October 24th, 2015

i want YOUR help! also looking for a hang tag!

hey all! it might be a bit too early for me to post again but! i am working on a big bootleg spotting project! there will be 3 guides! one for plush, one for figures, and one for cards!
for now, i need people who are experienced in plush OTHER than pokemon center! if you know how to spot fake banpresto, tomy, etc plush, hmu! i want this to be BIG and have more than just pokedolls!

i especially need help identifying fake tags for brands like banpresto and tomy.

if you'd like to help out, lemme know! if you arent good with plush, but know about fake figures and/or cards, ill be sure to let you know when i need help!

another thing is i'm wondering if by any chance, someone has a 2007 umbreon pokedoll hang tag theyd be willing to part with? i'm not one to care for hang tags, but it feels weird that my bootleg umbreon pokedoll has a hang tag, and my authentic one doesnt!! this is a little of a strange request, but if you would let yours go, please hmu!

ok, with this i'll be out of everyones hair for a while, until my birthday most likely!! see you all soon! <3

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game dot gets

I got something in the mail today so I'd thought I should share!
It's my latest gets from the pokemon center; I have a thing for pixels, so the game dot series is totally my style.

Taking this moment to thank the fact that I have a friend studying in Japan to snatch all these for me *o*
Share with me some of your merchandises from the game dot series~
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How do you display your flats?

So recently I've realized that my collection is more flats than anything and they're starting to over take everything! I want them displayed and I also want them visible. So my question is how does everyone else display their flats?

Right now my Lopunny/buneary flats are tapped/laying flat on the shelf but I have so many that they are overlapying eachother (not to mention I have a custom Lopunny painting that feels miles away from the shelf/collection). I also have a bunch of other flats that are in storage right now because I don't know what to do with them. ;a;

Somewhat New here First collection post! :3

Hello all and Happy howwloween!!! Heres a few of my holloween plushies for a group shot just for you guys! So I go by Rizzy, been a fan of pokemon since it came out and have played all the games but my secret addiction? My plushiiieeessss <3 Sableye and Bulbasaur are two top favorites of mine but really like any good pokemon nerd I have too many favorites to count on NY fingers and my toes XD Anyway nice to meet chu guys ~ Check out 1/3 of my plush collectioncollection:
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Super Huge Sales Post! Everything is 10% off!!

Hey, gang! I'm comin' back with an enormous sales post! This one is special because EVERYTHING IS 10% OFF (before shipping and fees. The giant lottery Eevee plush is excluded from this deal).
So to be clear: the prices you see are the normal prices. You then take 10% off of your total, then add shipping and paypal fees. This deal is only valid until Thursday, November 19th, 2015 at 11:59:59 PM CST.
Here is a small preview:

2015-09-20 17.29.32-1.jpg2015-09-20 17.36.02-3.jpg

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TCG sales!

Hi all! I recently made the decision to stop collecting the TCG as a whole and instead focus on specific Pokemon and characters I love best. As a result (and also to help pay for recent car repairs), I have a LOT of cards to sell and have opened up a separate page for them. This is the first batch of a little over 100 TCG cards from everything from the original base set to the most recent, Ancient Origins. Shipping is as low as $1 for a couple of cards and won't go higher than $3 for multiple cards. Thank you guys! I'll be adding more as some of these start selling! Please click the banner to be transported!

✿ Wants & Updated Sales!! ✿

grail.jpg Hello everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG

I've got some amazing new items that i am itching to show you, BUT i know Monday another big SMJ box is coming in, so i'll wait! ;u;

For now i just really want to post these things i've been looking for in the hopes that someone may have them! <3
Some of these items are ones im sure you've seen me posting about before, but there are a few here (and in my wish list page) that i myself discovered through endless hours of searching different terms in google images, and rummaging through VERY old posts. I'm really proud to have discovered so many new items to look for that i didn't even know existed until now! I know i have some competition now, but since i did all the work to find the photos in the first place, i really hope i can find the items as well!
Please let me know if you have these for sale, or any information about the items pictured! All i have really is pictures and not very much information.
(Example: You value a clear file i want at $10, i will trade you $20 worth of items from my sales.)

