December 14th, 2015

Wobbuffet and Wynaut

Wynaut Wants and TCG Trades

Good morning everyone,

I wanted to share my latest wish list - I'm looking for a few Wynauts and a Murkrow plush. I also wanted to share a list of the TCG cards that I have to trade. I'm working on building a bird-pokemon deck and would be happy to trade cards. I also have to note that this is my first time using banners. agui_chan made these for me based on drawings I had done. I love how they turned out ^_^


Mirasol happy squee
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They are here! Totals for Chupa surprise figures!

Hello guys!

Surprisingly, these arrived to me today, which is wonderful!
Also, I still have an extra Pancham, 3x Wobbuffet and Frogadier for sale!

This post involves all these people: dezi_kitsune, nasija, syminka, satoshierika, chatsy, herar, samo22, spritzzie, chronidu, keekswaffle, erikiteru, rainiflower, xxlatiosxx, kyreon, crasherwake, wowsuchusername, meowthcollector, wobbuwhit, maractus, kuro_kage_kun, creampuffoholic, dragonrider49, kephisos, diamondphantom, butterfreeboy, stalkingsuicune
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Thank you guys for making this possible! :D

Side note, last time I will ask if somebody wants to claim these guys! I am still yet unsure how I will order them, because the claims are poor for some! Will keep you updated about these guys! Thank you!
Please CLICK HERE or on the picture to go to the claims post!

SALES: Entire Collection must go (plush sales)

Feedback can be found here:

I was granted sales permission on 06/07/2011 by denkimouse

I will accept paypal only
I can ship anywhere. I live less than 2 mins away from the PO, so I'm generally pretty fast with shipping.
3. Prices are in USD, and do not include shipping or paypal fees - ask for a quote before committing to buy if youre worried about this
4. My home is pet friendly - I have dogs and cats. I'll do my best to clean up the items of any pet hair before they are sent, but please keep this in mind if you have allergies!
5. I will hold items for a maximum of 48 hours
6. I am open to doing payment plans on the more expensive items if you can do an initial payment of 40% of the agreed upon sale price. Your item will not be shipped until paid in full.
7. If you would like to see more pictures of any item, just ask. I will gladly provide whatever you like :)

I've been inactive in the collecting community for some time and my collection has been sitting in boxes for months. I'm planning on moving across the country within the next month and my collection cannot go with me. These pieces deserve to be in a more loving collection/home and thus I'm looking to sell everything except for a few smaller items I'm going to keep and take with me.

I have absolutely zero clue as to what most of these things are going for these days, so every price is "OBO". If you think something is listed too high, simply make me an offer.

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