December 3rd, 2015

Espeon OC Mystic


Hello all~
Just thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Angel, and I recently joined this group :3
I collect mostly Espeon, Vulpix, and Growlithe merch, but I also like Houndour/Houndoom, and Vaporeon. But I like pretty much anything pink or cutesy XD
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Pokemon of the Week - Shaymin!

The rules are simple, you can post pictures, discuss how awesome this pokemon is, look for merchandise or even tell us stories! Please remember to keep it on topic.

(These posts are meant to be all about these pokemon, so your post doesn't have to include merchandise! Have one in game? Saw a cute picture online? Post it!)


Looking for UK and EU sellers! (+ TCG Wants)

Hey guys!!

I have some Christmas shopping to do - looking for anyone in the UK or EU who has a sales post or stuff for sale :>
Excuse the weird request of regions, but postage seems to be cheaper and faster from these parts. I get paid on the 7th so as long as you're fine with waiting the weekend before I can pay - hit me up with those delicious goods! <3

Thanks so much :>


To make this post a little less boring, ill shove my TCG wants here too (This applies for worldwide sellers/traders too):
Delicous TCG Card Wants

I'm very fussy about condition - cards need to be MINT - pack fresh - absolutely no imperfections.
I'm interested in buying or trading for any cards I need, you can find my sales post at the top of that entry and I also have a binder of holos & rares so give me a shout if you want to see :)

20%off and free shipping on custom society6 items

Hello everyone! I wanted to let you know about a special offer I have going on on my Society6 store... most of the items I have on it are Pokémon related so I hope you can find something you like.

Until December 5th, there's FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING... plus you also get 20% off each item!
I can personaly guaranteee for the quality of the shirts and mugs. Really well made and durable, and the print quality is great.

Here’s my shop, be sure to use this promo link to get the free shipping and discount offer:

Can't find anything for your favorite Pokémon? Please take a look to my tumblr Pokémon art tag:
If you see anything you like, feel free to ask me to put it on items :)
I also accept suggestions for future pieces of artwork to add to the shop!

I was granfathered sales permission since 2007
my feedback is here

I'm also willing to trade for items in my wishlist. Please let me know if you're interested in a trade and we can discuss details.

I'm also interested in buying these items:

Thanks for reading and happy collecting!

eBay lot!

Hi everyone!

I posted all of the leftovers from my sales over on eBay! Let me know if you would like to see more pictures of anything or have any questions. Feel free to do a Group Buy, too! There are still a lot of rare plushies and items available and now they're in one, big awesome lot!

You can check it out here:

New additions to my collection!

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well :) First I want to say thank you to the people who offered their help when I asked about finding a couple of things a little while ago. I was able to get them both! (One is still on the way). And also thank you so much to everyone I've bought things from recently!!

So here are the new things I got over the past couple of months! I also did a bit of rearranging of my collection. Hope you like it :)

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Metal Figures Sales



-All pkmncollectors rules apply
- I have a $10 minimum order requirement. Shipping out a million $2 orders is a pain in the arse.
-I was granted sales permission on August 16, 2015 by areica96
-My community feedback can be found here:
-I will not sell to banned users, and reserve the right to refuse to sales to anyone who I do not feel safe selling too.
-Please express clearly whether you are committed or just after a quote. Priority on items will go to those who are committed. I will however offer to hold an item if and only IF the buyer can give me an exact payment date.
-Negative feedback will be left if you back out of a sale, please do not commit if you cannot pay.
-I do own a dog and, though he isn't allowed to touch any of the items and I keep them clean, he is still an indoor dog so if you have severe allergies you buy at your own risk.
-I will not accept returns, so please ask questions before purchasing if you are unsure.
-I DO accept trades but only Metal Figures.