2003 Pokemon Center Promotion Clearfile, Stickers, anything featuring this promotion is in interest to me!

Korean Cards? Idk what these are. I found this photo while lurking some really really old Japanese blog entries.

Zigzagoon Minibee
Zigzagoon Clear Attacking Kid Figure >>>Grail<<<
Zigzagoon AND LINOONE AG retsuden stamp >>>Grails<<<
Mood Color Changing Zigzagoon Coin

<3 More from my Wish List can be found here!! <3

Next i'd just like to let everyone know that i updated my sales post with some new and rare items!! Please check it out! Click here or the banner to go!

^^^ Preview ^^^

That's about it today! My 2 year anniversary here is in about month so ill be getting ready to do a nice re-intro/collection update! :D

~ Thank you all for looking! <3

New gets from the last couple weeks!

 Greetings pokefriends! :D

I have been busy with my new job, but I have found the time before work tonight (I'm covering a ghost tour shift!) to share some new lovelies. <3

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Thats it from me today! :D Thank you for reading!

As a last bit of business, I believe I have followed all the pkmncollector folks who have instagrams, but if I missed you please let me know! :3
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Halloween Snacks! And Close Ups of the Mystery Mansion Bag

For those interested in the snacks, these are available in bulk packs on Japan's Amazon.
Keep in mind you're going to get 6 HUGE bags of these things but it's the only ones I can find.

I finally got the remainder of my HELL-oween stuff (this Halloween really was hell lol) and it came with a pack of Halloween snacks! Some people might have seen these around and they come with Pokemon printed on the snacks. There's apparently 42? different ones. I opened up a few packs and took pictures.
There's close ups of the Mystery Mansion bag mainly so people can see how much you can fit in there and some other spoopy stuff I haven't seen posted yet.

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Candy and flats sales! and -50% on old items :>

Hello everyone!

I'm back with some sales! There's a lot NEW ITEMS and few older ones which are -50% and more off :)
I haven't photographed all flats that I have so if you can't find your Pokemon below JUST ASK ! ^o^
New things that I got for you are candy wrappers and flats. Here's a little preview:

This post is PARTLY CTRL+F friendly so please look through the photos to find your favourite Pokemon.
PLEASE TAKE A NOTE: I didn't took pics of all book pages I have so if you can't find your Pokemon just NAME IT, I probably have it and I'll take pics for you.
Candy wrappers includes candy itself so if you want to get only wrapper - let me know!
Book pages has been carefully cut by me, they're not torn.

When asking for a quote/committing for book pages please ask like this:
If you could also include the price of the item/items that would be really helpful!

If you'll have any questions feel free to ask!

Here're few tags:
chaos_21 - Sylveons flats
absol - Absol flats
m14mouse - I think you may find something interesting here ^o^
diamondphantom - for Raichus and others :)
okgod - Dunsparce flats
captainangel - bats flats ^o^
zigguppafu - there's only one Ziggy/Linoone flat ;_;
flaaffy - flaaffy flats
hawlucha - I remember that you were looking for that Hawlucha candy wrapper, I'm not sure if you already got it or not,
there's also another wrapper featuring Hawlucha here and some flats (including poster) :)

Now let's move to the rules, and finally - SALES! ^o^

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Thanks for looking! ^o^
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a few gets! + trades reminder!

Good evening!! I've gotten a few REALLY cute gets over the past few days and just couldn't wait until the end of the month to share!


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Now that that's out of the way, I decided to open up a few more spots on my art trades lists, so if anyone wants to take a look and see if they wanna trade with me, go ahead and click the banner below!

I also have plenty of merch and the like up for trade still, too!

Last but not least, I made a twitter a while back for all my Pokemon art and collection related shenanigans, and I'd love to follow some more people from the comm! I'm bearprinces on there. <3

I'm excited for the rest of the month!! I hope everyone else is too! :^D

Quick Sale - Rachel Screwed Up lol

Hi guys xD I accidentally made a Squirtle commission face the opposite direction that the customer wanted. You can buy him for ten plus shipping OBO, either here or in my store (link below) lol


Also just an fyi, my shipping schedule has been slightly delayed due to weather (it's raining nonstop here and I bike to the post office, sooo). Everything that was supposed to be shipped last week will be going out this week instead. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on Feb 19, 2013
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/latias_latios_7/