November 18th, 2015

C&H Autumn
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Holiday Sales

Hey guys, I'll be going overseas at the end of the month for a few weeks so I'm putting up as much as I can for sale before then. I've reduced prices for most of them already, but now I am open to hearing offers. I need as much of these to go before I leave, or else they're going to catch quite a bit of dust, and maybe cobwebs so shoot me your best offers. I also have some items on eBay here.

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Also, would anyone be interested in EU amiibos? I've got quite a few including Charizard, Greninja, and Lucario.

Hope everyone has a great holiday season! I'll be posting part 2 of my collection update over the weekend. (Hopefully!)

I'm going to sleep now. I'll respond as soon as possible when I'm awake.

Want: Eevee Jakks Pacific figure

This may be more of a shot in the dark but I'll do this anyway. Far as the Eeveelutions go for this type of figure Eevee is all I am missing but it's so hard to locate. Anyone willing to part with theirs or can show me one that can use a home? I'd be willing to do up to $25 shipped if possible. Comment or shoot message if you can help :)

Small sales + Cookie Commissions + Christmas card exchange :)?

Hello all :D I have finally getting to finished with my Christmas ornament commissions. Just wanted to say thank you all for your support. Unforunatelly I wouldn't be able to make anymore ornament in time for this Christmas, but I will definitely get to do more next year ;_;

Small sales:
However, I still have Articuno needing a home. I am dropping the price to $26 SHIPPED OBO anywhere. Please give it a home! More photo in this post.


Also, I have someone backed out from my pick ups :( If anyone is interested, I have a full set of Ghost Ippai Collection figure for $24 SHIPPED ANYWHERE.

Cookie Commissions

Anyway, time for cookies, please find information under the cut :D

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Christmas Card Exchange?
Also, I am wondering if anyone would like to exchange Christmas card? I have TONs of Christmas cards that would like to be sent :D I am located in Hong Kong though so you have to be willing to ship internationally. There's no need for yours to include pokemon drawings, but if you fancy some doodle, I would love poliwhirl and frogadier :)

The Christmas cards I have are not pokemon related, but if you let me know some of your favorite pokemons and I will do some quick drawings in there!

If anyone would like an Christmas card Art trade, I would be happy to make small cards, they will probably be around A6 sizes and I can do them in watercolour, watercolour pencils or colouring pencils. Here's some of my drawing examples but they are mostly digital and quite old but you get an idea ^^;

Just comment here or drop me a PM if you are interested. I hope this is allowed, but if not, I will take it down ^^;

Thank you :D

Entei is out of Hiding! Small Update

So I decided to upgrade my Zelda collection display to a full on 5 shelf bookshelf and I'm still out of room. With that being said, the 3 shelf bookshelf became open real estate for my beloved Pokemon.

Look at them all 8D I'm so happy with how this display turned out with the bottom shelf definitely being my favorite! All the pictures lead to huge full size photos :3

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Anyway, thank you for looking! I've been adding so much to my collection site, little by little. I want to have it finished by the end of the year. I've managed to snag a new Entei piece so I'm looking forward to that! :D For now here are some major wants!
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Pokemon - Starters
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Clear Frogadier Moncolle Claims + Sales!

Hey guys, I've got claims for just a couple of these exclusive Frogadier Moncolle clear version, in my claims post!

I'm quite looking forward to the Greninja-line merch that is sure to come out next year ^q^ They were smart in putting him in Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U because it definitely worked my appreciation for him hehe xD Grr that Shiek is better than Greninja competitively in all aspects but I still prefer playing as Greninja anyway >o>

Sales plug!
Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )
Pikazard 3

Small dollar sale

Greetings everyone things been really crazy the last few days with our home kitchen be remodeled and some mishap with one of mine packages. So I have some items for sell so check them out.

1. PayPal only
2. I ship from the US
3. I can hold to 48 hours

Sales permission granted by denkimouse in 09

$3 each

Pikachu and meowth sold

Thanks for viewing
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Looking for Elephant! Wooper / Phanpy Trade?

