November 25th, 2015

Some Gets - A New Plush and Poke Center Loot Christmas Mystery Box!

Hey people.

Well as I have been getting back into collecting, I stumbled onto a site called Poke Center Loot, a site that ships Pokemon Center items to the UK =D (Curse you official pokecenter website for not shipping to the UK!).

And as such I made a couple of impulse buys. A certain plush and a Mystery Christmas Box!.

I did actually do a video, but the quality messed up and the audio de-synced and it was all around a failure so here is a photo journey instead!

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Gets + Wants + Comparison: Multi post

Hey guys, I got a few things in the mail and thought I'd share it.
I got that adorable heracross banpresto plush from miss10 Thanks again! Heracross fits in perfectly with my other pokedoll sized plush. I wish bug types got more plush merch. Vulpix and Amaura came from I was very relieved that Amaura's sails weren't bent, I've receved some wonky plush from in the past. I recomend everyone get a Vulpix, it's just perfect. I wish they would give Growlithe and Arcanine the same treatment. I was able to resist Ninetales, but a big fluffy Arcanine would be a must have. The Mel sisters came from Japan, at first I didn't want the Dance forme, but she's growing on me.

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And lastly a Sales plug. I have lots of minty plush for sale. Please check it out. Click the Banner!

Introduction (kind of)

Hi to everyone who reads this post,

I am new in this community and I would like to introduce myself.
I am a student from Germany who likes Pokémon since the 4th generation hit the stores. As you can see from my avatar, I am a huge fan of Piplup and its evolutions. When I first played Diamond, I chose Turtwig, but whatever...
Since about a year I play the trading card game and now I start to collect other merchandise as well, mostly Piplups, Prinplups and of course Empoleons. At the moment, I own just a few trading cards, an Empoleon plush (thanks to chain) and an Empoleon figure, but I hope that my collection can grow a little bit.

Thanks for your attention and I hope we can get along well
PlinfaLover (by the way, Plinfa means Piplup in German)

Does anyone want to split some Christmas Cards? - ALL SLOTS FULL!

So it has come to my attention that there are some Christmas items on that were not available in Japan. One such item is the Aurora Parade Christmas card! :D However, it comes in a pack of 12 and costs $17.50! :/ I only want one... So would anybody else like a Christmas card? :D This is the design on it:

I would ship this item from UK but shipping would be very cheap! XD These are cards after all, and each one comes with its own envelope. If you would like the envelope intact then also let me know! You can see better pictures by going to and typing 'holiday' into the search bar!

I was granted sales permission on August 7, 2015 by areica96
Each card will cost $1.49 to claim (excluding PayPal fees and shipping costs!)
I will order the cards when I have at least 10 of them claimed, and will not require payment until then.
All pkmncollectors rules apply!
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Intro Post + Umbreon Collection

Hello! I'm Yoshiko75, and I'm a new member located in the US. I'm looking forward to participating in this community! When it comes to collecting Pokemon merchandise, I collect whatever catches my eye, so my collection is very wide and tends not to focus on a particular Pokemon or type of item. My favorite Pokemon is Umbreon, but I also love Meganium, Ho-Oh, Wailord, Furret, and Tropius (and many others)!

Today I'll be sharing some photos of my Umbreon items with you, and I plan on posting some photos of the rest of my Pokemon collection in the future.

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Thanks for viewing! On a side note, since I'm new to LiveJournal, please don't hesitate to let me know if I'm doing something wrong >_< Also, Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!
  • erlanai

Quick question

Hi all o/

I've a question for every plushie collector, in fact I own the HQ Pikachu (the big and fuzzy one) from the I love Pikachu line, aaaand I can't help myself but sleep with him every night. So he lost his softness and I was wondering if anyone here knows a miraculous tip to help him getting his soft fur back ?

I'm also throwing my wants here : even if my wallet is currently in crisis x)

(I apologize for not being so active these times but college is killing me D: and my plushies are taking a longer time to come after all the mess in Paris and France ;-; as soon as I receive all of them I'll make sure to post something)

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving US fellows ! :3

momozono nanami

A "Little" Eevee Gets Party!

Hello Everyone ^u^

It's been a (little) while. Classes and tutoring duties have really eaten my time these past few months. I've been around, just not as much as I would like. Since this is my first break of the semester, it's time for a full post!

I promised in my last post that the next would be a special Eevee filled one. Welp, here it is! Everything pictured is Eevee related in some way, shape, or form. If you're a bit tired of all the Eevee merch. it may be best to steer clear away from here...seriously my wallet needs a Full Restore ^^;

Warning! This post is a tad image heavy. I have some more Eevee goodies in the mail, but this is everything Eevee that I've received throughout the summer until now. Also apologies in advance for the potato quality. Michigan weather has been consistently crappy when I was able to take pictures >->

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Thank you for viewing and for putting up my wordiness! And thank you to all the wonderful members who have helped me expand my collection!
Besides school stuff, I've been doing some rearraning since I have some non-Eevee things that I didn't include here. I have a collection update/1 year anniversary post that I need to post (hopefully) soon ;)

Stay safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving or Thursday.
Until next time!