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01 December 2015 @ 01:14 am

Been trying to look for this thing since it came out, and like many other boxes when NA got a figure, EU got a jumbo card inside. The Mega Charizard jumbo cards are already had to find, and very pricey. Never did see those pop up on eBay for a good price, even for the cards themselves! I easily got the Xerneas/Yveltal ones as just the cards, and recently a seller put up the Mega Mewtwo boxes up at NA prices, which I had to snag! Mega Charizard jumbos are now impossible to find (except at high British Pound prices...)

This Rayquaza though? I can't find it anywhere! Well ok, a seller on Amazon.com has the whole box for $60+, and importing it from Amazon.co.uk would be above $80 for shipping and everything >_> But geeze those are way too high! I wish more sellers had just the cards...

Anyone happen to have this guy (or even the Mega Charizard jumbos)? Hoping to spend under $10, since that's what I've been spending on my other jumbo cards, from both NA and EU, off eBay.
01 December 2015 @ 09:56 am

Hey guys, I've weeded out my collection a bit more and will now put up everything for sale. :) Take a look if you'd like. <3

Rules and items up for grabs under the cut.Collapse )

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01 December 2015 @ 11:49 am
Hi all, just letting you know that I've listed three slots for Butterfree plush preorders on my Etsy.

♥ Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on July 27, 2013.
♥ All pkmncollectors rules apply.
♥ Plush come from smoke free home. I do have a cat, but she rarely comes near my work space.
♥ My feedback can be found here

Link is here: https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/257871954/preorder-pokemon-butterfree-plush-pick

They are made to order, so won't be ready in time for Christmas.

Thanks for reading!
01 December 2015 @ 01:28 pm
grail.jpg Hello Everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG

Today i have sifted through all my sales posts and lowered prices on just about everything (except the kid figures that are already only a dollar each.) Most items in the toys and flats post are $3 or less!! Even the plushies got some discounting! So please check it out!
I'll be packaging everything up tomorrow and going to the PO Thursday so get your orders in now!! c: If you've purchased kid figures from me and would like to add something to your order today please let me know! I haven't paid for shipping yet so i can still add things. :3

Click on any banner to see what you'd like!~

And please PLEASE read the rules and don't just sift through them to find the secret word. -.- I can't tell you how annoying it is to have to repetitively say "hey there is a $5 minimum rule please add something else to your order to meet it blah blah blah". Ain't nobody got time for dat.

Anyhoo, have a good first day of December!! :D

~ Thank you all for looking! <3
Can't believe December is here! It's my birthday month so I'm excited! Also, a year ago my request was approved to join the community. How I never joined earlier sorta baffles me as I've been using LJ since 2007 when I was 14 so... but then I stopped using LJ and used Tumblr. Ah how social media evolves. Anyone remember the days of Xanga? XD;;;

Christmas will be here before you know it. ;w; *Pic from this year's bi-monthly wall calendar

Well, it has been one year on the community, I don't have a super big post right now since I just haven't had the time and dedication... so much to share.

But I did get a nice FromJapan package yesterday...

Christmas Pikachu plush!Collapse )

And Eevee is too precious! Pokemon Center US sucks for taking out the bell. The bell makes is even more special, such a nice sound when you play with it.:( This is why I buy Japanese releases only.

Well, the main reason why I started collecting Japanese Pokemon goods more seriously is...

Yes, the Pikazards. Charizard is one of my faves growing up and how could you not resist how awesome they are!!

And we will have more in 9 DAYS. A little more than a week for those Mega Pikachu campaign release day! I am excited but I am not buying everything. Hahaha, I am not that crazy... ;;; Just getting the ones I like (Charizard X, Sableye, and Pikabro)! But if I was rich, I'll fly to Japan and get them all HAHA. My birthday is 12/13 so it comes out right before my birthday!!

I saw on a TCG forum a link to the San Francisco Travel site that some info and dates when SF Worlds will be... not 100% confirmation but gives us an idea. So happy it will be near me! Since we're in the SF Bay Area and Pokemon Go is being developed by Niantic Labs based here... Maybe we'll get to see it at Worlds?? Even better, makes sense Worlds is in SF!

I'll be going to up SF for my birthday... as it's a tradition for me and my friends since SantaCon falls on my birthday weekend. Hopefully Japantown Santa Chu is growing a beard since the last time I saw him in the beginning of November XD

I will also try to share more book and magazine pics. I have taken pictures of a few nice pages but I just want to take pictures of the whole thing before sharing. but here is a Pokemon learn to write hiragana book with XY Pokemon.

Anyways, look out for a big end of the year recap post from me that will be a better 1 year anniversary post! :D
01 December 2015 @ 02:43 pm
Final TCG sales, selling off the last of my collection. Lots of EX, rare cards and full arts under the cut! cross posted in a lot of places.

Sales Rules!Collapse )

Here there be cards!Collapse )

Again, I come today with a bit of news concerning my sculpture commissions! I have decided to open up two slots for February-March and you are all free to take advantage of these two slots as you wish! As always, I come offering the chance for your favourite Pokémon to be sculpted by me whether it's Heracross, Moltres or even my own little favourite Ekans! If you've always wanted a custom sculpture of absolutely -any- Pokémon that you collect, please consider taking up a commission with me and I'm sure we'll have an absolute ball together creating something awesome! All the information you need to know is under the cut and anything I have missed out, I will happily answer for you! Take a look!

The All Important Stuff!Collapse )

Good luck to all you prospective commissioners in getting your slot and best wishes to you all! =D
Thank you!
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01 December 2015 @ 03:07 pm
Hi all, I have lots of new things for sale today from my and my wife's collections!  Also, all of my old sales are drastically reduced in price!  Come check it out~ : D
Many items are OBO and feel free to haggle because not sure of the going prices of some things!

