November 8th, 2015

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all aboard the offer and sale train [offers & sales post]

Good day/evening/night/nothingness (?) fellow pkmncollectors~!

It's that time again for a bunch of sales to appear in a Latte dungeon! I have some brand new items for straight up sale and some of the older ones are still avaliable.
Also I have some Latias/Latios movie merch up for grabs, rare 2005 8th movie stuff, a rare mascot beautifly plush and much more! Please feel free to check everything out! Go crazy! x)

Preview of items up for grabs!

DSC08688sales445 (8)DSC08493
newsales 2015oct (1)DSC08552DSC08658
DSC0865554678 (1)DSC08667


+ Please bare with me in this post, it's a very big sales and heck I still don't have all the stuff I need to sell photographed!
+ There may be mistakes in my older sales so I will always check if the item in question is avaliable to sell to you before I give you your totals!
+ Want better pictures? Just ask but I do ask for your patience <3

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Okay next is the straight sales - to make everything easier I have posted them on a different account but please COMMENT HERE AFTER THE AUCTION POSTS to buy! Thanks!

Sales 1 - Plush & Figures

Sales 2 - Plush & Figures -

Sales 3 - Misc & Flats

Digimon Sales -

TRADES? My want list is here:

STATUS: Offline [Those I need to give final totals to please bare with me, sorry for my delay! Thank you!]
Those who have not been notified of shipment haven't paid or in process of a trade. Please pay soon! I would like to ship the remainding all together for a final WAVE 3 ^^ <3

UPDATE: 2nd December - Everyone now has their quotes!
I'm lienient on time of payment as I have taken a while to which I apologise (the amount of edits/pass/deletes/PMs delayed my time a lot the first week I posted this and when I went back to work I have limited time to sort everything out! I thank those for their patience and understanding :3~ It would be wonders if you could pay in the 4 days. Thanks!

UPDATE: 11th December - Everything has been shipped except 2 packages (those who have not paid yet please let me know what you'd like to do! ^^)

November Monthly Merch Round-Up!

Good evening everyone!

It's the first Saturday of the month (well, it's passed for some of us but XD) and so it's time for the Montly Merch Roundup!


Here's what we saw in October!

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I know we are a little ways into November, and some of this stuff is out already, but here's what's on the calendar for this month so far!

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As always thanks for reading! Feel free to ask questions, comment, share merch, or yell at me if I forgot anything particularly important!

If you would like to contribute any photos you may have taken of your new merch in this post, please let me know! (You will be credited of course!) 

$1 Auctions Wave 1!

I'm going to start auctioning off all my extra stuff I have lying around in waves and every thing starts at $1!!! Including an Espeon Banpresto Halloween Plush and Mightyena's Zukan and Chupa!!!

Click on the pictures to be transported to their respective auctions!

Thanks for looking!

Yahoo Japan auction help / information.

Hello! I'm sorry if this isn't allowed, but I am seeking some help and information. I was wondering if there was someone from Canada that has bought / used Yahoo Auction before could answer some questions of mine, since I'm very confused about it.
More or less im more looking if anyone knows any services that are good to use with Yahoo Japan Auction.
As well if any of them do payment plans or anything of the sort?
Lastly even though said items are decent price on the site does the shipping usually cost a lot or the overall price double?
I'm new to this and using said site. I seen some tutorials on here and online and just left me confused.
Thank you! :)

Eeveelution Sales and Auctions Part 2

Hello Pkmncollectors! :D I've finally gone through the last of my eeveelution items, and because of that I finally have the rest of the items available to you guys for auctions and sales! I've priced most of the sale items the lowest I would be willing to accept, but don't be afraid to haggle! I just want them to go to good homes with good collectors :)

Here is everything that is available in the auctions:

Auctions will end on Friday, November 13, 2015 at 6 PM PST!

Here is SOME of what is available for sale; there is more in the post that is not pictured:

Click HERE or the pictures to be teleported!!

And last but not least, I have some wants!

Thank you guys for looking and I hope you have a fantastic day~! :D
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Collection and Wants update!

It's been long overdue (Seriously, the last time I updated my collection was in February), so I decided to take pictures of everything in my new apartment! (instead of writing my research paper).

Click the plushies to go to my collection!

