November 13th, 2015


Ghost Ippai Collection Photos + few extras for sale

Hi all! After some delays the Ghost Ippai Collection figures were finally released last week. It was a shame that these got delayed and didn't made it in time for Halloween :( Anyway, I have picked them up and time for some photos!

I apology for the poor photo quality this time ;_; I had to use my phone and it's crap at taking photos and it's a bit dark :x

I am still missing payment from the following people:
Please make sure you pay for your sets ASAP as it has already passed the 48 hour payment deadline in my rules :( I have already replied to your initial comments with all the details you need in the original claims post.

Gashaphon machine sheet photo so you know what figures I am talking about :)

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For Sale:
New without capsule, if you want capsules, they are free but will increase shipping.
Litwick x 1 - $7 shipped anywhere
Gengar x 1 (temp hold for 24 hours but let me know if you would like to be the next in line), Pumpkaboo x 1, Banette x 1 - $8 shipped anywhere each
$1 off each additional for combining shipping.

Gashaphon sheet (minor wear) x 2 - $6 shipped anywhere each with hard backing and bubble wrap in document envelop.

All sales rules apply (ask if you want tracking/ registered mail) and can be combined with my sales.


updated/reduced sales + auction reminder!

Hi all! I come bearing an updated sales page with some really huge discounts and a lot of new items. You can visit that page here. Highlights include LOTS of Eeveelus, $1 kids and $2 metal figures, secret base plush, and a lot more!

Also, I would like to give a reminder for my auctions ending tomorrow! My super rare MWT Zekrom Poke Doll is at its starting bid and my Natu Mascot plush and Meowth lot have no bids! There are also some Japanese cards up for auction, so please check it out here!

LifeSized Pokemon Galore

Hey all! My collecting has slowed in quantity, but my purchases are now bigger and better 0w0

Here's a sneak peak at what arrived the other day...

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That's not all though... one other pup is on his way to me right now ;w;

Surprisingly enough this dude cost more than Houndoom. I'm not sure how I feel about that xD
This is a lifesized Pooch! The artist made him a few inches shorter than I would've wanted, but it's no big deal. He's just the runt of the litter I guess, haha

And on top of all that, my Poketime Houndoom came a few weeks ago ^w^ Packages are such great stress relievers lol

Lastly, here's a sales plug. I'm almost done with a rush order... all of the johto/kanto starters and their evo's. I'm finding beads in my bed lol

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on Feb 19, 2013

Edit: btw, does anyone know if the pokecenter website has the same stock as Nintendo World? Does Nintendo have cosplay Pikachu or secret base dolls?
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New member!

Hello everyone!

I am a 21 year-old Pokémon fan from Italy that has just recently decided to start collecting! I've always loved action figure in general, but have owned just a few because there is not such "culture" where I live... but now I want to make up for the time lost and will try to gather all the Zukan and Kaiyodo figures of my favourites! I know it's going to be expensive, especially living in Europe where there are very few sellers of figures and shipping from US is definitely not cheap, but will try my best to save up and buy/trade! Any suggestion is very appreciated to help me in this quest, especially for the Zukan figures: they are definitely the ones I like the most, but it puzzles me how much the price of the same figure may vary! And more importantly, it's really a shame that all the best Zukans were released in Europe quite a few years ago when I wasn't collecting... and now the gacha balls are kind of crappy :(

Anyway, a part from Pokémon and this little complaint on how unlucky we europeans are, in real life I'm a mathematics student and am currently in Paris for Erasmus, so french owners of lovely Zukans and Kaiyodo figures do show up! ^^ I also enjoy(ed?) a lot Naruto (roughly up to the battle Naruto vs Pain and maybe some more it was like sublime) and am a super fan of Itachi!

But enough about me! How many other Zukan collectors here (I believe many)? :) How did you start?

P.S.: is there a quick way to look for sellers from Europe in here?
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Sales update! Pokemon amiibo added!

I realized I still have a Greninja amiibo (I'd bought it as a birthday gift for a friend but found out he didn't want it) and just got my hands on a mewtwo amiibo that a friend also doesn't want, so I thought I'd see if any of you were interested! The amiibo look awesome, they just don't have a place in my collection of vee's and dogs, haha!

Click the image to go!
Pokemon -  TCG LEGEND Quilava
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November Embroidery Customs! Towel Sets, Applique Ornaments, Shuffle Patches!

