in collecting the cards that came with the figures. I had most but coincidentally the two I was missing were the exact two that he was as well. So a question arose: were they ever actually released? The two in question are 1/8 and 2/8 from the groundbreakers set. My friend is offering a pretty substantial cash reward but I'm just hoping to put him on contact with anyone who can help. The groundbreakers cards only came in the officially released starter packs that came out just before the line was canceled. Anyways I appreciate any help and thank you all for your time.

October Perler Sprite Sales

Hi guys :) I haven't been very active here recently, due to being busy with college applications and all of that fun stuff. Here's a link to my perler sprite sales! I don't have time for much random internet browsing right now, but I'll always have time for my lovely customers. If you're interested in a quote, I'd be happy to provide one too ^w^



Listing start at just one dollar! Here's a link to a personality sprite game :)

Sales permission granted in Feb 2013 by entirelycliched
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/latias_latios_7/

Also, does anyone else have the feeling that they now have everything they could possibly want merch wise? I feel as though I've completed all my childhood goals. I even have a lifesized Bayleef now, and that was one I didn't think I could ever achieve lol. What do you buy when you don't actually want more stuff?