December 11th, 2015

Mega Pikachu pics, February Monthly (Kotatsu) Pikachu! 12/12 Kuji

Hi! The weekly merch news was all about Pikachu which is pretty much a given these days. haha... but of course with the Mega Pikachu campaign release day. I know some people are excited for the first wave of the Mega Pikachu campaign being released later today. I can't wait to see picture updates on Twitter of the big day and all the lovely cosplay Pika plush and goods. 12/12 is such an awesome release day~ Big sleeping plush, January Monthly Pikachu, Mega Pikachu Campaign, and Modern Art Kuji!

Info credit to Twitter sources, Offical Pokemon/Pokemon Daisuku Club site and Mikitzune's merch recaps! Read the post here for more detail on the goods! I definitely want the Mega Pikachu tcg boxes, sleeves, business cards, and the gacha figures.

I was surprised to see February's Monthly Pikachu being announced earlier. Usually from what I've seen, they don't reveal it till the pre Monthly Pikachu's release day. So I expected to see February's Monthly promo poster later today when the January Monthly Pikachu is being released today with the Mega Pikachu Campaign. Either way, more excitement earlier!

Aww sleeping Pikachu keeping warm in the kotatsu. A kotatsu is perfect to keep warm in the winter months. One day when I have my own place I would love to have one. :D

It reminds me of these sleeping Kuttaris tucked under the kotatsu found here. Someone took pics of all the sleepy kuttaris in a mini kotatsu for plush which was posted a few weeks ago. XD

Let's not forget 12/12 is also the release date for the newest Pokemon and Friends Modern Art Ichiban Kuji! The Daisuki Club updated with pics yesterday. My favorite prizes are the stationery goods and bags!

Also, actual photos of the plush and ponchos here on the Daisuki Club blog.

Which plush is your favorite? I love Pikabro and Charizard X & Y! Lucario and Audino look great too!

Ponchos! I am soo tempted to get both.... It'll be perfect to wear at conventions and random nights. XD

I have the the Mega Campaign ad on the bottom of the post. XD I got the Mega Pikachu campaign flyer from my friend (whose sister was in Japan recently) yesterday.

I love getting fliers for promos. :D Does anyone else like getting fliers/ads?

Such great merch news! :D I am happy as this is my birthday weekend and happy to add more to my Pikazard/Cosplay Pika collection. XD Are you guys excited for the Pikachus and the monthly Pikachu? :D

Happy Friday and Mega Pikachu campaign weekend~ it's the 1 year anniversary of the Pikazards and Mega Tokyo Center! :D

Last Sales Post for the Year

I am making my last stop to the post office this year  on Monday.  I also added some new items and reduce the prices on a few items.  So check it out!

I still have my card sale going on:  Buy one common/uncommon card, get another common/uncommon free!

To make this post less boring...what pokemon theme item do you hope to get for Christmas? (I already got mine...Mushroom picker Pikachu and Gradevoir clearfile.  ^__^)


little gets post

Hello community!
I don't have much to say today but look what came in the mail today!

These two little guys made my day today and I'm so happy to be a proud owner of a Dragonite time plushie!

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*hugs comm* I missed you guys / Talking Togepi

Ohh my gosh. I haven't been on in sooo long because I've been trying to save money and looking at new pokemon merch does not help me do that... (I have really bad self control guys...) For any of you who don't know me (it's been a good year or more) I'm Rin and I've been a part of the community since... oh gosh... 2011. Maybe one day I can do an updates post, but my collection website is (formerly pet my skymin) which I... also haven't updated in a while... Anyway blah blah, I have a quick question. For some reason I suddenly got so perplexed about my old electronic talking togepi plush where you press the hands and it vibrates and stuff. I also had the mew one. Well I know for sure they are gone, and I don't know where, but when we moved house and tore everything apart they were never found. So just out of curiosity, how much does the Togepi go for/does anyone have one they may be willing to sell? I can't buy right now, but I'm just gauging price range/rarity.

Thanks guys <3
Mantyke + tea
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Reminder for XY+Z metal figures!

Hello there guys!
Just wanted to let you know that I am still taking pre-orders on these metal figures:

There is a lack of Pikachu, Frogadier, Quilladin, Zygarde 100% and Ash's Greninja love! So I am not sure yet whether I can order these or not, because these guys aren't claimed that much sadly.