Hi! I'm back with another round of custom embroidery commissions, this time including made-to-order Pokemon Time style Umbreon and Espeon towel sets along with custom commissions. ^_^

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Sales permission was grandfathered in at the beginning of the community.

Espeon & Umbreon Embroidered Towel Sets + Custom Commissions
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Applique Ornaments
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Shuffle Patches
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Additionally, I've added a ton of premade Pokemon customs to my Etsy store, including OOAK Umbreon and Shiny Umbreon tote bags! Please click the link below if interested, and I can definitely combine them with items from this post!

Finally, I'm opening commissions for minky plush and bell plush to work on over the next few months! Please read my commission info here and send me an e-mail if you're interested! :D

sales reminder!

Hey guys! All orders from my sales have been shipped - if you didn't get a tracking number through Paypal, PM me and I'd be happy to get it for you! Post is up to date with what's been sold, and I added some new things I found while organizing. Feel free to make an offer on anything! :D

Link to sales!

RARE Banpresto Water Type Figures Group Buy! ALL CLAIMED!

Long time no see everyone! ^^ I've finally gotten my life together and have come back to the community in full swing! This includes going on a web hunt for my ultimate grail...
This GORGEOUS specimen! And how can I acquire this figure you ask? By collaborating with pkmnsuicune and hosting a GB from a VERY hard to find listing for these figures * -* I've been taking Japanese in college (actually double majoring with it now ;D ) so I was actually able to read the packaging from the one picture online and used it to search. And lo and behold - I found them! :D

Here is your chance to own one of these BEAUTIFUL figures!! My sales information and details are down below! :D

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Snatch these figures up while you can! I only know of 2 Milotic collectors to own this figure and have there is only ONE auction for this collection in the Y!J archives! (Yes I went through their archives...)

On another note, I cannot BELIEVE the Milotic merch that was announced for the new Ichiban Kuji!!! Including the MOST adorable Pickachu plush featuring a Milotic bow and blanket!! <33 My poor wallet ; u; But if anyone gets their hands on any of the items featuring Milotic from this promotion, I would be very interested in buying (or at least a quote)! :D

New To The Community!!

Hello there! My name is Moths. I just got accepted into the community and figured Id make a little introduction post for myself. I have loved Pokemon ever since I was young, it was and still is a huge hobby and interest of mine and I was happy to find a community to meet and talk with other collectors!

I personally collect Charizards. Not Mega or Shinies, just the original Charizards. My collection is still small but is growing every day! I have only been seriously collecting them for a year now so it should get much larger in time <3

I will get pictures of closeups and individual items soon to put in a separate post.. but for now look under the cut to see some pictures of my non- Charizard Pokemon items and more info about me!!

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Thanks for accepting me into this community, I hope to meet lots of friends and fellow collectors here! <3

introduction post

My bad, I was confused with wheter or not I was supposed to make a post in the community or just make one on my page/profie

I'm just gonna copy & paste from my original & add a bit more

Anyway okay

Please call me Bam! (or archea/baa if you wanna have more veriety)

Not exactly sure what to write about so I'll do my best & update with anything I miss!(?)

My fav pokemon are Marshtomp, Flaaffy, Heliolisk, Armaldo, Wailord, & Slowbro!
Though there are more this is just my top 6
Honestly, if it's cute or I just like it I'm probably gonna buy it lmao

I mostly collect small figures! And pokemon cards here & there
I'm not that interested in plushes unless they're huge or super cute! I really want this one
My boyfriend's favorite pokemon is snorlax so it's the perfect useless gift

I don't think I'll be selling anything any time soon, I'm too emotionally attached lmfao
But maybe once I get a sales permit I think I'lll start offering up small art commissions! You can view my art here <3
I'd love to draw little pokemon stuff for y'all!

I'm not sure what else to put ;o; I hope this is okay!
I'm super happy to have joined this group! ;w;

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EDIT: If images aren't working I've uploaded them to imgur! They're a bit out of order, sorry!

Updated and expanded sales!

Got some new stuff and decided to update sales and lower some already low prices! And I really need to clean out unwanted items, I don't have much room. Honestly I'm just trying to get stuff out rather than make a profit haha. And even more freebies are available than before! Haggling is welcome as always!

A large variety of things from free figures to plush to books to coins are inside!

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