November 29th, 2015

  • aslyl

Quick wants post!

Doing some Christmas shopping for myself and am looking for items from the following pokemon,
Stunky, Stunktank, Cherrim & Cherubi-High Priority
Notable things that I already have- Cherrim Pokedoll, Cherrim & Cherubi Jacks Plush, Both normal cherrim & cherubi kids and a singing kid on the way, Cherrim line zukan figure, charm set.

Mismagius, Zoura- Medium Priority
Notable things that I already have- Mismaggy pikachu (2), Kid figure, 2015 rubber strap

Bidoof-Low Priority

Thank you!

Sunday Art Corner - November 29th through December 27th

Welcome to the Sunday Art Corner, a monthly post where you can share your creations with the community! Here you are permitted to post anything you have created, plushies, sculpts, cosplay, artwork (traditional and digital), writings, etc. Something creative? Post it here! We understand the want to talk to the community about your artwork so this post is going to remain on the sidebar all month for members to use and chat about.

We do have a few rules we would like you to keep in mind.

Absolutely no advertising of any kind is permitted on this post. You will get one warning and then you will be banned from posting here. We are taking this very seriously. This post is meant for discussion and critique, not to gain sales. Art trades are acceptable.

This includes asking for commissions. Please PM the artist if you are interested in discussion commissions.

Please keep everything Safe for Work. This means any fanfiction needs to be PG or under. We're not here to share your raunchy fanfiction (there are other places for that sort of thing).

Please be respectful of every one posting. We have a wide variety of age groups and talent ranges. If you are here to critique, remember to keep your points valid. "Oh this looks bad" is not a good way to critique and you will be warned and banned from posting for things like this.

If you are looking for critique, please add "Open for Critique" somewhere in your post. Some just wish to show off their artwork while others want feedback on how or what to improve. If someone does not specify then please do not critique.

As always we are trying our best to improve this, if you have any suggestions, questions or concerns please feel free to contact the moderators via Report a Problem

Please keep images 750x750 and under. Since this post is going to be very long and large, try and keep images small for those with bandwidth caps or mobile users! Any posts with extremely large pictures will be deleted until those pictures are resized.

In this post only, any type of art is accepted, not just Pokemon related. We're currently testing the ratio of pokemon to non-pokemon art posted and will change the rules depending on this ratio.

Moving Sales Reminder!


This is a one time reminder about my moving sales! Still plenty of awesome things left, including a Raichu Pokedoll, Eeveelution blanket, sleeping Eevee pillow, Fennekin 1:1 plush, and more! And I've lowered the prices on a lot of items!

Feel free to haggle! You can find everything here:

Sylveon Collection Holo Promo Pokemon Cards

Hi All! I have THREE sets that I'm looking to sell. The pricing is as follows:

$30 for the set shipped within the US
$43 for the set shipped Internationally

$8 for each card shipped within the US
$13 for each card shipped internationally

Priority is given to those purchasing a set. Thanks!

Granted sales permission by denkimouse 6/7/2011
  • j_ule

sales reminder

Hey all :)

I wanted to remind you of my sales!


Condition: slightly loved and a bit dusty, though still in excellent condition
Note: doesn't have the S sticker on the tush tag, but he is legit

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This is what is also left:

Croagunk Pokedoll - $30 OBO
Condition of hangtag: slightly bent, has a few small creases, however nothing drastic!
Condition of Croagunk: has some small almost non-visible spots at right cheek, but I assume they can be cleaned easily with surface-cleaning.

Swirlix Pokedoll, MWT (though a little dusty) - $12

Charmander Ichiban Kuji - $10
I also still have the box it came in

Charmander Yawakarai Plush - $8

Vaporeon I<3Eeevee sitting plush, MWT - $9

These guys are searching for new homes! <3
Thanks for looking :)
  • chaobu

Collection Weeding Sales!

