November 19th, 2015

The new mouse in town!

Want: Monthly Pikachu Wool Coat With Mushroom Basket Plush

While I am not big into the whole monthly chu thing, I fell in love with this one because it remind me of one of my childhood plushie that I had before one of my dogs decided to chew on it.   (I was totally glad that he grew out of that phase)

I am hoping to get one with tags.  ^__^  If you have one for sale, drop me a line.

Now, a little off the wall question, what color is a Golbat?  I was looking at pictures to paint my little figure.  I can't figure out if he is a deep blue or a blackish blue.

Thank you!
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Salamence figure??

Hey guys! I want to buy a salamence figure! I'm not looking for a specific brand, but I do prefer it to be mint in packaging. I need it by Saturday, so I'll have to ask for overnight shipping. I've already ordered one from eBay, but it isn't going to be here in time (even though I paid for 2 day priority mail; seller still hasn't shipped..).
Please help me out!

Found! c:

To make this post less boring, here is a picture of my display case. I removed a shelf to make more space! It's messy, but I think it's good for now. :p
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cards for trade and wants!

So my boyfriend and I have spent far more than we should have on Breakthrough boosters trying to pull Zoroark, Zoroark Break, and/or the full art Mewtwo featuring Zoroark. So far I've pulled a Mewtwo EX and a full art Houndoom EX and he's pulled a plain old full art Mewtwo EX, a Mega Mewtwo X EX, and a Florges Break haha along with other holos and such.

I had pictures of a bunch of holos and RHs, but they turned out worse than I expected due to my phone being crappy XD so, instead, give me a list of what cards you're looking for or even just name a Pokemon and I will see what we've got and take pictures then if need be :) Of the cards I already named, Florges Break is the only one up for trading! I'm really only looking to get the Zoroark cards that I am missing.

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
My Feedback-

Here are all of the Zoroark cards I am missing that I am aware of. I much prefer the English version if it is available just so everything matches but I am open to other languages

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I am also looking to get all of the Zoroark pan stickers! I currently have none XD I can trade cards for these as well or buy them, and I am also looking for other Zoroark stickers now too (I believe this picture is from splash)

And while I'm at it, here's the link to most of my other wants- but I am open to offers concerning Zoroark things that are not listed as well :)

I also decided to list all of my junk I had for sale on eBay since I need money and I need them out so here's the link to that in case anyone is interested-

I am super excited for Thanksgiving break even though I'll be working most of the time XD

Art/TCG Trades? Looking for Shiny Kids!

Hello everyone!
So, I've gotten some packages in the mail over the past few months containing some shiny kids. I forgot how much I love these little fellas, and would love to get some more to add to the family! (I have a HUGE collection update planned!!!)
So, I was wondering if anyone has ANY shiny Bandai kids that they would like to trade for some custom flats or some TCG? I can provide a list of what I'm looking for if it would help, but I'm not too picky, as long as I don't have it already! :)
Please inquire about TCG; I have a large binder of cards from base set through hgss sets, and some ancient origins and aqua/magma as well.

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Thanks for reading! :D
~ Ebon

legendary sales!

I spent a lot of money bc you know early Christmas shopping and I'm trying to make some back, so I'm just putting some sales here :)

Sales permission granted by allinia on 6-11-14
I ship from the U.S. And ship to most international places.
PayPal only please :)

Mewtwo chupa with ball $5
Mewtwo TCF $3
Meowth pokedoll figure $10
Persian sprite $2
Meganium ex $3
Meloetta ex $5

arceus card $4
Virizion card $4
Japanese style cubone charm $3
Glaceon Cup

A very tiny gets post

I have arrived in Nebraska in one piece! Unfortunately I will not be able to re-open my sales anytime soon as I had wanted to, as I have no idea where the box with all my sales stuff is at the moment. All of my stuff is kind of crammed in the adjacent room while I'm in my temporary home. Sorry if anyone was interested in anything/waiting. (I doubt it, but figured I'd mention it.)

I finally got my computer hooked up so I can post my gets! I could have done it from my phone, but it's so much of a hassle.

I was lucky enough to receive my Salamence suction cup figure RIGHT AS WE WERE LEAVING my home in Pennsylvania. I was worried it wouldn't come in time and would have to be forwarded on, but the mail lady pulled up right as we finished packing the car and were saying goodbyes, low and behold it was there. I didn't even have time to open it, I just tossed it in the car and took off.

