November 12th, 2015

Le Wants! :)

ISO some PC stuff and Pokedolls. In advance, I am stingy, which is why I marked everything with the little asterisks. 3 means NEED, 2 is high priority, 1 is I will take it for a good price, and if they are not marked by an asterisk, I don't know what their going rate is, so it would really depend. I have seen some of these in sales posts recently and forgot which ones, so even if I just asked for a quote for something else on your page, please let me know if you have it. Thanks for helping my collecting dreams come true, guys!! <3

Also, I'll have to brush up on the rules for trading, but I do have a lot of really nice stuff I could trade if I am able to!! Thanks again. Love y'all.

Mega Ampharos***
Lifesize Chespin**
Lifesize Fennekin*
Kuttari (but would need them to be less than $12 before shipping; I'm "frugal" xDD)*
Mega Latias/Latios*
Non-Starter Secret Base Dolls**
Xerneas Plush*
Spritzee Plush*
Flabebe Plush**
Frogadier Plush**
Dragonite Plush*

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Searching for 2011 Battle Carnival Mewtwo to purchase

I haven't posted to this community in a while, but being at the end of my rope as I am, I figured if anyone would be able to help, it would be someone here.  For a while now, I've been searching for the jumbo Mewtwo card from the 2011 Battle Carnival without results.  This one here:

Around the time they were first released, they were all over the place on eBay, so I figured I could wait on it, and now I'm kicking myself for that decision; it's the only card that seems to be impossible for me to find.  Most of the ended listings I've seen have ended at around $30, but of course, given how impossible it's been for me to find, I'm willing to negotiate on the price as long as it sounds reasonable.  If anyone has one available for sale, or can point me to someone who does, I would greatly appreciate a response!

Thanks in advance!  ^_^

hello! hello! I came back with some new/revised Sales!

Hello! Hello!
I havent posted on pkmncollectors for a few months but I decided to cut off some stressful college work and come home! Even though I am just here until the weekend, I decided to clean out some stuff at home and made a complete new sales post! It includes quite a lot of new things with definitely lower prices so please check it out!
On the note that I have to return back to school on Sunday, any orders I get after Saturday Noon, I will be shipping during my thanksgiving break, which means more waiting :(! But if you order before then, I will be able to ship before that!

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia. and my feedback is

To visit my sales post, please CLICK this LINK or ANY of the Pictures below!!!:

I hope you guys enjoy the new sales post!

updated wants and some sales

Hey guys, I updated my wants list some with more Zoroark things I really want as well as Zoroark cards that I am missing but it will probably forever remain incomplete XD go check it out! I'm open to anything and everything Zoroark as always, but what's listed is what I want the most!


The only major thing missing (besides all of the other Zoroark things I don't have!) is a Lucario plush I want but there's one currently on Y!J, I just gotta work up the courage to make an account and try to win it ^^ Any advise would be greatly appreciated :)

I'm also thinking about starting a very slow growing Zorua collection. I don't like Zorua nearly as much, but he was just so precious in the movie that it's hard not to love him! I'm thinking about getting the Talking Tomy plush. The last one I saw on the comm went for $20 and it wasn't that long ago so that's my limit on the adorable little guy if I decide to buy him ^^ If you have one for sale, let me know!

Now here's the link to the sales!-
I still need to add some things to it, but I haven't had time to take pics haha!

My 21st birthday is later this month! I'll probably be working the opening shift at my seasonal job since my bday falls on Thanksgiving break, but I'm still relatively excited (birthdays aren't really a big deal in my family, but my dad said he'd take me out to get a fancy drink <3 and I like to spoil myself with Pokemon gifts to myself haha so help me afford things by buying from my sales!:D)

This post feels lackluster, but I feel like that's what all of my posts feel like XD Let's spice it up!? How do you guys decide what to collect and what not to collect? I like to have at least one plush of my favorites if plushes of them actually exist because I've always loved stuffed animals <3 I try to keep the max of each Pokemon to two though so I have room for others! I of course try to collect as much Zoroark as I can because she is my absolute favorite, but I find that sometimes I have to decide if I really want to collect certain merchandise of her such as flats or metals or if I'd rather get a plush with that money and that's some hard decision making for me! Sometimes I regret my decisions but I can't afford EVERYTHING right now so I have to make a choice and I can never seem to figure out what to collect and what not to collect (for now) of Zoroark! Gimme some insight on how you guys decide :)
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WTB Wood Croagunk Statue!

Hi folks! Long time no see. I've realized I really need a wood Croagunk in my life. I believe this guy is about 10" tall and was part of an old PokeCenter promotion. He doesn't need to come with the original box or charm. Name your price, or I can also trade/partial trade for some pretty rare Zukan.

Also, how do you search all the posts of a user? Used to you could use the filter command, but it looks like LJ changed it.

Eeveelution Auction Reminder and Sales Update! And a want~

Hey guys! Just a reminder that the auctions for my Eeveelution goodies ends in just under 24 hours!! There's still some items with no bids at all and there's so really rare stuff available! :)

Click the picture or the fake cut below to go to the auctions!!

( Eeveelution Auctions! )

I also reduced almost ALL of the prices in my sales! Get this stuff for cheap while you can! :)

Click the picture or here to go to the sales!

Thank you guys so much for looking! :) Please give these little guys good homes :)

I'm also looking for a Shiny Raikou Pokedoll:

I'm willing to pay around $350-$400 for one, depending on condition/MWT or TTO, and I would need a slight payment plan.
Let me know if you have one for sale! Thanks :)

looking for some kid figures!

heya! so i noticed that kid figures dont really go for all that much money on here, so i thought maybe i'd see if i could snatch one!
im looking for any kids on my wants list; i have $2.51 in my paypal at the moment, so if youre willing to let one of your kids (or maybe even that shiny new shinx megablok i added yesterday?) go for no more than that, hmu! heres my wants list! -->
i know its probably asking for a lot, but ive seen kids go for like 75 cents on here before, so im hoping ill get lucky.
if i DO end up buying something from you, please please leave some feedback! thank you!! :y

Box of gets from fromjapan!

