November 20th, 2015

mini plush

Steven Stone Campaign and MegaCosplaychu Mascot photos revealed!!

Let there be mascots! (I NEED THEM ALL! :D)

There will also be towels, acrylic keychains and poncho! Hope they make figure straps some day.

(Who else here loves mascots? ;u;)
They look so well-made! Fingers crossed for the rest. ^^
And these:

(I know there was a post before about these, so if this isn't allowed I'll take it down.)

ALSO, a trainer campaign!
This time its.... Steven Stone :D

So nice to see so many cool items!

What do you guys think? I like that spear thing and I love to see Metagross getting more attention!

More info here:
Thanks to ninetails for the info!

Wants link:
(Looking to buy)

Please PM me if you are willing to sell any of them to me, looking for these especially:
Young Justice Robin

December Claims Post Up - Monthly Pikachu and Poncho Promo

Hi all! My December claims post is up. This time I'm offering claims for the January Monthly Pikachu and the new Mega Evolution Poncho Pikachu promotion.


All Christmas items have arrived and I have been packing them. If you only ordered Christmas items or the new Pokemon Center plush, you should be getting a total soon. If you ordered Chiku Chiku or Kuttari, those should be coming in this weekend or Monday, and since next week is a light work-week, I should be able to get them packed and totalled very quickly. Please let me know if you have any questions!


shutter shades

Looking for Lucario or Riolu plush.

I've taken an offer, thank you!


So it's been about a million years since I poked my head into this community, but I'm back because I'm looking for a Lucario plush.  I've been checking Amazon and Ebay but most offerings seem kinda sketchy and I want to make sure I'm getting a real one, because it's for my little sister for Christmas.  She's not a collector, but she loves the games and those are her favorites.

I am looking for any Lucario or Riolu plush, 6" or larger (also not mega Lucario).  It does not need to be in mint condition, and I don't mind if tags or strings are missing (she won't notice/care), but no bootlegs.  I've mainly been looking at Pokedolls, because they seem to be easier to find, but I would prefer to get something larger if I can find it.  I looked around at some of the recent sales posts and didn't see anything, but I may have just missed them because I was scrolling kinda fast.

I have a kind-of budget of $40 before shipping but I will definitely go higher (possibly $100+), so don't hesitate to post if it's above my limit.  I don't quite know what to expect in terms of prices so I am very flexible on this.  Shipping would be to 93309.  I just want her Christmas gift to be special.

Thanks for reading!
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Pikachu Mega Campaign Additional Photos

Pokemon Fan was just released in Japan, and included were additional photos and information about the upcoming Pikachu Mega Campaign on December 12th!

Aside from the seven plush that were announced previously, we will also be getting mascot plush, acrylic keychains, and hand towels for sure!! More merchandise *will* be included in this promotion as well -- maybe we will see more in today's Pokemon Center news site update. The full lineup is now up and you can see it here!!!!

So far only the Charizards are confirmed for mascot plush, but who knows, maybe we'll be seeing them all!! All 7 mascot plush have been confirmed!

More information on my blog here: Clicky click

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Who is your favorite in this first series?? I love Mega Altaria-chu so much!
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I actually received these guys a few weeks ago already! However, due to my BA thesis, I didn't have time to show them off!

But now is the time, guys!
The time for the BEST CUSTOM PLUSH EVER!!! (xOx)
These Pokemon are not seen on this community very often!

Take a peek! Who could these eyes belong to?? Both eyes look pretty similar..
Tip: one lives in the water, the other one can fly :D

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Thanks for looking guys, and have a great start into the weekend :)
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Who was it that was doing pick up slots on the wave 3 Kuttari plush?  I claimed a few (both Mews), and I haven't heard anything on it.  I wanted to get them paid for if it was time to do so and whatnot, so any help would be awesome!  Thank you! :D

Does anybody have a FireRed/LeafGreen Cart with the Mew Event on it?

A little bit of a weird request, but does anybody here have a FireRed/LeafGreen Gameboy Advance Cart with the "MYSTRY" Toys R' Us Mew event? This Mew was given out at Toys R' Us around the US on September 30th, 2006. I was watching a cart that had this event on it on eBay, but unfortunately somebody made an offer and the seller accepted it, so I missed it.

