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13 December 2015 @ 10:35 am
Hi, guys. I have a few small items for sale from Japan. First I got a Pikachu XMas charm and a Eevee strap. Ans thend I have the poncho pika promo cards. I have 1 complete set (except the super rare one) and then a few of the others.

For pricing and more info please go here:
13 December 2015 @ 03:05 pm

Sales Rule:
- Sales permission granted on Dec 1st, 2013 by entirelycliched
- Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/ferix8/
- First to pay gets it
- All items are used
- Prices are in USD. Does not include shipping cost and Paypal fees.
- Shipping starts at $7 to the U.S. (tracking is additional)
- No payment plans/haggling
*I am not responsible for damaged/lost items after they leave my hands. If you want insurance for the item/tracking, please ask, it costs extra


Row 1:
Buizel $24
Marill $15
Shieldon $6
Dialga $5 (loved)
Chimchar $25
Buizel $24
Row 2:
Buizel $12
Wobbuffet $3
Deoxy $9
Chimchar $9
Buizel $8
Patrat $8
Pikachu $9
Woobat $4
Row 3:
Chimchar Heartland puppet $12
Lapras bootie $4
Charizard $8
Palkia $6
Pikachu $9
Minun pokedoll $10 (authentic)

Turtwig $3
Bulbasaur canvas $15
Pikachu coin pocket $3
Row 4:
Pikachu $8
Chimchar $9
Darumaka $8
Psyduck $3
Chimchar $5
Oshawott $4
Togepi $4
Mirage Chansey $50

13 December 2015 @ 04:30 pm
Hi group! I have a question about a few plushes I found.They're these tiny terrycloth beanies, about three inches tall. Their tags say Tomy. Most of them are missing limbs because they were originally just glued on.

If anyone has any information on them, I would be glad to hear it!
I accidently bought a duplicate of this pikachu plush so it is still brand new. It is from the All Star Collection set where the plush have beans in its lower half so it is bottom heavy (http://www.pokemon.co.jp/info/2015/12/151204_gd02.html?i001=news). It is approximately 20cm tall from top of ears to feet (7.9").

Photo of front and backCollapse )

Price is US$30 negotiable, excludes postage (see below).

Read more...Collapse )
13 December 2015 @ 10:52 pm
Hello everyone! <3 I come today with a weird wants post.

A friend of mine from school (who isn't a Pokemon collector) shared this video on Facebook. She told me that these are exclusive to cinemas in Korea. Does anyone have any further info on these, or could possibly pick them up if these are still currently being distributed?

I hope I embed this video properly XDCollapse )
Also just a friendly reminder that I'm on the lookout for these pokedolls!

Thank you! <3
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Hello all! I happened to get some Pokémon merchandise this weekend as it was my birthday. Additionally my partner is giving me a present each day through Christmas so there will be more updates!

I received a Next Destinies Booster Box and although I only got 3 EX cards total, I did manage to capture a SHINY Zoroark card! You can check it out below as well as the other items.

Jumbo Snorlax (US PC)
Greninja Pokédoll (US PC)
Next Destinies Booster Box
Christmas 2015 Snow Pikachu Blanket (JP PC)
Christmas 2015 Collectible Plate (JP PC)
Textured Full Art Zekrom EX
Zekrom EX
Kyurem Ex
Shiny Zoroark

Click on the photo to see it full size.
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Visit this link if you are interested in seeing the presents individually!