October 30th, 2015


Surprise Dragonite, Dragonair, and Mew Plushies!

Good morning/afternoon everyone! :) Christmas and Kuttari orders have been secured (except for two small items that were unavailable, I am letting those people know so you can get them elsewhere!) But we got some surprise plush releases, too! Dragonite, Dragonair, and Mew! :D I'll be accepting claims on them so let me know if anyone wants. I'm hoping to place the order by the end of the weekend, so please let me know quickly if you'd like one. You can certainly combine these with any existing November claims.

All of my standard claims rules apply, permission was granted in 2009 by lineaalba and my feedback is here.

Dragonite: $30

Dragonair: $30

Mew: $18

Also, we have some new photos of the blanket, and foot warmers! They are a lot cuter than I expected. :) Since I'm placing another order for the new plushies above, I can still take claims for these if anyone has changed their mind after seeing them and wants them!

Half of the butt parade Hip!Pop! Parade orders have shipped, and the other half will go out this weekend! :) If you have any questions, please let me know! <3

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Need these cards!

Need some cards for a deck my partner is building, most of them are from ancient origins and other recent sets! Would rather buy them all at once from one person but if you're selling just Giratina EX for a good price I'll probably take it!

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Weekly wants!

Hello everybody! :)

Have a nice weekend, if your weekend has started already! I still have to work tomorrow, so my weekend starts Saturday evening :(

Well, last time I posted a hugh wantlist, and it didn't work out that well xD
So, i was thinking it might be better to only ask a few things per time :3 For now I have here my biggest wants, and I hope you can help me out!

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You would make me so happy with any of these, I have been looking for them such a long time!
I have tried all kind of websites, but it doesn't work out that well on Japanese websites like Y!J and Buyee.
So for now I search at Amazon, Ebay and some Dutch websites...

Thanks so much already !! :D Hope you have a very nice weekend guys!

Pokemon Snorlax Pracoro Dice Game

Hello! I was wondering if anyone had any snorlax pracoro dice for sale? Or if anyone knew someone willing to sell maybe the game they have in box?

The only hits I've been able to find were this really sketchy, & probably fake, ebay seller HERE (but IDK maybe yall can see more than I can. Just most of the reviews seem like someone just copy & pasted the same thing from different accounts)
& then THIS amazon seller. but it still seems pretty sketchy

If the person selling the game/dice in box is too high for me I'm more than willing to just buy the dice!
hawaiian vaporeon

I still can't believe it....my biggest grail gets

Hello my fellow community members! I come to you today to display my best week for mail ever...two grails that I have wanted for YEARS, arriving in the same week. I still can't believe it. This post is going to have some very long stories, as well as photos of my collection and newly acquired friends, so just a warning, it's going to be text and image heavy under the cut.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the two plushies that I never thought in a million years I would even actually own.....

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Now! Let's do something I haven't done in forever get on to a collection update! ^_^

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Edit: Honestly guys, you are all amazing. These comments are making me cry of joy...you guys are so supportive and so kind and I just wanted to say thank you :,) <3 Wish I could hug all you guys right now <3

Thank you guys so much for reading and I hope everyone has an amazing and fun filled weekend! :D Happy Halloween!!
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Just a sales reminder + question about shipping + tiny wants

Hello guys!

I just wanted to post a quick reminder for my flats sales (fyi - Sylveon candy is still available and I do accept haggling :>)

Click on pics or here to be transported > http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/20251848.html
If you're looking for Pokemon that isn't featured there just write a comment and I'll check if I can find something for you. I have a lot more stuff that isn't pictured (including Japanese tcg, kids figures etc) so if you're looking for certain Pokemon's merch - let me know ^o^
Within about a month I'll have a lot of new flats so if you want me to tag you in the future post just let me know in comment and I'll put you down on my list. Just let me know for which Pokemon you're looking.
And here's my question:
Anyone has ever used surface shipping method from Japan? -_- My friend sent me some plushies and other pkmn stuff over two months ago and tracking hasn't been updated yet and I'm getting kinda worried, I'm usually super patient person but that's just too much even for me XD It's package from Japan to Europe so if anyone from Europe ever used this method - please let me know :)

