December 10th, 2015

Christmas Slots!!!

Hello Everybody!
I know it's been around a month since I posted, and I have my one year anniversary on the fifteenth. I figure that before I do that post next week (can you spell "I haven't done an update since summer"?), I'll open up some custom slots just in case anyone would like to order anything for Christmas for that collector in their lives ;)
Without Further ado~

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Thanks so much for reading, everyone!
I hope everyone is having a good December thus far!
Happy Collecting!

~ Ebon

Gets, Wants, and Sales!

Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing well today!

Today I'd like to show you all some of my gets from the past 2 weeks or so, and my wants list! Let's start with the gets! n w n

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Now onto my wants! Here's my wants list! I'm not looking for too much, but I'd love to get my hands on these items! :D

Also here's my sales post! I added a few things, and lowered some prices! Click on the banner below or here to be taken to my sales post!

That's it for now! Thank you for reading, and I'll see you all next time!

PokemonTrader:// Japanese Card Emporium - Many Claims Posts Edition // ◕‿◕

Hello Pkmncollectors!

It's been a long time since I last offered my claims post services for new cards being released! Unfortunately, September was too hectic for me to order the mewtwo sets. I thankfully however will be finished up with this semester by the time that the new set arrives!

I have the claims posts divided up into sections. I'll have one for XY9: Rage of the Broken Heavens as well as the Battle Strength Decks. I also have a parcel incoming with some rare cards from 2001! The Japanese VS Series 2001 was a set that was only released in Japan. It featured many pokemon and gym leaders from the G/S era.

I am willing to combine cards from each of these posts. If you are interested in only one set, the shipping dates are outlined on each post. Feel free to click any of the images or titles to be transported to the posts. Happy Collecting All!

VS Series 2001

Pokemon VS - Booster Pack - Grass & Lightning front.jpgPokemon VS - Booster Pack - Psychic & Fighting front.jpgPokemon VS - Booster Pack - Fire & Water front.jpg

Battle Strength Decks

バトル強化セット 草/闘 バトル強化セット 炎/雷 バトル強化セット 水/超 デッキを強化するカードを手に入れろ!

XY9: Rage of the Broken Heavens

XY9 Booster Pack JP.jpg

Om Nom
  • riolu

Looking for Pokebox GB Claim

Hello! I'm here with a quick request. In an effort to save some money on coins I'm looking for a third person that would be interested in claiming the Jolteon PokeBox coin in a small group buy with me and hazel_song.

In order to get the Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon coins you need to spend $100 (not including shipping) in PokeBox's online store. I believe specifcally it is $60 to get Flareon, $80 to get Vaporeon, and $100 to get Jolteon.
I, myself, only have about $40 worth of items I'm interested in and hazel_song has about $30 worth. We're looking for a third person who has at least $30 worth of items they would be interested in buying to reach the minimum $100 needed to get all three coins.

I would be keeping the Flareon coin, hazel_song would be keeping Vaporeon, and the third person gets Jolteon. You also get the merchandise you bought of course. There is no extra charge for the coin.

If anyone is interested or has questions please let me know.

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  • roussil

WARNING : Altered Kuttari plushes are being sold on Ebay !

Weird versions of the first wave of Kuttari plushes started surfacing on shopping websites recently : They are sold from China and sold as mascot plush, a clasp is attached to their back along with a ribbon matching the Pokémon's color and a plastic star-shaped keychain. Their tag, however, is normal and still attached. I don't know if they are factory rejects or anything, so buy at your own risk !

Looking for the pokemon all star collection plush

Hi everyone
i've been so inactive on here lol but i haven't really bought anything
anyways i'm looking for certain plush from the pokemon all star collection
Gulpin cushion ( i already bought one but i need another for cuddling )
i don't want to pay alot but i'm regretting not getting these when they first were announced
Espeon OC Mystic


Does anyone know if they ever made a vulpix time plush? And if so, where can I find one of those cute lil boogers

Oh gosh those eyesjust killme! If it was anycuter I mightjust explode xD



Yes! Yes! Finally! If you guys didn't know based on my posts, I'm mostly a pokedoll/plush collector. I've wanted a Blaziken and Sceptile pokedoll for soo long. I would come accross a few being sold over the years, but they were usually very "loved" and super expensive. I was finally able to get both super minty and Sceptile MWT. I'm over the roof, christmas has come early for me. I got Sceptile a few weeks ago, but Blaziken just showed up today.

Other gets, I got the new Gengar Tomy plush. It is really big , minky, and the best looking gengar plush I've ever seen IMO, Gengar fans should pick one up. Togekiss also came in the mail, a really  cute pokedoll. I'm still hoping they continue the secret base pokedolls so I can get Togepi, Maril, and Jigglypuff. Thanks for reading and happy holidays!

Looking for Christmas charms!


So i have my christmas tree ready, but it has only 1 mudkip christmas charm in it.. i was wondering, do you have christmas charms for sale? Please show me! Im looking for charms like this pic:

Not necassarely this one, but im just looking for all kinds. I have max $4 per charm to spend, and if its possible shipping in 1 week, so i can still enjoy it in my tree before christmas. Shipping should be to the netherlands. Thanks a lot for helping, mudkip is feeling quiet lonely...

Hope you all have nice holidays!