Please CLICK HERE or the picture to go to the claims post, thank you so much! <3

Also, just a notice should somebody not have gotten a message:

These have been sent out, so they should be here by either Tuesday or Wednesday next week!
Also, if anybody else is interested, there is 1x Eevee, 1x Zygarde blob, 1x Pancham and 3x Wobbuffet that have no claims! So get yours still while they are available!
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Wintery Sales and Auctions

I got a bunch of stuff that has been piling up for a few months now. This will probably be my last sales post this year. Big pictures under the cuts. Here's the countdown for offers and auctions: Countdown

I was granted sales permission on 6/11/14 by allinia.
My feedback is here:

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You may comment now.

This isn't part of sales but I found this awesome Mega Gengar vs card and was wondering what set he comes from or if there's another one with Mega Gengar getting attacked? I will pay $20 for it if there is one.


I went to to the mall the other day and found the 2016 Pokemon calendar. I don't know why I thought it would be as nice as the Japanese one lol. They didn't even put Hoopa Unbound with all the legendaries?! That's 'Murica merch for you. Click it for bigger pic.

More new stuff.....

The Pokemon center wants to kill me....
But these are the ultimate couples chus. They come as a set.


Also here are some other things you guys might want to see.  Got these links courtesy of ninetails


And finally Where can I find this????!!!

Cute Eevee

Some holiday sales :)

Hi guys, I hope studying is going well for those of you who are still in high school/college :). I work in education so I've been pretty busy myself!

I figured some of you are looking to do some Christmas shopping so I've lowered the prices of a bunch of items in my store. I'm also offering a Buy One Get One Free deal for loose kid figures! :) The deal will only be active for the next week or so---this is a fantastic time to add to or start a kid figure collection.

As always, I have a variety of merchandise for sale besides kid figures...Tomy figures, plush, zukan, keychains, etc.

Some previews:


Sales are here:

sales!! purging my side collection

I've recently come to the conclusion that I may be using collecting as a coping mechanism and I think it is in my best interest to eliminate my side collections (and only keep my main Furret and Fennekin collections. Its becoming mentally toxic and stressful, and I need to step away.

I was granted sales permission to my previous account, jodie_kathleen, on 19 September 2014 by entirelycliched.
Feedback for my previous account can be found here, and is also linked to on my feedback for my current account.

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That's it for now, I think! Hopefully I can make a collection update soon.

Thanks for looking!

Grail Sales!

My biggest grail ever has popped up! Eek! Must sell stuff to make enough!

Right now I have 2 lots on eBay, I am willing to haggle and Im also willing to split the lots if needed.

Lot of 6 Walky Plushes and a HUGE lot of applause plushes which includes GASTLY!

Anyways, here they are!

Walky Lot, Raichu and Slowpoke are not in it.

Applause Lot


EEVEE FIGURE! Still has original box.

Shipping is free on both lots, plus no extra fees! Yay! ^^

Oh, and my rules and permission stuffs <3

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One last thing, meet my newest Pika pal Malcom <3 (Because My ADC Graves <33333)

Such a dapper gentleman <3 ^^

Thanks so much kitzune, he is perfection <3333
Espeon OC Mystic

So floofy!

I finally got these cuties in the mail! I think I startled the old lady in the car next to me at the post office. I don't think she appreciated my velociraptor screech of excitementXD

The Growlithe is smaller than I thought he'd be, but I love it so much :3 My vulpix looks like a little old lady with her shaw on xD All she needs now is a pair of wire rimmed spectacles lol

Can't wait for my vulpix canvas plush to arrive!

Intro/Collection/First Post here!!

Hi peoples of this community! This is my first ever post here (but I have commented on other's posts and I lurk :P) so here I go! My name is Sang but on here I would prefer to go by pikasang but pika or sang works fine too ^_^. I collect mainly plushes and some TCGs that I like. I also sell plushes that I will post one I get sales permission! I have posted and sold on facebook pokemon groups a whole lot. I don't collect a specific type of pokemon. I just like collecting things I like lol. I live in the US but was born in Vietnam. I am a highschooler.

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Thank you for reading! I hope to make some sales here in the future!

Hello Everyone! New collector here~

Hey there! My name is Lacey and I am pretty new here to PKMNCollectors!
I collect a lot of different Pokemon, but my biggest favorites are Drifloon, Dialga, and Giratina.

I especially want to grow my Drifloon collection right now!

I am fairly new to Live Journal as well, so I will be updating my journal with my collections as time permits.
I can't wait to grow my collection and make more Pokemon friends!
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Thanks for having me here!
PS: I am searching really hard for a PokeBox Flaaffy charm! If you have one, let me know <3