Hi everybody!  It's been a long time coming, but I've made the decision to sell most of my collection.  Simply put, I just don't have enough space in my current living situation to display my plushies, and most of them have been spending the past few months in boxes.  I'm really hoping to find new homes for these plushies, so I'm putting them up for sale!

I've also reduced prices on my existing sales!  Please check them out!


-I was granted sales permission on Oct. 20th, 2015 by arecia96.
-My feedback is located here
-All pkmncollectors rules apply.
-Prices are in USD and do not include shipping/fees
-Paypal only
-Payment is due within 24 hrs, unless prior arrangements have been made
-I am willing to do holds, but they will be treated as a commitment!

-Haggling is allowed. However, I reserve the right to reject offers or give counter offers.
-I am no longer responsible for items after they leave my hands. I can provide proof of shipment if needed.
-All items come from a non-smoking, pet-free home!
-I ship from Missouri, USA. As of now, I am offering international shipping as well!
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Lastly, as a bonus, I'll be including one common TCG card from the image below with each purchase over $10 for free!
If you would like a specific card, let me know.  Otherwise, I will choose one at random for you.

Taken:  Mareep, Pikachu, Duskull

~Cyber Monday Sales~

Hello guys :D
I hope all of you had a good thanksgiving, or a good weekend if you don't celebrate. I'm here with some super discounted sales, just for one day!

I'll start with perler sprites. There's a coupon over etsy that expires next week, all the info is on my shop announcement :)

There are tons of things there- small sprites starting at 1 dollar, and large sprites starting at 10 :D I do take custom orders too. These are perfect little christmas gifts, tree decorations, wall decor, or keychains! I've even seen someone put them up in their lawn as little yard props. There are couple themed sprites, and there's a personality game- answer some questions and a pokemon that represents you will arrive at your door :)



Aside from that, I have normal sales here. They include cosplay and props, along with other things.

You can order perler sprites over the comm if you don't have an etsy- here are the rules regarding that.

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Thank you~

Handmade Flaaffy for sale

Hi everyone :) In between studying over the past three weeks or so I've been working on this Flaaffy. It's made from clay and fluffy material, like my Jumpluffs (which are both still for sale! $40 each). Flaaffy is available to buy for $70. I think that flaaffy may be interested in this so I'm tagging, but it's available for anyone. I can always make another.
Edit: please note it's slightly pinker in real life. The lighting washed it out a bit.


-Sales permission granted by areica96 on 07-11-2015
-All community rules apply.
-I will not sell to banned or non members.
-The first person to express interest has priority. If they don't respond within 24 hours of my response, it goes to the next person who expresses interest/commits
-My hand made items will all differ slightly from each other. However they will all be finished to the same quality.
-Prices are in USD
-I accept Paypal only.
-Prices do not include fees or shipping
-I ship from the United Kingdom
-I will ship internationally, but be aware postage may be high
-I protect my items well with bubble wrap when packaging to avoid breakage. I am sorry that this may make postage cost more but it is necessary.
-No haggling please
-I have a cat so please be aware if you are very allergic
-I understand that sometimes money is tight and if you really want something I will hold it for up to one week, but only if you are committed to buying it.
-I will ship as fast as I can, however with college and work I often may not be able to ship until the weekend

You can view my feedback here:

goomy, quagsire, pokemon

Pokemon All Star Collection - Need more Info!

I think I saw a post on here a while back about a Pokemon All-Star Collection that is going to be released soon. Among the pokemon in that collection is a new Goomy plush!

I cannot remember who the other Pokemon in the collection are, and I cannot find the original post.

I would love to learn more about this release (details on the items, material it's made of, size, price, when it will be released ect.), and if it's coming to the U.S.... and if not, is there anyone taking pre-orders right now?

Thank you all in advance! :)

convention gets!

hello!!!! I went to the biggest local anime convention yesterday, and there was a surprisingly large amount of fanmade pokemon goods for sale! and also some other interesting things on display...

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That's it for now! Have a happy weekend, because mine is ending soon. ^^;

Do you buy fanmade merchandise? (prints, books, charms)