December 4th, 2015

ISO: Dark Dragon merch

Hi comm -

It's not often that I post on here but uhh...I was wondering if you guys had any Hydreigon figures or keychains for sale? ^^"

Also, I have gotten a lot of new stuff in the meantime and I will try to post another gets post when I'm not too busy.

Thanks so much and I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!
Casual Shoto

Found this!

So I was browsing amiami this morning and found this!

They are quite cute! I specially really like the Charmander ^^
I believe they are from the same brand as the recent ones that came out not too long ago with a super cute Jigglypuff. They are to be release in February 2016 :)
Ditto and Snorlax are cushions.

LF: totodile line merch!

Ah... It's that time of year again, huh? Winter holidays are approaching! :)
I hope everyone is doing well! :) Is anyone doing anything Pokemon-related this Christmas?

I have some gets to post, but for now, I'm desperately in search of some Totodile line merch for my Totodile-loving friend!
Preferably a plush, because I got something else for her... I have about $25 to spend on her at the moment, and I'd need the package to arrive within 1 1/2 weeks, I'm afraid ^^;

I'd really prefer to buy within BC, but please let me know if you're selling any Totodile line merch within North America!

Thank you very much!

Arcanine, Vaporeon, Flareon, and Jolteon Claims (CLOSED)

Edit: I've placed my orders and am no longer taking requests on these guys. If you got a slot then you're good to go! Expect payment due late this month. There are plenty of other pickup services and shops around if you still need one. Thanks! <3

Hi everyone! We got some surprising new plushies today from the Pokemon Center and I'm taking claims on them. :) All claims can be combined with any other existing December claims. [My slots for Arcanine are full now, but I still have room for more Vaporeon, Flareon, or Jolteon!]

Have a good day!

~SK <3
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grail commissions!

Hey guys! :)

So I managed to get my grail yesterday, yay! :)
However, it cost me a lot of money xD So I quickly decided to take just a few commissions to get some of the money I spent in again (since you know, Christmas is coming soon and presents and stuff lol)!

First of all, here are some examples of my work:

For more examples, click this link!
(You can click on the pictures to enlargen them!)

I am taking commissions for
1) Simple colored pencil drawings like the Jolteon/Purrloin example with two Pokemon in them (size: approximately DinA4) - $14
2) Black and white ink-pen drawings like the Swampert/Purrloin example (size: approximately DinA4 or of only one Pokemon smaller down to DinA5) with up to three Pokemon in them - $6 (one Pokemon) up to $8 (three Pokemon)

There seemed to be some confusion - these drawings are TRADITIONAL drawings on paper and will be sent via mail, so you will have to pay shipping costs for them. To see what shipping is, please have a look at my rules beneath the cut!

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I will open just THREE SLOTS for now, however, I might open more after I finished the first ones.
For each black and white drawing slot, you can commission up to two drawings at once. For each colored pencil drawing, only one drawing!

Slot 1 - brunnera93 Pikachu and Torchic colored pencil drawing - in the process of coloring, half done
Slot 2 - linameerun Two Zigzagoon ink-pen drawing - almost finished, just need to add in some details
Slot 3 - poliwhirl Froakie and Charmander riding on Latias inkpen drawing - finished

Waiting list - reserved slots
Slot 1 - jen81489 Two colored pencil drawings
Slot 2 - zigguppafu Linoone and Zigzagoon ink-pen drawing - finished
Slot 3 - lotad Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus ink-pen drawing


On another note.
I won a Phanpy Pokedoll on ebay yesterday (yes, that was the grail I was talking about!)

(photo taken by the user eevee_trainer on ebay)

If the person who bid against me on the Phanpy is here on the community, please contact me, I know where there is another Phanpy at the moment and you can try to bid on it!


On yet another note.
I still have my WOOPER POKEDOLL up for grabs with a OBO price!
To find him, click this link!

Thanks everyone for looking guys and have a great start into the weekend! :)
Kura Icon by Pichu90.

