November 22nd, 2015

looking for a warner bros. pikachu!

hey all! i was on tumblr and stumbled upon this pretty card!

i was wondering if anyone has one for sale/trade? they go for around 2 dollars i think, but i only have a dollar and a half in my paypal, so i'd prefer to trade but! yknow if youd let yours go for that much, i would very much appreciate it! thanks for reading!! ^^

Looking for...

Hello, my fellow trainers! ^^

I'm looking for some zukan lines in order to complete my Kanto dex!
Here they are:

-Charmander Charmeleon Charizard
-Squirtle Wartortle Blastoise
-Pidgey Pidgeotto Pidgeot
-Rattata Raticate
-Ponyta Rapidash
-Gastly Haunter Gengar
-Scyther Scizor (GSC Ver.)
-Omanyte Omastar
-Kabuto Kabutops

If you have one, please let me know!

PS: I might only take some of the lists first, though, as they all together will likely kill my budget >.<

Anyway, thanks for looking! ^^

Wants! So close to completing my Wailord Collection!


All I'm missing to complete my wailord collection is the clear kid, metal figures (all metals) and the DX Pokedoll!!!


My biggest eeveelution wants right now are Jolteon's in case figure and Retsuden, Umbreon's Gold chou and v trainer, Leafeon's Mini Pokedoll and Chou, Glaceon's Chou and original Chupa figure, eevee's gold and silver chous, and SYLVEON'S KESHIPOKE! Plus I'm looking for all their figure stamps.

Sales Reminder - TCG Mystery Lots!

Hey everyone. Just posting a little reminder about my TCG Mystery Lot sales. I'm gonna keep them up exclusively on here for another week, but after that, I'm also gonna be listing them on eBay. I just wanted to give you guys first dibs, since I'd rather offer to legit collectors first.

I'll also be posting another cut paper commissions post shortly after Thanksgiving, so if anyone wants anything (for themselves or for gifts), start thinking about ideas now. Hope to see you there :)

New sleepy Pokemon plush??? and some wants! :)

While I was eBay earlier I stumbled across a new pre-order listing for these plushes

I assume these are a new release, but if not does anyone have any information of them? Just look at the Ditto! :3 Also it's been a while since I've posted a wants post! XD I've finally narrowed my grails down to two items per Pokemon I collect.
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If you have any of my wants please let me know! ^-^ And finally, to make this post a bit more interesting, I have a quick question! :) If you were given the opportunity to design your own line of Pokemon merch, what would you make??? I think a range of pre-evolution Pokemon plushes wearing hoodies of their evolutions/mega evolutions would be adorable! :3 I've seen a lot of great custom plush makers making plush like this and they are awesome! ^-^
The new mouse in town!

Updated Sales

I have updated my sales to add the new Breakthrough cards, figures, charms, and an awesome book with all 700 pokemon in it.  ^__^  I also running a card special with Buy one common/uncommon card and get a second common/uncommon 50% off!  So clickly on the link to check it out!

ღ Pokémon // Rebirth

Sales & Offers! Everything must go!

Hi everyone! I've done a long awaited clear out of a lot of my excess collections and things I've had ready to be sold for years, since I really need the space... Everything must go! Anything not sold within the next 2 weeks will be put into a big eBay lot.


Some things include rare TFG and Zukan, my Gary Oak/Green collection, and lots of figures, flats, bags, stickers, and other goodies.

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Since I need everything gone, I'm open to haggling.
Special Offer: Pick one $1 item for free for every $10 that you spend!

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Looking for Jewelry (And Other Things)

Hey guys! This post has a lot of random things in it; news has been piling up xD

Firstly, with Hanukkah just around the corner, I'm looking for some Pokemon themed jewelry to buy. Nothing too expensive please, but show me what you've got! I love accessorizing, haha

I'm also remodeling a part of my room right now, and I'm looking for a white bookshelf for my Pokemon. It's going to be pastel themed, so I'll only be putting on Pokemon that have light coats of pink, grey, green, blue, and maybe brown. If you have any bookshelves that you love for your collections, feel free to post them in the comments! I'm traveling up to Ikea next weekend and I'll keep a lookout for similar designs.

And here's a quick sale- of a Pikachu Oops promo bag. It's 15 OBO, and please don't be afraid to offer!
Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on Feb 19, 2013
Ready to ship!

Sorry for the bad quality pics... gotta love daylight savings :/

Next- my lifesized Poochyena has arrived :D Here's a pic of him next to Houndoom, who got his own post here:

I also completed all of the johto and kanto starters for a rush order, so I'd like to show them off here. It was quite a bit of work xD My next big one is completing all of the eeveelutions for a member here, and I only have a few to go :D


Annnnd finally, who else got the Mystery Dungeon game this weekend? Do you plan to get a plush or two to represent you and your partner? The game said that I was a Chikorita (I can't wait to evolve into a Bayleef xD) and I chose Charmander as my partner. I probably won't get another Char plush, but my dad just brought home a SB Chikorita doll from NYC the other day, and I named her after the one in my game. (Which is Serene... little did I know that the village is named Serene Village ;A;)

I think that's all I wanted to post? Anyway, thanks for reading!

collection update!

hello everyone!~ it's been a while since I joined the community this year, and my collection has grown quite a bit. just wanted to showcase the before and after pictures, because I realised how crowded my shelves are now (haha).

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that's all for now! hopefully this post wasn't too boring. I only did updates on my shelves because it was the most glaring difference (since everything else was stored away).

Question of the day: Do you ever look back at your first collection post and realise how much it has grown?