Somebody else has the actual DISTRIBUTION cart up for sale. This is the cart that was used at the Toys R' Us to distribute Mew to players who brought their game in. As such, the cart the person is trying to sell has PC Boxes full of Mew. However, they were asking $700 FOR IT! They lowered it to $550, but that's still A LOT for a game cartridge! They are taking offers, but I'm sure they'd think I'm crazy if I offered $100.

Anyways, the reason I want Mew on a Gen 3 cart is because those are my favourite generation of Pokemon games, specifically FireRed/LeafGreen, and Mew has eluded me for many MANY years. the only time I was able to own one in-game was through glitching in Red/Blue/Yellow, and even then, I can't trade it up to higher generations!

So, does anybody have a FireRed/LeafGreen Cart that has Mew on it that they would be willing to part with? This is a longshot, but, I'd also accept the Japanese Emerald cart with the "Old Sea Map" Item, which allows you to go to "Faraway Island" to battle and catch Mew yourself.

✿ Crazy Kid Figures Trade Request!! ✿

grail.jpg Hello Everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG

Hello, it is i, the community's craziest, and looniest, zigzagoon/linoone collector here again with another ridiculous trade request!!
I say crazy but it is usually just desperation lol

(Winston is not included, only there for size reference!)


That means that i will send you over 100-200+ (maybe more idk i didn't even count) kid figures for only ONE kid figure. Crazy right??? Maybe, but worth it imo.
The only thing i ask is that you pay for half of the shipping cost(within the US) because it is SO heavy it will be very expensive! If you are outside the US i will bring the box to the PO and have them give me a shipping quote and im sure we can work something out. C:

I'm pretty sad because the seller on YJ replied through SMJ to tell me that the one i was looking for was in this lot, and it wasn't after all. I was so specific in making sure they knew it was CLEAR and i even sent the two photos, but SMJ must not have relayed the question well enough or something. TnT I paid soooo much money for it to get here too.

I may also be willing to just sell the entire lot if i don't get an offer for zig too, so if you'd like to buy it please send me some offers! I'll look at anything. c:

Here is a cute gif i found recently to make this post a tad cuter! :3


~ Thank you all for looking! <3

Ampharos Custom Sculpt!

Hello all! Im here with another custom Pokemon sculpt I have made to add to my examples. This time I have made an Ampharos for my lovely sister

It is made of sculpy and hand painted with acrylics! The gem on its tail, head, and the buttons on its stand are glossed to make them stand out more.

More pictures of this little guy under the cut! <3

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I hope you all like him! Ill be making a few more of these while I am building up the process to get sales permission. Once I have it Ill offer some of these on commission :>

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Tracking Down TOKIYA Cards + A Single Get!

'Ey again community! I hope you're all doing well. It's two days before my birthday and I'm thinkin' "hey, you know what would be a good gift to myself? Some more Pokemon cards from my favourite artist, that's what!". And so, here I am, shuffling through decks and checkin' sales posts for some of my favourite renditions of these lovely monsters.

These cards are my current top 3 that I'm hunting for! Ninetales is from HeartGold/SoulSilver, Yveltal is from BREAKthrough, and Arceus is from Platinum Arceus. Ideally, I'd like to get them all as regular holos - reverse holos are nice, but kinda hurt my eyes a bit. Ninetales specifically has a very neat "shattered holo" pattern, where some of the illustration is holo and the other bits aren't. It's pretty rad but I am having a wicked time finding it. Still, if you happen to have any of these cards, do let me know! If you don't, that's cool, they're not the only ones I'm looking for.

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Pokemon Center Update! Kuttari Cuties

I'm not sure if anyone else has mentioned this yet, but more kuttaris (or cuties) have been put onto the pokemon center site!!

It looks like they have updated with charmander, espurr, mudkip, espeon, slowpoke, and umbreon T.T THANK GOD cause I absolutley refuse to pay over 9.99 for these guys (patiently waits for mew to be put up on the site)
Which ones are you guys gonna buy? I'm aiming to collect all of the eeveelutions and possibly the slowpokes 0.o they're too irresistable! And do you guys prefer the japanese versions or the US ones? I like the japanese ones more literally just because the tag is more cute lmao