October 25th, 2015

Latest Gets!

Hi Guys,

I'm here again posting my latest gets and new addition to my tomy moncolle collection. Please meet my the three Deoxys form.

Newt, Thomas and Minho....lol

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Now, I'm looking for the last pose of Deoxys which is the attack form. If you are keeping one and you want to sell it, just place a comment


Shiny Noctowl Pin Auction

Hey everyone, I had posted some Johto pins to my sales, which included a picture of a shiny noctowl that at the time was not for sale yet. Well, now he's up for auction! This will be a quick two-day thing, so if you're interested, get your bids in now (or BIN!)

I also updated my sales with a Poochyena hasbro plush. If you're interested, click here or below!

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To finish off, here are some things I'm looking for right now. I have more money than usual right now due to working so much, woo!

HIGH WANTS: Clear Weavile Kids!! I-I know they're out there somewhere ;_;
Please let me know if you're selling any of this stuff!
Sources: Soital, Absol-Love, Lucklessprince
Bulbasaur's pumpkaboo

Gets and first sales post! (Yay!)

Hi everyone! It's been a while! I always hear about y'all not posting frequently because of being busy... Now I can relate! ;D

Anyways! After a ton of trades and a few purchases, here are just some of the items that I got! (There were so many more, but these are the highlights!)
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I also got sales permission!! So, to start off small I'd like to auction/straight sell a few items!

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No bidding till this is crossed out please! Okay! Good to go :)

I hope everyone is having a great day!! :))

Art Sale- Cleaning Out My Portfolio, and Slots!!!

Hey everybody!

So, I'm getting rather sad looking at all the drawings and things I've done over the past few years sitting in a stack on my desk. I've decided that many would be better off in other homes where they could be displayed and appreciated. So, without further ado, away we go!

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Thanks for looking! Stay tuned, I have a big update planned within the next few weeks!!! :D
Good night everyone!


Pokemon Time strap auctions!

Going to start auctioning off my Pokemon Time straps! Decided to focus my Pokemon collecting down to plush, zukan (they haven't made any new ones recently though...), and cards+random human merch (need more Pokemon Mate plz ;A;) so these have to go...

This time I'm auctioning off the following MIP straps: Treecko, Gulpin, Milotic, Totodile, Heracross, Sneasel, Teddiursa, Dragonair, Charizard, Minun, Plusle, Zangoose, Shedinja, Scizor, Eevee, Espeon, Umbreon! Yep, Heracross! I really struggled about whether or not to sell this guy but ahhh gotta make more room (and money) for other stuff. :/

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Auctions will end at 10AM PST on Sunday, November 1. Countdown timer here.

Please bid in increments of $1. Other Pkmncollectors auction rules apply including automatic extension. Please do not delete bids! Happy bidding!
  • elekid

New Username + Lots of gets!

Hi! As of earlier today my username was Toxicmouth, but I changed my username and it's now Elekid! Over time I have realized not only how much I love Johto pokemon in general, but how much I really love Elekid.

I've gotten lots of cool additions to my collection from trades with people on here, as well as some great ebay snags! Take a look under the cut!

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Here's a little overview of the main chunk of my collection before I go. You can still see better close-up pictures here: http://www.thecartoonkid.deviantart.com/

Thanks for looking, everyone!
Suicune Jump

Much Busy... Such Packing - Month+ of Gets

I'm still alive! I've been meaning to post for a while now, but I've been waiting on that one AWESOME get to post... and it finally arrived!! Well, it arrived several days ago but I've been so busy with internet issues and packing for my move, but who cares about that. What's the awesome get?!

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To keep things short and simple, here's everything else I've gotten in the mean time.
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While packing I found my missing TCG folders that I knew I had!
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With pretty much all the Pokemon stuff I've been waiting on arriving, it's time to pack away my collection for my move.

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Lastly, I spruced up my collection page a bit. I hid the pages that weren't finished yet so it's not a huge mess. I worked on making it look a little nicer, and added links to some of the other collection sites I've seen on here. If you'd like to add me back, which by no means do you have to, I finally made a quicky banner. If you're not mentioned on mine and want me to toss you on, you can reply here with your banner or send me a PM! I might not be able to add you right away as I'm busy (moving), but will get to it eventually. =3

And that's it! My next update will most likely be from my new home!!! =3
Swee and Chika

Quick Sale! Lifesize Goomy!

I recently purchased the 1:1 Goomy from pokemoncenter.com but I am looking to sell it for what I paid, $42.99 + shipping and fees. Its brand new, still has tag and everything. I am willing to ship internationally to a member who doesnt have access to pokemoncenter.com.
My sales permisson is here.
I can ship out tomorrow if you buy Goomy tonight or before 1:30pm EST tomorrow.