December 7th, 2015

Pokemon 4, Braviary
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Quick Wants for Christmas!

Got a bit of a Christmas bonus recently and was hoping I might be able to track down some of the wants I desperately would like to add to my collection.

Looking for the following, in order of most wanted to wanted:
MPC Archeops found this one
MPC Volcarona
Any Volcarona figures
Dunsparce Kid Figure
N Dot Sprite tin
Braviary Dot Sprite phone strap
Snivy-Servine-Serperior zukan
Patchwork Minccino- either size
A cheaply priced by still cute Stunfisk plush of any kind

I will accept TTO or without tag on the plush, since I trust this community to not be selling off bootlegs. For the figures I only ask that if it came with a base/supports (zukan base/pegs, Tomy MP figure base, etc) that it still has a functional base. It doesn't have to be the correct base, but just something that holds the figures up similar to the original.

Thanks in advance!

Christmas Shopping Wants: Mudkip and Torchic!

Hi everyone. Like most people I"m trying to do a bit of Christmas shopping.

Recently, one of my dear friends told me the Mudkip keychain plush I bought her over a year ago as a gift fell off of her purse where she loved to keep him. Since she's recently moved to a new state, trying to locate him has been hard and honestly, she's been devastated by the loss as she almost didn't want tell me about it in fear I'd be upset. But in all honesty, I'm more upset for her because she nearly cried in public when she couldn't find it and I know how much she cherished it. I know how she really love Mudkips and I'd really like replace it for her this christmas, but I can't for the life of me figure out which plush it was since I had it directly shipped to her:

This is a picture of it, but I don't really know the tag. Is it just known as the Pokemon Center Mudkip plus or what exactly was it? I'd really love to find her this again, but if that isn't the case I'd get her a MPC or Walky of Mudkip as well. And if that plan fails, I'd love to get her something of either Froakie or Dedenne as well, but Mudkip is my top priority as she already has a lot of Dedenne to begin with XD

The other thing I'm in search of is Torchic things for another dear friend of mine. She's kind of special as she came along after some hardships with my passed significant other and I'd love to give her something just as a token of friendship :) She's basically the May to my Drew and I figured why not Torchic since she also loves them as well. The only thing I know she owns is the current Pokemon Center Torchic plush, so don't hesitate to throw Torchic things at me for her :D
Pokemon - Garchomp
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Stocking Stuffers HUGE LOT auction + Sales!

Hey everyone, I've got an eBay auction lot with a lot of Pokemon items (and some other fun things, makes great for stocking stuffing) ending in just one day!!! There are already starting bids on it, so don't miss out! Click the below image to go: ~

Sales plug! If you live domestically in the US there's still time for things to be delivered in time for Christmas!
Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

Clay figures commission post

Hello all :D As I have finished all my Christmas Ornaments and other things, I have decided to take on commissions for different sort of clay figures for anyone who are interested!

Christmas Ornaments will be back next year, but meanwhile, you can check below the cut for other things I am offering for commissions :)

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My Collection

Hello all,

I joined a couple weeks ago and I have been fairly active. I figured I would show you all my plushie collection before Christmas and my birthday which are in the next few weeks. I've shaken enough boxes under the tree to know my plushie collection will be expanding. 😎😎😎

Here you go! I hope you all like it! I tried to make it so everybody could peek through at least a little. ☺️

Here's the panorama shot! ❤️

Lowered Price on eBay Lot

EDIT: Lowered to $400! I'll take almost any offer!

Hey everyone!

