November 6th, 2015


Christmas is here "Very early version"

Hey everyone,

Got my package from Pokevault today. I'm soo excited to share what I got this time. As always it's image heavy. X3

If there's any photos you want to see up close, please let me know. ^^


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Thanks again for looking, I hope the next update will be when I get a commission plush all finished. Can't wait to see the final result. ^^
Om Nom
  • riolu

Some Summer/Fall Gets

Finally got everything together for a gets post. I've gotten in quite a few things in the past few months and have managed to make a very very small dent in my wishlist. I planned to post this in July but that didn't work out. xD

Lots of pictures below the cut! Images have been scaled down so that the largest side is 800pixels. And this time you get a preview (I forgot to add one in my last post, oops!).

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And now for a reveal. I've been debating starting a collection of this guy for a minute and well.......I decided to go ahead and add him! I don't have too much of him so I'm looking to buy some of his merchandise. Open the spoiler to reveal who it is. :3

[Mystery Pokemon + Sales & Grails]

Mega Sableye! I kinda fell in love with this little guy after using him on my team for a minute and since I'm already collecting Mega Mawile I figured it would be neat to have them as opposite collections. I'm looking to buy some of his stuff. Not really too interested in cameo merch at the moment.

Regular sales are up to date and prices have been slashed. I have added a clearfile and the empty snack packs. I still have many Karuta cards left as well. This will be the last chance to get anything from my sales individually. After about a week I'll close both posts and start listing lots on eBay.
Important!: My main sales post no longer includes shipping in the prices!
Sales BannerKaruta Card Banner

Looking for this Pokemon Center bag with Riolu! Also looking for the gunmetal Riolu metal figure and this Mega Lucario shirt. I will pay well for them!
PokeCen Bag Front
As always if you have anything on my wishlist or something I don't have give me a shout. Or if you want to affiliate let me know.
  • ku_bek Group Buy ^o^

Hello everyone!

Sadly my Pancham pokedoll has been lost in the mail (;___;) and I couldn't find another one so I decided to buy American one from along with some other plushies.

There're new plush available!

I thought that maybe people from Europe would be interested in getting some things from this store? I won't charge any fees for that (except for PP fees sadly  -_-)

Please check the cut below to see how it'll work. The more people will be interested the lower shipping cost from US to me would be ^-^

THIS THREAD WILL BE OPEN FOR ORDERS FOR 4 DAYS (from 6th November to 10th November).


Also here's info for people who took part in my charms group buy:
Both charms sets has been purchased! As you can see on the screenshot below Christmas charms has been shipped out already!


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Hope that sounds clear, if you have any questions feel free to ask!
Thanks for looking, I hope there'll be at least few people interested! ^o^
  • chaobu

Sales ahoy!

Hi all!  I finally have some free time, so it's time for my first sales post!

-I was granted sales permission on Oct. 20th, 2015 by arecia96.
-My feedback is located here
-All pkmncollectors rules apply.
-Prices are in USD and do not include shipping/fees
-Paypal only
-Payment is due within 24 hrs, unless prior arrangements have been made
-I am willing to do holds, but they will be treated as a commitment!

-Haggling is allowed. However, I reserve the right to reject offers or give counter offers.
-I am no longer responsible for items after they leave my hands. I can provide proof of shipment if needed.
-All items come from a non-smoking, pet-free home!
-I ship from Missouri, USA.  Currently, I am only shipping within the US

Shipping! If you make a purchase and get your payment to me by 11am tomorrow (Nov. 7th), I'll be able to get your package shipped out tomorrow!
Otherwise, packages will be shipped out on Tuesday.

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Thanks for looking!