LOTS of sales!Collapse )
Hi! I forgot to add a couple items to my auction including this rare Shuppet keychain plush ;3 my auctions end this Thursday evening so click the link and check it out ;)


Cheers & Happy Bidding
01 December 2015 @ 06:18 pm
Hello community! I hope you all are doing well and are excited for the holiday season and the approaching new year! I come to you with some holiday wants! I really want to reward myself for all the work I've been putting into my grades and my outside activities!

I'm looking for these little adorable Bandai button plushies. They're pretty similar to the popular but rare kutakuta terrycloth plushies. Though, I've found that they are smaller and obviously have buttons! SO CUTE! Still, I remain hopeful that you guys can help me with my wishes this year!

Lastly, I just want to say that I am grateful to all of you guys for the safe and caring environment that you have created here. It's been a hard year for me, personally, but seeing the community posts and the enthusiasm over pokemon everyday has made this year still so amazing! Thank you all! :') Cheers to another great year of collecting!
01 December 2015 @ 06:53 pm
Hello! I am offering last minute pick ups! Apparently I have a meeting in Nagoya tomorrow for work! I want to stop by a camera store next to the Pokemon center so I can also get some Pokemon things!

I have 5 pick up slots open commitment style. This means you will pay after I pick up the item(s). I have a list of items here with prices on them: http://gaarasyami.livejournal.com/38708.html
Be warned most Xmas things were sold out last time:(

If you do not see acertain item on my list please feel free to ask me about it and send me a picture of it. I couldn't put everything on the list since there are just too many awesome goods! I will quote you a price for the item(s) you want. Please do not ask me to find an item with a certain character on it. Please only ask about specific items.

I also can give you a general idea about what the shipping cost and total would be. But final quote could change after I weigh the package.

There is a possiblity that some items are sold out!! Last week the most xmas things were.

-I ship from Japan.
-Please express clear commitment to secure a slot.
-I can also combine items with items from my own personal sales http://gaarasyami.livejournal.com/37398.html
-Please pay for items quickly after I send you the final quote!

Sales permission granted by areica96
feedback :http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/gaarasyami/
(community rules apply)

1. @ninetails ; 2 Xmas Cookie Tins, Illumination Aurora nights clear file (if restocked)PAID/ SHIPPED
2. @Flaffy, heroine girl iPhone 6 case PAID/ SHIPPED
3. jasonivich , Xmas pin, any other pin PAID/ SHIPPED
4. raikourai , hip hop grow lithe tote
01 December 2015 @ 08:27 pm
Sooo yeah, like the title says, I'm selling a few of the more wanted swingcharms of my personal collection, since I believe there are others who would be more appreciative of them (Since in my collection they're in a closed binder a looot)


I'm shipping from 30189 in the US, and I CAN ship world wide, prices will vary depending on where you live.

You will have 48 hours to pay for the item(s) you won after the auction ends and winners are announced.

I only accept payment through paypal.

Items will be shipped as soon as I recieve payment from everyone. (Paypal debit card so no wait time for money transferring to the bank)

My feedback -> http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/bacentrekkes/

I was given permission to sell in pkmncollectors by entirelycliched on 2/11/2013

Keychain auctions! (Eeveelutions included)Collapse )

Also this ends on friday at 6pm my time (East Coast US)
01 December 2015 @ 08:35 pm
Hello all!

Just a quick note that I am currently searching for a Palkia pokedoll, preferably with tags. I'd ideally like to spend $25 on it, but if you have one, it definitely doesn't hurt to ask!

Hello there guys!
Today, I have received a huge box of goodies, mainly some new books, from which I again take a bunch of flats for my main collections. As always, I also end up with a lot of extras, so for flats collectors, they are up for sale!
I have bought almost 7 new different books that include surely one of your favourite Pokemon at least once + PC postcard set! I also got the new Karuta set, in hopes for my favs, but no luck..so all the guys go for sale!

Books include a bunch of pages like these (putting most under a cut). Most are priced depending on popularity of Pokemon!

postcards 010
Pokedex data Pokemon! Each piece (NOT pages, divided by Pokemon) are 1-3$!

postcards 008
Large Pokedex pictures! Each is 3-5$!

Other books, tags + rules!Collapse )

I scanned all the Karuta cards + PC postcards, so they are easier to see!

postcards 014

Karuta + postcards!Collapse )

Thank you for looking! <3

I am going through all the flats for now and I need to go to sleep, as I am going to classes! Will come back to you in about 10-15 hours from now!
01 December 2015 @ 10:01 pm
I was going through some of my old card wrappers and I found some awesome old ones if anyone would be interested :D

I also have gone to mcdonalds a few times to get toys ehehe >u> but I didn't get the pikachu card I wanted so if anyone would be willing to trade the pikachu promo for one of mine that would be amazing ;;w;; They are all MIP except lotad so I can't show the actual pictures of the cards :'D

I have rhyhorn, staryu, and zigzagoon although ziggy is currently on hold~

If you don't have pikachu for trade these cards are all $1.50 each c:

Go under the cut to see the card wrappers/sales rules :D

Wrappers!Collapse )

have an awesome day/night everyone! <3
Nina Needless
01 December 2015 @ 11:48 pm
Good evening guys. I will get on Thursday/Friday some extra money. I already have the Pokedoll, posable Tomy and the wooden stamp. I'm not looking for any flats! Shipping would be to Germany. (I'm posting with my smartphone and I hope the picture is not to big lol)

Thanks in advance!