I've lowered the price of my eBay lot from $550 to $470! That's about $11.20 per item. Feel free to make an offer, too! You can check it out here:

New to the community and looking for Fennekin merch

Hello I am gab and I am new to the pkmncollectors community and livejournal in general. This is what my collection looks like so far:
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It's not really a lot so far but I am working on it mainly for Fennekin though.
A few questions I have are about if a certain settei exist and the best place to look for a few items. First question are there any Fennekin, Braixen, or Delphox Setteis at all if there are who can I purchase them from.Second question I can pay via American Express Gift Card or MasterCard but I can't make a paypal account for personal reasons but I heard I can pay someone through Paypal without making a account if they invoice me so if possible can I use that method instead of making a Paypal account.Third question Does anyone know where I can get the Serena and Fennekin Tomy figure for a decent price the price skyrocketed recently. Also where can I get the Christmas fennekin plush the one wearing a sweater.*I got the Christmas Fennekin Plush :D!Final question Does anyone know a good shop that works well with the payment methods I can use. Sorry for all the questions and I am glad to be a new member in the community.

Rare pokedolls, Zukans, TCG, and Others!

Hello eeryone, and happy holidays! I've been working a surplus amount of hours so my activity has been limited. In the meantime I have accumulated a good amount of stuff to end 2015 with some two recent and rare additions to my collections with this collection update!



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1 year anniversary!

Hey community!
I can't believe it has been a whole year I've been on here! Time really does fly by!
As you can see (under cut) my collection has doubled in the past year which I'm so happy to have it grow and expand even more as the years go by.
I also decided to make something a little special and made a video for my anniversary here on the community! You can watch it here

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Quick want

Hi there!
I'm looking to buy one of these K-uno Eeveelu necklaces- Flareon or Eevee to be specific. I'm hoping not to spend more that $200 shipped, but please let me know if you have one close to that!

And to make this post a little less boring, show me your Pokemon OCs! :D
I have a couple myself, all Eeveelutions of course~

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And last, a trade and wants post plug.

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Grail Get! A new friend?!

I'm still awaiting a few more parcels for my jumbo gets! post, but this little lad deserves a post of his own!

Ever since R/S/E I've absolutely loved Poochyena and Mightyena, well their shiny forms to be specific - I remember a friend of mine caught one on his copy of Emerald and it was absolutely love at first sight (though my friend didn't seem willing to trade him to me, how mean! ;u;)

When I got back into plush collecting and joined this community, I found out there were very few official Poochyena plushies and of course none of them were shiny - but I also found out that there are very talented plush-makers out there who were more than happy to take commissions to plush-ify our favourite Pokemon companions, so I decided that I just had to commission one! enter the ever so talented FeatherStitched, who lovingly crafted me a new friend!

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HUUUGE SALES! *o* + name your Pokemon

Hello guys!

I'm back with some sales, I've got a bunch of new things for you today:
- over 160 older bromides/cards
- over 160 pan stickers
- rare Japanese card/sticker files
- some Pokepark goods back from 2005
- super rare Polish yogurt lids back from 2000
- rare Polish Mirinda caps
- lenticular and metal pogs
- various cards
- pages from Japanese books
- kids figures
And maaaaany many others! There's over 100 pics below... XD

I haven't photographed all book pages I have for sale so if you're looking for specific Pokemon then just let me know and I'll send you pics of what I have.

I lowered prices on most of my older items so please take a look :> you'll find them at the end of this post.
If you need better pic of anything just ask!

Here's a tiny preview:

As always - shipping starts from only $1.5 worldwide so take a look and feel free to post a comment! ^o^

If you're interested in TCG here's my sales post: CLICK

- When asking for a quote/committing please ADD A LINK TO THE PIC OF THE ITEM/S!
- This post ISN'T Ctrl+F friendly sadly. If you can't find your Pokemon - just ASK! And I'll point it for you :)

PLEASE READ - if you're interested in book pages with Pokemon that is not featured below - just ask and I'll send you pictures of what I have!


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And now let's move onto SALES! :D [IMAGE SUPER HEAVY!]
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I think that's it! XD

Thanks for looking, have a great week!
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Metal figures XY+Z pre-orders!

Hello there again guys!
I have contacted my middleman regarding this metal set:

Turns out my middleman can get them no problem for us, which is wonderful! Let's see how many sets or other things will get claimed, and depending on that, I will order a number of sets with random colors!

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That's it, thank you so much guys! <3