December 2nd, 2015


Quick Totodile Question/Want

Hey ya'll just a quick question I was wondering if anyone had this [Tomy Totodile Plush]

because I was wondering if it was soft or not or the usual Tomy quality (The rougher material they usually make plushes). I've been looking things up and hunting around and it feels like there's just not many nice, big, and soft Totodile plushes out there. So if anyone has any info on some good Totodile plushes out there, or if they even have one up for sale (though they would have to hold it for me since I'm bogged down with other Christmas shopping and tests right now) then that would be even better! 

Auctions ending sunday. Some starting at $1!

Hi. Last month was a bad month for me where I was bed-ridden for almost the whole month haha. Well not funny, but hopefully December will be better! I am doing some quick auctions to ship these out before Christmas time. There are some rare things like Banpresto Arcanine that will make great gifts! Some starting at just $1 like the SWABLU BUTT CUSHION. The auctions will end on Sunday 7PST so get bidding! I will post one reminder around 24 hours later.

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Build-A-Bear Pikachu Up for Pre-order

Hello everyone, long time no post.

Originally, the Build-A-Bear pikachu was supposed to come out in 2016, but the release has been moved to the end of this month.

This is the special web-only set. It's $60 and includes the plush, charizard and pokeball hoodies, a voicebox, and an exclusive TCG card. You can also reserve to stuff your own in-store.


Pokemon Kigurumis?

Hey everyone! I wanted to know if anyone in the community has made/makes Pokemon Kigus? I am going to be making a Charizard one myself here soon to run around in at cons. My girlfriend will be cosplaying either Charmander or Team Magma with me.. itll be lots of fun!

I do a lot of crafting and sewing, but itll be my first time making a kigu.. so if any other makers out there have any tips for me that would be awesome! Id love to see examples too.

I hope yall have an awesome week~!
Pokemon, Me, Kecleon

Interested In Buying Raichu Merch :D

I'm Currently Looking To Buy Any Merch Relating To Raichu:

Ideally I'd Like To Buy From UK Sellers However If Internantional Sellers Have Multiple Items Im Interested In I'd Be Happy To Buy Internationally :)!

If You Could Provide Any Images Of What You Have I'd Be Greatly Appreciative.


Ed and Chaboikan

Collection Update! And Cyber... Wednesday? Sales Discount

Hello everyone! So I totally missed my commiversary again, even though I said I was going to do an update that day. Stuff happened, so I'm a couple months late on it, but collection update time!! Click the cut for pictures!

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I was also wanting to have a Cyber Monday sales discount, but since I missed Monday, I'll just have it for the rest of the week. I'm doing 20%off everything in all of my sales posts til Sunday! Click the banner to be taken to my sales! Thanks everyone!

Zygarde Love

I am a big Steven Universe fan and Zygarde, I find, seems to have the Steven Universe feel to him. (Because he also has a "gem")

So of course I want a mountain of plush- anybody know if anything is coming out. I saw Sunnyshore is selling the pokedoll version for 20 but I was wondering if there are any other types and when they are most likely going to be coming out.

Where I can find them, prices and if you guys already own this plush- can you send photos? The reason I don't want to grab one from Sunnyshore is because there is only a stock photo

Quick wants post/trade! JP Secret Base Cyndaquil

Hi guys! Just posting a (hopefully) super quick want! I sold my JP Secret Base Cyndaquil awhile back and now the US has one's smaller!!! So I am in search of the JP one! Looking to spend around $25 shipped if possible :) Once winter break rolls around, I'll be posting some gets and what not so hopefully my posts won't be so boring? haha

Also, I'm looking to trade my mip JP sleepy Charmander and sleepy Mudkip kuttari if possible. I would preferable like to trade them for the Cyndaquil but I'm open to offers :) I just really want them gone haha