Pokemon Game and Acessories Sale

Gameboy Advance Leafgreen/Venusaur Case (Used but in great condition)- $12

Gameboy Advance SP (Silver Edition)- Works but has NO charger. (Will work with DS Charger,if you have one).- $10 SOLD

Pokemon Firered (Cartridge only)- $15
Pokemon Sapphire (Cartridge only)- $13

Not Pictured but also available:
Pokemon SIlver (Cartridge only,works but save battery needs replaced)- $10 OBO
Pokemon XD (Case,Disk,Manual insert)- $12 SOLD

All of my sales information can be found in my regular sales post:
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grail of all grails

phew, I finally have time to post this. I was kind of putting it off as well, as i know some people were eyeing these on y!j, but yes it was me who won them, and I certainly don't want boast, but I am so, so, so..... happy.
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ALSO: I'm visiting California in the next couple of weeks, so to my fellow Californians (I know they're a lot of you on here :D) I would appreciate any recommendations of places to visit in the San Francisco area!! Especially any places that may sell Pokemon merchandise, of course. I know there was one place where there was a lot of Japanese stores, and I would love to go see but for the life of me I can't remember what that place was called :<

Weekend Super Sale!

I would really like things from my home to go to your home and for them to do that before I go to a different home for winter break. That happens in a couple weeks, so THIS WEEKEND ONLY I am discounting things in my store!
If you buy an item prices $12 or under, get another $12 or under item for 50% off.
If you buy an item priced $12-$50, get a $12 or under item 75% off.
If you buy an item priced above $50, get a $12 or under item for FREE!

But wait! There's more!
Items priced $20-$100 are 20% off
Items priced $100+ are 30% off
And on top of that, I am still open to haggling and maybe trades.
Also, these prices are not marked on the page, since the sale is this weekend only, so most things are much cheaper than they appear. For example, Luxray is $87.50, since the price on that page says $125.
The one catch? The first person who can pay within 24 hours of their comment's timestamp gets the item.
Everything else is by the rules in the post at:

Here are just some of the things you will find!
I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on January 9, 2013
My feedback can be found here:

Thanks for looking and happy winter/summer festivities (depending on your hemisphere)!

Sale ends at 11:59 PM PST on Sunday December 6th.!&font=cursive&csz=1

26 lb Picture

I did take a picture with the male Pikachu so it was a 26 lb picture, the link to my album page is below if you want to see them together. But she is 13 lbs. :) I actually got her over a month ago, but I did not want to take a picture of her without taking a picture of the other one. But I finally did it, and they are certainly very heavy to put together. After lifting one of these guys, I wonder how Ash has any brain cells left, because in the show I have seen Pikachu hang out on Ash's head, and if I had a Pikachu hanging on my head..... *ouch*

If you guys want to see a picture of her with the male Pikachu, here is the direct link to the Beams album page.

I have added new things to my albums. But if any of you guys want to see what I have cataloged so far in my collection. Here is the link.

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WTB: Lucario pokedoll

Hi there! Just popping in to see if anyone has a Lucario pokedoll for sale, preferably minky and with or without tag. I'd like to get my fiance one for Christmas c: I bought one a couple years ago for $20, but I have no idea what they're worth now. Just let me know your price if you have one!

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Small Gets

Hey I'm back again this time with a small get. It was on my wants list for a little bit because I was able to get my hands on one- a korotto manmaru Espeon UFO plush :D It's so cute I just can't stop starting at it. I love the pose and how the head is larger than the body as well as the eye size and cute little smile and nose xD I normally don't collect eeveelu stuff but this one I had to have.

Thanks to polahbear for selling me this item :) Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Small reminder

Just a heads up, almost everything (excluding the Hoppip mascot and Misdreavus charm) is still up for grabs at my sales post. :) Including 2 rare Pokemon straps!

(click the picture to be transported to the actual post)

Also, does anyone know if there'll be anymore Secret Base Pokedoll releases anytime soon? :( Still kinda hoping for a Lotad and Smoochum.
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Crafty Trades~ Eeveelus and a Luxray

Hello, fellow Pokemon hunters!

Today I decided to bring out a couple of items I've crafted, among other things, for trade~
Preview pic below. :D

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I'm interested in only Eeveelution items- primarily Flareon, Glaceon, and Eevee. ^-^
Other items I have for trade can be found in my trade post under the cut, as well as my wants.

On another note: I'm still searching for this beauty!
if you have ANY leads please let me know! <3

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