And I've updated my wants too! Anything that's high-prioirty in my wants I may trade for something that's in my collection! It never hurts to ask c:

Click here to go to my wants!

And, as always, here's a sales plug!

Thanks for taking a look! I missed my 1 year anniversary here in all the rush with moving (it was back in september! x-x) but I love this community and without you all I wouldn't have all these cute pokemon! Thanks for having me all ths time <3

Eevee plush sales (and general sales on my sales journal)

Unfortunately, I have to sell a couple of plush from my personal collection. But this will hopefully be good news for someone! :) I'm selling the LARGE I Love Eevee HQ plush and a Banpresto UFO catcher. The HQ plush, for those who don't know, are made from a higher quality, softer material. They are very, very soft and cuddly! I love them just as much as the 1:1 Eevee plush (if not more...the HQ guy is a bit larger/cuddlier).

Both of these are mint with tags :). I'm asking $100 for the HQ Eevee (willing to do payment plans but not willing to lower the price) and $25 for the Banpresto. The Banpresto plush is actually a good sized plush, he just looks small compared to the giant HQ Eevee :p.

Sale Policies:

* Sales permission granted by astralvulpes in 2009 *

**I ship from the United States. I do take international orders but understand that they may take 2-3 weeks to ship due to my schedule.

**I prefer PayPal for payments. Payment should be made out to When paying, please put your username in the memo along with what you're buying. Not doing so can delay your package.

**Payment must be sent within 24 hours or I will leave negative feedback. Sorry, but this rule has become necessary :(. I do occasionally hold items if more time is needed, just ask :).

**If you buy something, please leave feedback here:

**Prices do NOT include shipping. Please comment with your zip code so I can figure out the shipping charge. Shipping starts at $3 for most U.S. orders and $7.50 for international orders. Shipping might be cheaper for certain flats.

**My house is pet-friendly! Keep that in mind if you have serious allergies to dogs. All merchandise is kept away from the dog in question, though.

eevee plush

(click the image to see a larger one)

Also, these can be combined with anything from my regular sales. My regular sales journal includes hundreds of kid figures, plush, tazos..all sorts of stuff, check it out! :)

Quick Plush Sale +small wants!

I noticed some adorable raichu things in the monthly merch round up and thus am looking for the raichu stuff in the following pics owo
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As for the sale I've been working on a pokemon tsum tsum pattern of my own and I have the first prototype for sale :D
Shiny Espeon Tsum!

(Carbink kid for size reference only)

It's OOAK but keep in mind it's a PROTOTYPE so it's not quite perfect ^^;; I also haven't sewed in a year so there are a couple of sewing mistakes lmao. I had some lime green fabric to use for practice so I turned the prototype into shiny espeon xD

I'm asking $30+shipping/pp fees OBO~ (priority goes to full price offers)
It's made from fleece, stuffed with polyester fiberfil fluff, and is about 1 foot long from head to tail c:

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GA update + some questions

Hey, guys, hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

As an update for the Many Minicots GA, it arrived at my house! I won't be able to pick it up until next week due to midterms (I wouldn't have time to ship anything out anyway), but be on the lookout!

Next up, can anyone give me any info on this plush?

It's a banpresto UFO catcher, the tag dates it at 1999, but I am in love and need to know if a bulbasaur and squirtle also exist.

Another quick question: if one wanted to get an upcoming issue of Ultra Jump magazine, does anyone know where/who I could get one from?
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Lucario Figure Identification Help?

I've owned this Lucario figure for a while now, and I realized I know very little about it. It's pretty similar to the Tomy figure, except the arms are raised up, it's completely violet, and it's just slightly smaller (about 90% the size). I was wondering if there was anyone who could tell me more about it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated ^^


Dose anyone have a Voltorb Bowling Plush for sale, or in there sales post? Or any kind of Voltorb plush, besides the BK one, which i already own. I need one to go with my banpresto electrode plush

Also looking to buy a pokemon Center ninetales plush if someone has it cheaper than the pokemon center site. I really want to get it but think it will be a bit high on the pokemon center site with shipping and everything.

Also looking for Metal Haunters and Gastlys if anyone happens to have some in their sales posts

and last but not least, looking for the jakks haunter, if anyone has those laying around in their sales post.

thanks ;)