December 5th, 2015

Quick wants for Christmas gifts: Mcdonalds Larvitar plush & Pokecen Arcanine

Hoping to get these two this Christmas. Would need them to be shipped rather soon and possibly have tracking :)
Not looking to pay Pokevault's price for Arcanine ;) And hoping to spend no more then $25 total on Larvitar (one on eBay is $29 in it's bag but from Taiwan, so yeah...)

Still looking for items of May (Haruka) and any trainer items(my plush project is on hold for a while), thanks all :D

Groudon blok for auction

Hi guys, I have finally had time to build the Groudon MEGAblok and check if it was something wrong so. Groudon is really amazing but since I don't collect it... The bloks are 3$ each one and Groudon is for auction!!
This time is really important that you read the rules because a piece is missing and shipping will be high!

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Nice bidding! And also a reminder that my art commissions are still open!! I have enough bookmarks to print them so if someone wants any, I could work for it and remember!!

  • 50% off for the third bookmark

  • 50% off for the second commission (print/traditional)

Sitting Kura Icon

Sales Post Updated

I'm really trying to save up enough to get the Pokemon Center Arcanine and need about $10 to have enough for it so figuring now would be a good time to share my sales post links:

Part one:

Part two:

New Items preview:

I can consider best offers on some items so please take a look!

Convention Gets, Sales, and Trades!

Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing well today!

So today I went to DTAC/Fan Days in Toronto! I went with my sibling, and I had a pretty good time even though I'm super tired now! There was a good amount of authentic Pokemon merch (I made sure to stay away from bootlegs), and I'd love to show you all what I got!

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Also I fixed up my sales post again today! I added some McDonald's toys, and some of the cards from them! Either click on the banner or click on the here!

Also for the trades, I've been looking for the McDonald's Hoopa toy, but I've had no luck so far! I'm really worried if I won't be able to find one by the time the promo is over so I'd trade any of my current McDonald's toys for a Hoopa! I also have a Mega Latios McDonald's toy I'd be willing to trade for one btw!

I found someone who'd try to get me a Hoopa toy! Thank you so much lotad!

That's it for now! Thanks for reading, and I'll see you all next time! n w n