November 10th, 2015


Hello everyone how are you today? I'm looking for a Togekiss Jakks plush. I don't really care if it has a hang tag. I've been looking for this plush for awhile! Would anyone maybe be willing to sell it for around $10-15$? I'm not sure how off that price is. :)
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Big ol' Clearance Sales Post

Hi all! I went through my closet and culled a lot of items that are either extras from my claims posts (omg the clearfiles ;_;) or just items that I no longer need or want, so I'm offering them to you all for very low prices. I have stuff from my last trip to Japan, stuff from all of the recent promotions, and random old things, as well as some freebies! Come take a look. :) Feel free to combine with any claims orders you have.

2015-11-10 09.44.19.jpg
2015-11-10 09.42.16.jpg

2015-11-10 09.37.28.jpg2015-11-10 09.35.36.jpg
2015-11-10 09.31.03.jpg2015-11-10 09.30.54.jpg

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ISO: Binders & Portfolios!

Good morning everyone!

In my never-ending quest to spend as much money as humanly possible on my TCG collection, I am currently looking for 3-ring binders.
Specifically Johto or Hoenn themed ones. They need to be at least 2". I'm not sure how many exist, if any, but I think this is the best place to try!

I am also looking for more of the 9-pocket porfolios released with every new expansion. I have a few of the more common ones. Any information on older ones, such as the original 3rd Gen EX series, would be greatly appreciated. I know the portfolios go back at least as far as FireRed LeafGreen, but I can't get confirmation of the 9-pockets appearing until Crystal Guardians. Here are some examples (click for full image) of the 4-pockets in question that I'm hoping also come in a 9-pocket form!

Thanks for any help! :D

✿ Quick Questions About A Couple Cuties! ✿

Hello everyone!

Just a quick post today with some questions! I'll delete when they are answered~!

So these guys came in today:

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Anyways i'll have a plethora of new toys and plushies up in my sales this week sometime! I'll post again when they're ready for you! Until then...

Thank you all for looking!! :D <3
~Zigguuuupppaaaafffuuuu! >w
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Hello! Is there anyone who is interested in trading?
I have some items here! This is trageted to those who wish to get rid of some of there items in there sales or just particapte in a fun trade activity!
Either way shipping would be to Korea and I do have some hefty items back in my closet but I was too lazy to post in my sales so ask if you are looking for some things <3 I just might have it.
What you need to do is link your sales and sort things out!

I'm willing to look all  your items through but I would love NANO BLOCKS as well<3

What I have that are not on the sales list:
Vulpix canvas plush MWT
Rilou canvas plush MWT
Ampharos canvas plush MWT
litwick mini pokedoll TTO
flareon mini pokedoll TTO
lucario MOMO plush MWT but tag is dettached
charizard pokecen plush TTO
small anime figures
pokemon figures

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MegaTokyo model kit

Hello, just quick question today! Does anyone have this model kit and have assembled it? I'd like to see pictures of the actual thing instead of just stock photos. Mega Charizard Y just looks so cool and shimmery!

I haven't been home in a while and haven't had a chance to take photos of my Hawlucha collection additions yet :( hopefully I can do so very soon. I acquired a lot of very nice stuff.
Here's a sneak peek though:

Finally, as always please take a look at my wishlist:
lite list, website version - full list, dropbox version

Thanks for reading, and happy collecting :)
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WTB: ORAS and B/W Gym Leader/Elite Four Clear Files!

Hello there! So after scanning the net it came to my attention that for ORAS's release they made clear files of the Hoenn Gym Leaders (and apparently the Elite four, although I've only seen Steven and Phoebe?) And essentially I'm looking to try and get my hands on a couple of those, or if anyone happens to be selling a whole set I'd also be interested. I'm also looking for a few from the Black and White era. I'll make my wants list under the cut...

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I just added tons of figures, keychains, suction cups, and stamps to my sales. It contains the following pokemons:
*Christmas Figures

And....MUCH MORE!!!

I am still doing a special shipping discount:
*For every purchase over $15 gets 5% OFF shipping.
*For every purchase over $25 gets 10% OFF shipping.
*For every purchase over $50 gets 25% OFF shipping.

Come take a look! :) I am also willing to trade/partial trade for anything in my wants list:

Here's a sneak peek of the items up for auction:



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dittochu + mirage plushies for sale

I ship from CANADA.



Sales permission granted on Decembre 1st, 2013 by entirelycliched

Prices do not include shipping cost and Paypal fees.

No haggling please

Shipping starts at $7 to the states

I am not responsible for damaged/lost items after they leave my hands. If you want insurance for the item/tracking, please ask, it costs extra.

[Mirages here]

dittochu TTO - $380
pikachu heartland puppet - $12
Blastoise mirage - $80
Chansey mirage - $50 ~5"
Meowth mirage - $50 ~6"
Marill mirage - $40 ~6"

Please let me know if you have any questions