Hey guuuys :D
I finally finished my BA thesis!!! :) So now, I can be on the comm more often again and the stress is over :D I will make a super awesome gets post within the next few days/within the next week too :)

But first, I am here with a want!

This little elephant! <33
I love elephants, so I am looking to TRADE FOR PHANPY POKEDOLL

This is my number one rare Pokedoll want right now.
I tried bidding in a GA for it recently, but sadly the GA was lost. :(
Since I don't really have the funds right now anyway, I'd rather like to trade.

So I thought I might offer my WOOPER POKEDOLL for trade.

I'd really prefer a Phanpy over Wooper.
However, I am not too familiar with the rarity/price on these two guys, but if Phanpy is worth more, I am willing to pay a little extra besides the trade - howevver, earliest I could pay would be December!

Wooper is without hang tag, but has his tush tag. However, he doesn't have his S sticker anymore. He is legit though, and has velboa fabric like it should be ;-) His condition is not totally mint anymore, but not loved either, he is in very good condition, though he might be a little dusty.

I don't care for Phanpy's condition whatsoever! I also take loved condition, the only requirement I have is that he is not broken or ripped up or totally dirty or something. Don't care about tags either, I'd rather prefer without hang tag, and tush tag or not - I don't mind!

* I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 01 DEC 2013.
* My feedback can be found here:
* I ship from Germany, and shipping for Wooper would be around 4-5 dollars (will check in more detail when required)

If anyone has one of these cute little elephants and wants a Wooper, please let me know :) Or if you know someone who has one, please also let me know!
Thanks guys <3
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Looking for a grail-y Glaceon Keychain

Hi guys and gals, just thought I'd pop in to see if anyone has this Glaceon keychain~
I desperately want it and it would be the perfect Christmas Grail get if I could find it! >w<

So please tell me if you have any leads!

I also updated my trades and wants list a bit, feel free to come take a look. :D
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Gets, Wants, and WIPs

I've gotten a bunch more Tomy figures since my last post, but they've been put on the shelving with the rest and so can't pose for individual pictures. The most recent arrival, though, is right below the cut along with two other very pleasing new additions:

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As my collection grows, I'm getting more serious about fleshing it out and completing it. To that end, I finally have put together a Tomy Wants Post to share here. Now that I have both a Sales post and a Wants post, I can accept trade offers as well as outright purchases! I won't put the whole Wants post here because it's so big, but I'll include a couple of pictures of the priority items on it. If anyone has them for sale, please get in touch with me!

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But the end goal is somewhat marred by the fact that Tomy has still not made figures for hundreds of Pokémon! No Kecleon, no Tangrowth, no Leavanny, no Heliolisk. I often wonder if they'll ever complete their product suite. =(

So collectors have to take matters into their own hands. I've been trying my hand at figure-making and -painting. First I decided to make the simplest possible Pokémon figure, and one that also happens to be a stupidly expensive Tomy figure: Electrode!

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As always, thanks for looking and making this community a pleasing place to spend time! ^_^
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Giant collection update, re-introduction and 1,5 year anniversary !

Hello everyone !

It's been more than a year since I posted pictures my collection on the community - Schoolwork often got in the way and packages kept coming and coming. 2015 has definitely been my lucky year, because I found almost all the items I was wishing for ! I also have been a member of the community for one year and a half now, and I have to thank all of you for being so nice to talk with and so helpful.

I haven't posted a lot since October of 2014, so maybe a short re-introduction could be useful ? Well, I am roussil, I will soon be 16 years old and I am French. My goal is to work in the video game industry as a concept artist / character designer, so you can guess drawing and video games are my two biggest hobbies. Hopefully, they will soon stop being hobbies in one year and a half, and they will if I happen to be accepted in the school I dream to be accepted in !