I want to post collection update but I really want this package to arrive first >.< I hope it'll be within about a month or so, ehhh.
I'm looking for Snivy pokedoll, I prefer the one with a tag. Shipping would be either to Poland or to US (middleman), I'm looking to spend about $15-$20 but if you have one then let me know what's your price so we can discuss :)

I'm also looking for Tepig pokedoll but I can get one from eBay for about $15 shipped so I doubt anyone is willing to sell theirs for that price? Let me know :D

I already have Oshawott pokedoll so I wanted to complete the trio ^-^

I might also be interested in Cubchoo and Vanillite  pokedolls (jpn version)

(images from Pokevault.com)

Thanks for looking guys, have a great weekend!
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card auctions!

hey guys,
I'm selling some cards for super cheap over at ebay... some are auction style, while others are best offer.  :)
Some of the cards include Southern Island Mew, multiple Flygons, Battle Carnival Mew Japanese AND English (super rare and htf!), Absol, Kabutops, booster packs, and a whole bunch more!
granted permission by entirelycliched on January 18, 2014.
Thank you!

TCG trade post! (old tcg sets)

Hello everyone! ^_^ I reorganized my tcg collection a couple of times in the past - and now I finally decided how to organize them!! Now I sort my cards by the series, but collect not all, just the ones I like most or which I´m attached to: From Base, Jungle, Fossil, Team Rocket, Neo Genesis to Neo Discovery - and maybe a bit Neo Destiny and Revelation. I also collect Southern Islands (not sure if I wanna complete them or not, have already 9 of them) and I have some Gym-cards, because I love this series, and a few vending cards.

Now I´m missing some cards from all the old series and I´m hoping you guys can help me out!
I would really love to trade instead of buying. Under the cut you see some good cards I have for trade!
My location is germany, hope it´s no problem for you! I do ship worldwide.

My TCG wants:
- Base: Zapdos, Venusaur
- Team Rocket: Dark Raichu, Dark Dragonite, Eevee, Dark Flareon, Dark Ratticate, Porygon
- Jungle: Jolteon, Pikachu
- Fossil: Moltres, Zapdos
- Neo Genesis: Lugia, Bellossom
- Neo Discovery: Metapod, unholo Lugia&Ho-Oh
- Gym: Erikas Bulbasaur, Lt. Surges Pikachu & Raichu (the fighting pose ones)
- Intro Pack/Bulbasaur Pack: Raichu sitting on a chair
- Vending cards: Raichu

Hope I haven´t forgotten any card. Maybe I´m interested in more, but these are all right now. ^-^

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Thanks for reading everyone and have a great weekend! <3
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Too good to be true? Low priced Mew?

Hello Collectors! I apologise if this isn't the place to post this, but I recently found a Mew Pokedoll (2005 version) on eBay for 24.99, which is a really good price from what I've seen. It looked legitimate, too, but there are a few things that ring red flags.

1. The seller said that they recently went to Japan this year, and brought back tons of Pokemon merch to sell. I'm assuming they could have picked Mew up secondhand, but a lot of their other stuff looks recent, so I'm guessing they went to the Pokemon Center?

2. I compared the Doll to two others which I am sure are legitimate, as they are very high priced and look legitimate. All three look a little different from each other (all are still from 2005) but the two which I am sure are real have bigger eyes than the cheaper one.

3. The cheap one's Tush Tag has the (c) 2005 Pokémon/Nintendo part printed, but it is printed as "(c)2005 Pokémon/Nintendo/
Creatures/GAME FREAK.", while the other, expensive one has it printed as "(c)2005 Pokémon/Nintendo.
TM and (R) Nintendo."

Help? I have been wanting a Mew Pokedoll for a long time but I either never find one or never find one for a good price. Here's some pictures I saved:

And here's the Legit (High priced) ones for comparison:

And the other:

by pikabulbachu

Red or Not red: that is the question!

Hello everyone and Happy Halloween :)

Today I've finally received my exclusive items from the Pokémon Center Hiroshima (yeah, 4 months later haha)

Check my website for more pictures, especially the cards and bags

Since the release of the plushies, I've wanted to make a comparison between the Red Gyarados cosplay and the 2009 Red Gyarados.
Because like many of you I was surprised by the cosplay color, a bit faded. It seems they chose this color to keep the same scheme/contrast color as the Regular Gyarados cosplay.
Anyway, I thus decided to make a funny photo shoot ^^

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Thank you for reading :3