November 27th, 2015

Pokemon - legendary bird trio

Etsy Store Sale

Hi! While I'm completely booked up on custom commissions, my Etsy store has a 20% off coupon active from now until December 5th. Click the images below to be directed to the Pokemon subsection of my Etsy store and enter WILDTURKEY at checkout to receive the discount!

Sales permission was grandfathered in at the beginning of the comunity.

Shop sales

Hello everyone :D

I wanna share my shop with you:
I have a lot of things for sale, there's a lot of pokemon related stuff that you might like; all of it is handmade and designed by me.

Use this code at checkout to get 10% off:  pokecollector
*This discount doesn't work with items that are already on sale.

I was granted sales permission on 09 December 2012 by entirelycliched
Here’s a link to my feedback:

Happy Holidays :)

More Christmas Cards!

Hi there! ^-^ Today, jen81489 and I are bringing you all another chance to get a exclusive Christmas card! :D The aurora design went down a treat, so now it's time for the Pikachu design! :D

The cards will be $1.49 each and there will be 12 slots up for grabs! :) jen81489 will be posting from US! :) Price for flat shipping will be $0.49 for US and $1.20 for international. All PKMNcollectors rules apply.
I was granted sales permission on August 7, 2015 by areica96
jen81489 was granted sales permission on 9/24/13 by allinia
There will be one payment of price of card + shipping + PayPal fees

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Pokemon @ McDonalds

Pokemon is Back and McDonalds! I'm not sure if there's anyone else out there who loves these cute little things, but I certainly do!

each of them does something different: Pikachu (Little electric sparks on his clear tail), Lugia (wing flapping action), M-Latios (Shoots a projectile), Primal Groudon (a switch makes his head go back and his arms out), Wobuffet (a trigger opens and closes the mouth), Hoopa (throws little ring disc), Primal Kyogre (squirts water), and Rayquaza (a button opens and closes the mouth).

There's also a set of 12 Promo cards, but 8 figures means you'll have to double up on them. Word of warning, I got some today and it looks like Groudon will probably be the death of the cards; despite the cardboard in the package, Grou's awkwardly pointy body and shape are perfect for bending up cards.

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Anyone looking for any Metal Figures?

Hey poke-people! So I've decided that im going to be selling off a LOT of my metal figures. I'm only going to be collecting 1 of each pokemon, each in a specific color

So im wondering who here is looking for which pokemon? I may have the pokemon you are looking for.. some are going to be going up for straight sale, some are going to be trade only, and some id prefer to trade but id be willing to sell if someone offers a good price.. so if you are looking for a particular metal pokemon let me know

I mainly have gen 1's.. I have a FEW from other gen's but not many

This post is just gauging interest, the actual sales/trades will be posted within the next few days or so

Updated sales

Hi guys, I'm here since I have updated finally my sales post with new photos and items. You can check it HERE or click on the Poochyena. I have the take 6 items and pay only 4 again and new stickers :3
I also got this megablok set because I wanted Houndoom and it has arrived this week. I'll only keep Houndoom block so the others blocks will be for sale (if someone is interested let me know) and I think I'll do an auctions with the Groudon since I don't have any idea about its price :O I guess I'll work on the post the next week.
Also, wants... You know, we lost the last GA for other collector so I'm still looking for Larvitar and the others... Thank you guys!
Bellossom Lotad & Skitty

McDonalds Figures Pickups. ~

I noticed a few of you were super excited about the new McDonald's Pokemon Figures but not located in the US to go get them yourselves.
I'm going to be picking up figures from this promotion and giving them away to you guys for free, all I ask is that you pay shipping! More details under the cut. ~

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Tagging xxlatiosxx and raymence since they were asking about this a few weeks back. C: