December 12th, 2015

Re-intro and pokemon Christmas tree!

Hi there I'm Abe. I recently got back into collecting Pokemon plushies! I first joined back in 2012 but stopped collecting during school. Though now I'm settled back into normal life and ready to get back to collecting

I started collecting by wanting to buy back my old electronic talking mew. I eventually got him back along with his pals pikachu and togepi. I then discovered this wonderful community that loves Pokemon as much as I do!

I am back and ready to collect! My fav is definitely Mew!!! I recently got ahold of my Grail!! He's coming in time for Christmas. I can't wait to show him off then. So cute!!!!

Mew is my main focus but I will buy anything I find super cute! I especially like the new Pokemon merch. I'm getting the Pokemon center vulpix for sure and missed out on the mew Pokemon center plush but I'll find him! Thanks for taking a look. My collection and Christmas tree this year. Enjoy


another 6 months of gets with lati, lugia, weavile, ninetales & more...also what is this lugia??

It's that time for a 6 monthly gets purchase...again! Seriously 6 months seems to fly by sometimes you wonder where the days have gone.. ahem! Anyhoo I want to do something special for next year in March I just hope I can clean my room and get everything the way I want it (it's...a little messy right now hehe...)

It's also my birthday on the 20th December (yes yes christmas child ehe...) so I'm hoping to scratch some things off my wanted list below! ^^

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Decided to add the rare Lugia's to the grail list, they've always been grails it's just they're so limited I didn't put them up but nope I shall!

Top GRAIL status:
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If I won ANY of the the above it would be a dream come true...these are grails to me because of the rarity/want/limits made if you ever see them please let me know! I'd be willing to pay a pretty price :3~

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I have updated my website! Please click! I STILL need to update flats a lot and a few older items but all new items should be up and stuff if you need better pictures! `^o^`
If you want to affy with me too that's always a bonus :3
If anything is out of place or a bad picture please feel free to report it! Weebly has ruined some of my pages (Had to revamp the Jolteon one x.x) and I have no idea why! Bad editor. *slaps and flees* :3~

Watch help plus gets

K so first off all i got my big gulpin today <3 hes so squishy. i think i like him better then the poketime ones

also i like buying large lots of pokemon stuff from japan and these cute ornamints were in the bottom of the box

i love jynx especially but i put these on my Christmas tree they are so cute!
and last but not least anyone have any information about this watch.


Charizard Collection Update!!

Hello everyone! I havnt shown in detail pictures of my ever growing Charizard collection yet so, here it is! I had some free time today so I though I would. This post is image heavy so look under the cut to see~!

NOTE: I dont list a lot of the company names that released a lot of the items I have, I have them written down somewhere but I dont feel like digging around to find it ahah- but if you must know one Im sure its nothing Google cant handle!

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Pokemon Kids Figure - Clean Up

Hi everyone,

Does anybody have any experiences with cleaning Kids figure (inside/outside) that you don't mind sharing with me. I have some LOVELYYYYY & GRAILLLLLL Kids figure but they can get a good touch-up. Any helps are greatly appreciated !!! Happy holiday season :)

Offers: Pokemon Time Merchandises, Gachapons, Heracross DX figure and Bags + Discount Shipping!

Tons of items up for offers. Lower than starting offers may be considered. Please also check out my sales below. Prices have been reduced!

Here's a little preview:

I am still doing a special shipping discount:
*For every purchase over $25 gets 10% OFF shipping.
*For every purchase over $50 gets 25% OFF shipping.



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Long Over-Due Gets Post!

I've been meaning to do a gets post for a while now however due to real life things (such as painting my room and pretty much helping to put the house back together) I haven't had time to take pictures until now. These gets range from late October until yesterday (I meant to post this yesterday but I fell asleep). Anyways let's get to the awesome gets!

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Now I know I probably forgot some gets but I have received evrything so even if you don't see it I have it. I'm gonna try to leave feedback to everyone as soon as I can. I sincerely want to apologize for not leaving feedback sooner but as I said at the start of the post I've been super busy with real life ;-;
Umbreon Love!

Ebay Sales!

I currently have 17 Ebay auctions up--but they're only up for a little over 24 hours now! Please check them out if you might be interested. Here are some of the items I have listed:

- Rayquaza and Darkrai Pokédoll figure straps

- Breloom, Milotic, and Clefairy Pokédoll TOMY figures

- A lot of 65 gorgeous carddass cards illustrated by Ken Sugimori, and 60 VS battle cards

- Three different Japanese sticker lots, including some Trozei stickers

- A bunch of Japanese TCG lots--holos, rares, and promos!

- An Eeveelution flat items lot

Thanks for looking, and let me know if you have any questions!

(I was granted sales permission by Areica on March 6, 2015. My feedback can be found here and my Ebay feedback can be found here.)

Nintendo World

Hi everybody,

I'm actually looking to talk to anybody from (regulars?) New York (or anybody who has been or will be at Nintendo World as of this month, December)?? -> Long story short, I got my Christmas gift hella early, it's a trip to New York to see a Broadway play on the 30th. So I'm taking a 3+ hour drive to New York and spending the day there.

My question, What Pokemon goodies will be in stock or what can I expect to find their Pokemon wise? Honestly, about two years ago (yeah, it's really rare that I go to NY), when Fennekin just came out, I really wanted the trainer size plush of him, but they were completely sold out when I went there. So I'd be really interested if any of you think or know he will be there.
As far as other merch, I'm really into plushies- so chances are that's what I will be coming home with. I really want a big pokemon plush- but again it depends on what they have

and if anyone can tell me prices or what I should expect, that would be fantastic. Thanks eveyone!

So just so that we're all on the same page and everybody knows what I am asking-
What pokemon plushies will be stocked (or should be stocked there)?
Are there any Large/xLarge pokemon plushies there?
What prices can I expect for what merchs. (i.e small plush, medium plush, big plush, x-large plush)

(Also pictures will be loved, sometimes I get pokemon names confused so seeing them takes away that confusion.)

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Kitty grail get

Paid her off and she arrived yesterday! "Talking" Tomy Mew Plush. I must say she is actually BIGGER than I figured she'd be, but that's okay. She'll probably be my last get for awhile because I'll have to put my focus elsewhere for awhile (unless you guys have a Glaceon and/or Mew Pan stickers they could sell me? :P)

Happy holidays everyone!