Once I arrived at my new home, the two packages I had sent there just in case they wouldn't make it to my old home before I left, had arrived.

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I'm debating if I want to unpack my Suicune collection, or just leave it boxed until we find a house. My desk feels so... empty. =(

Look forward to me getting an income again, fellow PKMNCollector sellers! I'm itching from withdrawal! Muahaha!

n nendroid + middleman

hi guys I'm after the new n nendoroid and a few other bits from but as I live in the uk i cant order myself. So I was wondering if anyone would be able to middleman them for me? Or if there is anyone hosting one of the group buys for the store I would be interested also :)
shipping would be to the UK

Commissions and Shiny Pokedoll Sales!

Hello again everyone! Commissions have opened back up and I will be offering 3 slots :) Please read through all of the rules and commission policies and check out the previous pokedolls I've made! ^^
Also only the FIRST slot will be guaranteed finished in time for Christmas (as long as you live in the US)it will be first come first served.
However, the last two slots will NOT be guaranteed in time for Christmas. I will do my best to get them finished before then, but I won't make any promises just in case something comes up.

I also have a couple of shiny pokedolls for straight sale! Please look at the info below :)

Click the cut to see more examples! :)
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Commission Slots

1.tdotakichan 4" chibi glaceon

Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer them! Also feel free to check out my normal sales~

New get + Another Figure ID question

I won this tin in a eBay auction for just under 2 bucks. I like it because it has basically all 4 of my favorite "fire" Pokemon. Just had to pose Flareon and Ponyta with it, lol.

I know I've seen this in couple other collections, I've always wondered where this Vulpix is from. Is it one of them "candy" figures?

Still got my eye out for a Jakks Pacific Eevee...I guess I'll consider that to be my grail :P
On another note..started to catalog my collection and it is still very much under construction so pardon the dust. (do work a lot and about to get busier with the holidays coming up). Perhaps y'all can help fill the holes on the descriptions and such for the Poke stuff on there. I'm clueless on some of them.

Edit: Jakks Pacific Eevee has been found! yay!

Intro Post + Wants List!

Hello! My name is Rasa and as of 11/12/15 I've been a member!

My collection so far is small, which is because I've been wanting to start collecting Pokemon Merch for awhile now but haven't had the chance to until now/the last few months since moving in with my friend docgerbilsworld! Who also happens to be a pokemon collector if you don't already know who they are. They are the main reason why I've begun collecting pokemon merchandise too.


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Japan Pokemon Center Pick Ups- 5 slots!

Hello! I am heading to Nagoya this weekend on Monday *coughtoseethenewDigimonmoviecough* and will be able to stop by the Pokemon Center!

I have 5 pick up slots open commitment style. This means you will pay after I pick up the item(s). I have a list of items here with prices on them:

If you do not see an certain item on my list please feel free to ask me about it and send me a picture of it. I couldn't put everything on the list since there are just too many awesome goods! I will quote you a price for the item(s) you want. Please do not ask me to find an item with a certain character on it. Please only ask about specific items.

I also can give you a general idea about what the shipping cost and total would be. But final quote could change after I weigh the package.

There is a possiblity that some items are sold out!! Last week the Xmas Pikachu was sold out and I am not sure if he will be restocked this week.

-I ship from Japan.
-Please express clear commitment to secure a slot.
-I can also combine items with items from my own personal sales

-Please pay for items quickly after I send you the final quote!

Sales permission granted by areica96
feedback :
(community rules apply)

1. jagged_steel ; xmas stickers X2*, Xmas letter card set*, Dragonair, aurora lights stickers X2*, soft eevee plush PAID// SHIPPED
2. jomaccudo; Dragonair PAID// SHIPPED
3. ninetails ; Xmas letter set, Aurora Lights notebook, Aurora lights clearfile, christmas clearfile, No Pikachu drama shirt S in Uni or M in women, Melody shirt S (if shirts are there PAID// SHIPPED
4. glitterzookas; dragonair, Jirachi keychain strap PAID// SHIPPED
5.barujiina ; 3 laying plush: open eyed mew, closed eyed mew, open eyed Cyndaquil, mew plush, secret base cyndaquil (if he is available) PAID// SHIPPED

Checking Availability (AKA I didn't see these items last time)...
Secret Base Cyndaquil for fluna_daiyunel
Secret base Swablus for kingwillko
November Pikachu for m14mouse
Pikachu Sweater for flaaffy