I bought my first Sylveon item, the japanese TOMY plush, in July of 2013, then bought a few items in 2014, and seriously started to collect in early 2015, when I began to have a lot of luck. When you start collecting, seeing full collections and crowded shelves is almost surreal, don't you think ? I never thought I'd get more than one or two items I wanted, but thanks to the 50 euros I was allowed to spend each month, at least three Sylveons came in the mail every few weeks. Here they are !

At the end, I also would like to show my non-pokemon Grailest Grail, because a member of the community helped me to get it. It's in a separate cut in case you aren't interested !

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Thank you very much for reading ! I might come back with a little wants post in a few days !

who here makes customs??

Hey there! I have been curious on seeing peoples custom plushies and sculptures/toys. I know they are easy to look up on art sites but I want to see the communities talent!

I make custom items myself, plushies, costumes, sculptures.. I havnt made too much Pokemon wise but other items I have had experience in. I just want to see some other peoples' work too! If you have made customs before and have pictures or links to your work I would love to see it <3

Kura pokedoll

English TCG for Sale or Trade?

I haven't posted about this in awhile so I thought i'd post the links again. I would prefer selling but trades can be considered for things from this post* ,or anything from Breakthrough that I don't have as I only bought two booster packs.

Common- $0.20
Uncommon- $0.50
Rares- $1
Offers on groups of cards can be considered as well.

B/W Era and Earlier:

XY Onward:

I also have a Meloetta EX avilable in my misc. flats post (everything in here is sale only):

US Shipping starts at $0.50 cents, international begins at $3.

NOTE: I have two Breakthrough code cards for the online tcg. I can give them for free or sell/trade them. It'd be $0.50 for both.

Wants Post

Hey everyone! I asked around on a few other wants posts and the community really helped me out, so I figured why not make a permanent post! So,

THIS is my permanent wants post :) (there are a decent amount of pictures)

I'll be constantly updating it with new things that I want and also updating it by checking off the things I received.
As I've always stated in other wants posts of mine, I'm really interested in Pokédolls and the Pokémon video games, but of course, I have other wants too! So, any help on where to get these wants of mine is appreciated!
Bellossom Lotad &amp; Skitty
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Wants & Updated Sales. ~

Hello. C:

I was wondering if anyone had the Landorus and Tornadus Therian Form Kid Figures for sale? :D Shipping would be to 34731 US. ~

photo not mine, will be taken down upon request.

Also, I've added a lot more things to my sales!
I'm starting to weed out some of my Umbreon and Espeon plushies and figures; if there's an Umbreon or Espeon plush you're after and it's not listed, feel free to ask! I haven't added all of them yet, and I'm not 100% sure which ones I'm parting with right now.

Holiday Discounts for Perler Sprites!

Hey guys!
I have a 15% off promotion going on in my etsy store :) Feel free to check it out here!

Comm orders are all being finished up right now (most of you have gotten a shipping notification already, a few more will be going out next week!)

I also have an updated list of what I have for sale. Everything is under the cut!

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Mini Sales--Breakthrough!

I'm still working on organizing my giant TCG sale posts so keep an eye out for them in the coming weeks ;)
In the meantime, I've got quite a few Breakthrough cards I'm not planning to keep so if you haven't bought any packs yet or are just looking for singles you've come to the right place! <3

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Gets, Wants, Sales, and a Question!

Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing well!

Instead of just posting my sales again, I wanted to show a couple of gets since it's been a long time! I also have a few wants, and a question about a specific Pokemon's merch! Anyways, let's get started!
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Now onto the wants!
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Now onto the sales! I also added a couple of things, and fixed up some pictures on my permanent sales post! I've also added a lot of 53 reverse holos for $15! If you'd like to look at my sales, either click on the banner or the link here!

Also my question was does anyone collect Leafeon, and have any pictures of their collection? I want to start collecting Leafeon soon ,and I wanted to see what I'd be dealing with! I'd probably collect figures, and a few plushies! Probably some flats like TCG, and stickers too!

Anyways, that's all for now! Thank you so much for reading, and I'll see you next time! Probably on December 1st because it'll be my 1 year anniversary on the comm! n w n