October 20th, 2015


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Hi people, how are you?

Just to let you know i have this beautiful Ninetales Zukan line for sale.

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It's in excellent condition (Near Mint) and it comes with minibook (i can send it with its original capsule too if wanted).

I got recently a Raticate line for sale too, i'll be updating it in my sales post as soon as i can

You can check my sales info (prices, sales permission, feedback and sales policies) in my sales post. Or send me an inbox to get more information


Best Regards

I got a new pillow!

I am very excited to do my first brag post! I recently went to the Pokemon Center and picked this cushion up! I love Pikachu in the farm set! I have post both sides to show how nice it looks. I think my favorite side is the white side, but the red is nice too. It looks very nice on my bed. Do any of you also have this pillow or more Pikachu in the farm items? I think I will go back and get more because they had many other items in the set too.

Thank you!

applause collection updatooo

it's been a while since i've posted anything other than sales haha. i finally had some time to arrange my shelf and since i want to display my owl collection in a glass cabinet that i still need to pick up from Ikea, i decided that i should put my applauses on this shelf !

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there are also some stuff in my last sales post that i'd like to sell, so please give it a look !

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if the image link doesn't work... CLICK MEEEEEE

Pikachu Build-A-Bear Coming in 2016

It's been announced that Build-A-Bear Workshop is partnering with Pokemon and will create a Pikachu Build-A-Bear with custom accessories like a Charizard costume, a PokeBall Hoodie, and a sound chip to make Pikachu talk when you hug it or press something. I wonder if this is a sign that more Pokemon will get the Build-A-Bear Treatment; if so, that would be really cool. :D


(No Pics have been released yet)

Amarok's super mixed leftovers sales!

I've had this stuff sitting around forever, and I'm starting a new job soon that won't leave me much time to go to the post office, so I'm taking it as a sign to finally get this stuff out the door before then!

Also, I'm currently looking for the Genesect kuji figure (the small/chibi one, not the big one) if anyone has it for sale. Thank yooouu!

Photobucket DOUBLE ALSO, I still have a bunch of tretta up for sale here(http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/20196372.html) which you are welcome to combine with anything from this sales post!Photobucket

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wants: little tales! + pins

Hi everyone! If anyone's selling these things for a reasonable/cheap price please let me know!

- Little Tales Promo
- Pins

Please keep in mind that I will consider your sales but it's not definite that I'm buying unless I say that I'm committed. Also, I would prefer sellers in Asia as the shipping fees are cheaper + the currency rates are more favourable, but I'm open to sellers from anywhere!
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And that's all!~

Random poll to make things less boring..

Should the Pokemon Center have Little Tales Part. 3?!?!?!?

No because I don't have enough funds... :(
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Pokedoll Poll 2015!

Hello Pokedoll collectors! I did this poll last year and the year before, and I always have an abundance of responses, so I figured why not go another year. Plus there is always new collectors out there and new questions to be asked! Let's do this! (The banner would be better if my new laptop had Photoshop on it >.>)

Total Pokedolls:
Favorite Pokedoll:
Least favorite Pokedoll:
Picky about hang tags?:
Picky about tush tags?
Rarest in your collection:
Best deal you got on a Pokedoll:
Most you payed for a Pokedoll:
Ever sold a Pokedoll you regret selling?:
Any loved condition Pokedolls?
Any mini or DX Pokedolls?
Do you prefer velboa or minky?
Favorite tag release (red banner, blue/red star, square, or new weird shape):
Most wanted Pokedoll that'd you'd trade your soul for:
Have more than one of the same Pokedoll?
First Pokedoll:
Any Pokedoll merch?:
Do you prefer Japanese or American Pokedolls?:
Own any European Pokedolls?
Any paper tush tag Pokedolls?
Ever bought one yourself at Pokemon Center/Nintendo World/Epcot/kiosk?:
Ever found one at a yard sale/flea market/thrift?
Own a PlushPlush?
Which Pokemon isn't a Pokedoll you wish was?
Any custom Pokedolls? By who?
Favorite official Pokedoll art:
How do you display your Pokedolls?
How do you organize your Pokedolls? (by color, gen, type, etc.)
Are your Pokedolls display only, or will you cuddle them?
Ever brought a Pokedoll with you on your travels? Where?
Ever lost a Pokedoll some how?
Ever recieved a Pokedoll as a gift?
Ever given a Pokedoll as a gift?
Ever bought a Pokedoll for Yahoo! Japan Auctions?
Have a website for your Pokedolls?
Own a secret base Pokedoll?
Get a Pokedoll from Wal-Mart from their brief appearance there?

Post a picture!

Pumpkin Charm Commissions/Sale

I don't even remember the last time I posted to the community, but today is the day! I've been around, but not that active ;P

I have 5 pre-made pumpkin charms for sale today, as well as a few slots open for custom pumpkin pokemon charms.
I really want to get enough to buy one of those pumpkin plush before they go out for the season!

Granted sales permission on 03/02/11 by Dakajojo

Feedback: NEW OLD

Collapse )If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to voice them!

I am going to bed for the night, I will reply in the morning!

New Team Aqua & Magma Merch and a Sales Post

I'M SO EXCITED! There's some new Team Aqua and Magma merchandise on pokemoncenter.com! There are glasses, belt buckles, and socks. :) Frankly, I'm a little disappointed that the Team Magma logo doesn't show very well on the socks, but the glasses are beautiful. <3

Here's a couple snips I took (click for bigger):
magma merch 2.JPG
magma merch.JPG

ALSO! I fiiiinally got my act together and made a sales post! It's still lacking my cards, but I'll get around to selling those off some other time. Mostly lamincards and some assorted stuff I need to get rid of. :)

Click here to go!

Xerneas Figure Question

Hi! This is just a quick post about a recent Xerneas figure that I purchased. I'm not sure what kind of figure it is (I believe the seller said it was a lottery figure). Well anyways there was some assembly required. For the most part it was more or less straight forward however there is a piece that I can't figure out were it goes and the instructions are in Japanese so they aren't too much help at this point.

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Salamence collection update

Hi guys! Last weekend I received a huge lot of new Salamence items! :D And I got a glass cabinet. Now my dragon collection has more space and is not so crammed anymore XD And even better, no more dust on the goodies in the cabinet :)
Also tagging absol since you wanted to see some pictures ^^
Click the cut if you want to see my beloved Bagon/Shelgon/Salamence collection. :D Warning: Picutre-heavy!
It features 144 different items now o.O

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