October 23rd, 2015

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eBay Sales || Questions

Hey guys,

I've added several items up on eBay such as those in the picture below, but with more as well. These include items I have sold here in the past, but also items that I'm selling for the first time.
I am adding more items gradually so if you follow me, you'll be one of the first to know of my newest listings :D I'll be putting up a few lots over the next few days.

Sales permission - entirelycliched - April 2013
Feedback link: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/chain/

Please click the image below to see my listings.

So my first question is about toploaders. Which size is best to use for Pokedoll tags (both the red pennant shape and the star shapes) and where would be the cheapest place to buy them from? I would prefer to buy these domestically in Australia, but if they don't have those sizes here, then I'll get them overseas.

My other questions are just for fun really:

  1. What was your first piece of merchandise when you started collecting?

  2. Did you decide later on to change the focus of your collection? If so, why?

  3. If your city was about to face a major disaster (earthquake, tsunami, etc), how would you try to save your collection? If you could only save one piece of merch, which would it be?

  4. Which was your favourite year of collecting?

  5. Have you completed your collection? Or any subset of your collection?

  6. Do you have any side collections?

  7. Did you learn anything important during your time collecting?

  8. Was there anyone that inspired you to collect the things that you collect?

  9. Do you collect anything else besides Pokemon merch?

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Hope you enjoy!

Any Guides on Tags out there?

I'm completely new to this plush collecting thing, I'm not too familiar with the brands/campaigns/series/lines and all that yet. I understand the general rules of how to avoid bootlegs, but I was just wondering if there's a guide to tush tags and hang tags out there.

Like a master list of what tags should be on what plush, and what their tush tag should say/be located. Tags that should be on reruns, or originals like really old plushies. Basically just anything to help identify if something is real or just a really convincing fake/bootleg.

(Here's a random picture of a Flareon I drew like 2 years ago to keep this post from looking boring)
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Tracking down these ORAS face cushions!

Hi PokeCollect family! I have another puzzler (or so it seems) for me.

I saw these cute ORAS starter face cushions a while back on Tumblr and I would absolutely love to have a Mudkip one. Y!J doesn't seem to have any, however, and Rakuten/Amazon.co.jp turned up little, either.

Does anyone in the comm have one of these? I can't find a whole lot of information on them. I'm assuming they're Banpresto crane game prizes and that's why they're a little harder to find than the PokeCen stuff.
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saaaaleeees c:

Hey everyone,
It's been a while since I posted my last sales. I re-took pictures and added some stuff + lowered some prices ^-^
Also I'm selling a salamence pokedoll over on my ebay for $350. The reason why it's such a high price is because of ebay fees. So I am willing to sell it here cheaper for $290 free priority shipping (within U.S). Not much lower but i'm really attached to this guy and college fees are ridiculous. :c

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what is it, umbreon pokedoll day??

hi guys!! soo i got my dear authentic umbreon just now!!!! hes super round and cuddly!!!! definitely worth 14 dollars! i guess he also counts as an early birthday present from my mom!
andd also my friend showed me pictures of his umbreon pokedoll which is SUPPOSEDLY authentic... he said someone got it for him from the pokemon center (he didnt say if it was the one in the usa or one in japan) and the tags are. really REALLY throwing me off so i thought id ask everyones onion here!!
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Looking for Dittochus

Hi peeps, i'am on the lookout for the following Dittochu Items, i know some of them are on Ebay right now, but i'am really hoping to find them for a more reasonable price, if someone has any of them to sell or knows about someone who sells them, i would really appreciate your help. thanks in advance and stay tuned^^.

Auctions - Final Reminder!

Final reminder on my auctions, as they end in just over 24hrs, after this everything goes up on ebay in big lots. Everything is listed for SUPER cheap starting prices, the lowest I am willing to accept, to grab some bargains. A tonne of stuff doesn't even have start bids yet including Blastoise, Charizard, Venusaur, Suicune & Entei Pokédolls! With no bids, crazy town!

Head here for tonnes of super cheap plush, Pokédolls, Canvas, Figures & Zukan!