-I accept Paypal or Concealed Cash
-Payment must be made within 48 hours of receiving your total after you commit, or if you have asked for a hold, payment must be made by the agreed upon date.
- Prices are in USD and do NOT include shipping

-I ship from Michigan USA
-I do NOT offer international shipping, USA buyers/traders only please.
-I typically ship on Saturday so your item will most likely go out the Saturday following your payment. If for whatever reason there will be a delay I will message you right away.
-I will not give compensation or a refund on items lost in the mail.


Trades Link-

Wants List Link-

Back from holidays!!

Hey guys! :D

So, this morning I came back from holiday, and i made a little photo story with my Zigzagoon :3 Yes, he went with me to Curacao (Caribbean) and we made some cool pics, take a look:

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Oh and let me just put my grails here, maybe some of you might have something I like :3
(Bought the suction cup already, its still coming my way, as well for the Japanese bean!)

For the full wish list, please click HERE.

Thanks all for watching <3

Have a nice weekend! (almost!)

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Piplup Wants Post!

Hi everyone! I am on the hunt again for a few wants for my Piplup collection!

Above are my main wants for sure! I am also very happy to look at anything else piplup to see
if I have it already or not ^ u ^! Many of you have helped my current collection grow, and hope
for even more adorable goodies in the future! <3


Fairy Fabric

I was shopping at Joann Fabrics today and saw this fabric among the usual Pokémon designs they've been carrying. :) I think it's new! I haven't seen anyone post about it yet, so forgive me if they have.

Isn't it cute? I think it would look great as a shelf lining, or even as a backdrop for collection display. Do you have it? What would you use it for, or what have you already used it for?

You can buy it online apparently!

Pre-Christmas Wants/Wish list


Looking for a number of figures for a christmas project (though, realistically its going to be way into the new year before this project is done).

If you have any of the following figures, please let me know.

1) Smeargle zukan: Complete with base, or baseless, its fine. Also looking for all three colour variants (Red, Green and Blue, with a higher want for the blue tailed one).

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2) Smeargle Tomy: In good condition. Looking for about 7 of these guys.
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3) Shiny Noctowl Tomy: Figured this is a stretch, but would love this alternate coloured Tomy.

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Please also provide a quote for shipping to Canada.

Thanks a million and Happy Holidays

Farewell Pokedolls Auction Reminder

Bidding on this auction has officially ended. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Hi Everyone! :D
There is a little under 24 hours left to bid on items in my Farewell Pokedolls Auction. :) Many items still do not have bids, so if you would like to get them for the starting price, now is your chance!

You can click on the banner to go to the original post or click here.

Here is a list of the items up for auction:
1. MWT Raichu Pokedoll
2. MWT Mewtwo Pokedoll
3. MWT Lugia Pokedoll
4. MWT Ho-oh Pokedoll
5. TTO Groudon Pokedoll
6. MWT Lucario Pokedoll
7. MWT Dialga Pokedoll
8. MWT Palkia Pokedoll
9. MWT Giratina Pokedoll
10. MWT Darkrai Pokedoll
11. MWT Cresselia Pokedoll
12. TTO Reshiram Pokedoll
13. MWT Xerneas Pokedoll
14. MWT Yveltal Pokedoll

*Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on November 6, 2014.
*My pkmncollectors community feedback can be found here.

Happy Bidding! :D
Aggron y Bergmite bbs

Let's do this! Sales with some room pics

Good morning/day/evening everyone! It's been a while since I've posted and my commenting has been super sporatic, so I doubt many people remember me, bUT! I've made the decision for the most part to take a hiatus from collecting altogether, and I've got some lovely Poke things in my sales that I would like to move for a little extra holiday spending money

Click here or the picture to be transported!

My 5-year commversary was back in November, but I'll make a little re-intro just for the heck of it cause my last actual collection post was during the stone age, so let's do it!
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teeny pin collection!! + wants 🌟

Hello! 🌟
How is everyone!!! I got my last few purchases in the mail about a week ago, so I decided to share my budding pin collection here.

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There are sooo many more pins to collect I think I might start saving up to get the "rarer" ones in the future!

Thanks for reading my post (if you did)!!

Pins or Charms? (if you had to choose one)