I actually got these a week ago but after the most stressful work week I had to put it off haha. But for the first time in many months I have a large box to open from FromJapan! I spent way too much on Y!J, I can't touch it for a while haha.

But let's have an adventure and see what's inside with Fennechu! (Fennechu just wants to grow up and be as popular as Pikachu)


Such a big box! What lies within?

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Is there any merch you wish they would re-do?

Is there a collection of merch you love but dont like certain pieces of? Or a merch you love the concept of but dont like the way it's been made?

I have these feelings on some of the metal figures.. some of the molds like butterfree, lapras, golduck, vaporeon, etc are absolutely gorgeous where as others like arbok, aerodactyl, jolteon etc i wish they had done differently

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Anybody would like to affiliate with me?

Hello there guys!
I have been updating my collection sites, and it seems that I have lost all contacts I had at once for some reason (must be probably, because one of my collection sites has more of the older version in it).

So this is why I would like to start anew and would love to affiliate with your collection sites! <3

Please show me your banner and the link I should add into my two websites!

Here are mine:
This site is completely dedicated to my favourite Honedge line!
This site is dedicated to all other of my favourite Pokemon, Charmander, Mantyke line, Snivy line, Joltik line and some others!

Also, WANTS! Atm, I am looking for anything I don't have of Honedge line, it can be anything! Flats, customs or other things! Please show me what you have :D

Also, does anybody have pictures of every page from this calendar?

Picture belongs to slothyshroom!

Thank you so much guys <3
haunter morty library

BREAKthrough Booster Box Opening & Wants, Couple Gets, Pokemon tumblr blogs?

I received my BREAKthrough Booster Box yesterday, and I uploaded a couple of videos of my box opening here: Part 1 and Part 2 if anyone is interested. I'll make a proper list of the cards I have for trade (possibly sell) later. Right now I'm looking for the 4 Houndoom cards (and potentially Reverse Holo Haunter), so if there's anything you're interested from my pulls, I will probably be willing to trade for them. I surprisingly got everything else I wanted for my personal collection so I'm not really looking for anything else from the new sets. If you have something from the older sets from my higher wants in my list here, I would be interested though!

If you check the first video, you'll see this TCG Binder, but here's a couple of scans for anyone who's interested in Zoroark/Mega Houndoom art.
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In other news, I got this lovely wall scroll of one of my favorite Sugimori art pieces. <3 I didn't really want to cover up the arrows on this wall, but it was the last empty space I had so there was no other option. XD It looks very lovely next to my Haunter and Morty plushes anyway.

Also, a while back while I was unable to do anything else, I revived my old Tumblr blog and turned it into a Pokemon info blog for scans (mostly) and pictures of other Pokemon non-flats. I pick a lot of cool stuff on Y!J when I'm searching for stuff for my collection and usually put them in my sales, but I also find a lot of things that I'm reluctant to sell right away and would like other people to see because they're not very common items. And that's especially true for many books/other flats that I don't really rip the pages out of to sell individually, so I've decided to scan them all and make them available on my blog for others to see. I tag everything on there, so everyone's welcome to add things to their wants list if you find something you really want but haven't seen me put up for sale. I have a bunch of stuff loaded in the queue right now that I know several collectors here would be interested in actually.

If you want to keep it bookmarked for reference, hantythehaunter is the name of the blog. Also, if you happen to have a Pokemon Tumblr blog that's somewhat active, let me know and I'll probably follow you! (I can't follow from hantythehaunter because it's my secondary blog, but if hantsukihaunter follows you, that's me!)

A poor attempt at a plush bootleg guide video thing and some gets!

Hey poke collectors :).

I have been on and off this place for several years, mostly lurking, sometimes posting and I have bought a few things too.

Despite not being very active, I do truly love this community and am happy to see it going strong as ever ^^.

Years ago when I first started collecting I bought a lot of bootlegs etc, and it wasn't really until I found this community that I stopped, hid away all the bootlegs and started looking for legit plush, which is what I primarily collect, even if my wallet didn't agree. I am starting to come a bit into collecting again after not buying anything for a while, and while sorting through my stuff I found my bags of old bootlegs and thought maybe I could use them to help show examples of what to look for in bootlegs, so I gave it a go.

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handmade swinub plush for sale

I had a day off today so I got a chance to make a little plushy of Swinub! He's kind of like a little cushion :3 If anyone is interested in the super fat squishy, you can have him for $20 plush shipping :) The material I made him from is SO SOFT! Very squishable! Hee hee :D

Edit: Oops I forgot to put the important info in! Sorry here it is --

-Sales permission granted by areica96 on 07-11-2015
-All community rules apply.
-I will not sell to banned or non members.
-The first person to express interest has priority. If they don't respond within 24 hours of my response, it goes to the next person who expresses interest/commits
-My hand made items will all differ slightly from each other. However they will all be finished to the same quality.
-Prices are in USD
-I accept Paypal only.
-Prices do not include fees or shipping
-I ship from the United Kingdom
-I will ship internationally, but be aware postage may be high
-I protect my items well with bubble wrap when packaging to avoid breakage. I am sorry that this may make postage cost more but it is necessary.
-No haggling please
-I have a cat so please be aware if you are very allergic
-I understand that sometimes money is tight and if you really want something I will hold it for up to one week, but only if you are committed to buying it.
-I will ship as fast as I can, however with college and work I often may not be able to ship until the weekend

You can view my feedback here: