December 15th, 2015

One Year (Almost!) Anniversary Post!!! Three Months of Gets!!!

Hello Everybody,

So, as I won't be around on the actual one-year date of my introductory post (Dec. 21st, but I was accepted before that), I figured that with all my current packages finally here, it was time for a MASSIVE update- I've been holding back this update since August! O.o

So, without further ado, here we go!


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If you read all of this, you are a saint!
Thanks for reading, I hope I never have a gets post that's so neglected in the future!
Happy Holidays everyone!

~ Ebon

Looking for Meloetta pokedoll and got a Build-a-Bear Pikachu!

Does anyone have a normal form Meloetta pokedoll for sale? :) Someone made a post about her a few weeks ago and I've been wanting one ever since but haven't seen her for sale! :/ Shipping would be to UK! :) I also don't mind trading for her. I'm in the process of creating a sales post so you can see some pictures of what I have by clicking on my username! :)
Also look what I bought today at work... :D

The new Build-a-Bear Pikachu! :D We just got them in today. I've made him nice a squishy and put a strawberry smell in his head! :)

He's massive! :) He looks much better than in the stock photos! :D

looking for shinx line merch !

hiiii long time no see! i FINALLY got my money from paypal, so of course i have to spend some of it! (but not a whole lot, i have a lot more money coming soon!)

buuut im looking for shinx line merchandise, especially the kid figures i dont have! you can check my wants post (it is up to date!) to see all the items im looking for! (please, show me anything on here i dont have under my shinx list, but the kids i dont have have priority! perhaps the bobble head too, tbh, that thing is so CUTE...)

see you soon! <3
Nya Nyaa &lt;3

Eevee Quest!

Hello! I'm seeking a Eevee backpack that is pretty old. It's from 1999 I believe.
The brand is Play by Play. I never saw them back when they were released, but I'd love to add one to my collection, maybe use him or her as my Convention buddy 💖
If anyone has one of them for a fair price, please let me know!

This pictured one sold for $50 I think. Thanks!

Customized Talking Hasbro Charizard!!

Hello everyone! I recently bought a damaged Electronic Talking/Light-Up Hasbro Charizard from methuselah31010. This toy has been on my wish list for a while! I didnt think I would get a damaged one, but I took the opportunity to snag it to turn into a custom toy!

I love refubishing and customizing toys, so I thought I would show you step by step on how I turned this one winged Zard into a battle ready steampunk Charizard!

Here is what it looked like before (the only thing I did prior to taking these pictures is fixing a few scuffs and removing sticker residue from around the speaker and base of the tail)

And here is the after!!

If youd like to see the process of creating this steampunk poke-piece then look under the cut~!

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Small sales, a get, and something slightly awry...

Hi everybody! It's been quite a while since i've made a post here (moving across the country will do that to ya) so to all the new members, hello! My name is Brent, and i am a hoarder collector of Reshiram, the legendary beast trio, Pikachu and various others. Today i have a few things to share, along with a small sales post of some miscellaneous things that have been in storage. First thing's first, a very important and very amazing get!

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Also! if anyone happens to have an Umbreon kuttari cutie plush, particularly the awake version, please let me know if you'd be willing to sell for around $15 shipped or even trade for anything in my sales. I'm very sad to have missed it on pokecen :(

Now, for some sales!
Sales permission granted in March of 2011 by Dakajojo. Feedback here!
-I will be shipping everything first class by Friday (December 18th) morning. If I do not get your payment by Friday or you commit to buy after Friday morning, your items will be shipped after the holidays. This is both to ensure you get your item(s) safely and to minimize stress on myself.
-All items will be shipped in bubble mailers of appropriate size, wrapped up as needed with bubble wrap. If you want a box, just let me know and i will quote shipping for you based on whatever size-appropriate box i've got on hand. :D
-All prices marked shipped are for US shipping only, if you're outside the US feel free to ask for a quote!
-I do follow the usual community rule for commitment! If you simply ask for a quote, but someone else states that they've committed, the person who has stated their commitment to buy gets priority.
-I accept Paypal, and may accept trades for Reshiram items, especially figures. Feel free to ask!

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And now, the last thing i have for you today...something not so good.

Uh...Raikou seems to have misplaced his tail. Possibly thanks to a giant, real life cat! If anyone has a spare tail for a Raikou zukan (even the non-shiny version), or if you have a complete one that you'd trade for anything in my sales, please let me know. Thanks for reading, everybody! Happy holidays!

Quick Small Trade Post

I was going through my collection and I found a few plushies that I didn't quite feel the attachment that I would like to have with them. I want them to be really loved by someone.  SO... I'm hoping to do a trade with someone! I don't have a sales permission so trading is my only hope to get these guys into a home where they'll be treated like royalty!
-I ship from the US.
-I reserve the right to decline any trade offer.
-I can ship internationally.
-I'm not responsible for lost or damaged items once it's out of my hands and with the post office.
-I can't guarantee that something will come in time for Christmas.
-I can take more photos of something if you want me too.
-My feedback is located here.
-My house has no pets (I use to have a dog, but he's been gone for 1-2 years now), there is someone that smokes here but he ALWAYS smokes outside, and he VERY RARELY comes into my room, and when he does he never touches anything.

  1. Pokemon Center Sitting Trick Pose Flareon (JP): Dettached Tag (But available)

  2. Takara Tomy (US) Sylveon: Dettached Tag (But available)

  3. Banpresto Jirachi (JP): TTO Has some fading/damage to his head ribbons and has something stapled to his tush tag, I don't know what it is or what it means, but it was there when I bought it and I didn't want to remove it if it was something important.


I should also note the kind of material Jirachi is made of seems to attract a lot of stray lint/dust. So if we do trade and you recieve him and he looks kinda dirty... well... there you go.

The things I would like to trade for are other pluhies, as I only really collect plushies. I don't have a wants list, as I want to be open to ANY offer.

Thus far my main interest have been Chespin, Flareon, Minccino, Tepig, Totodile and Christmas-themed plushies, but again I'm open to any offer.
I'm not too concern with trading things that match up in price. As long as it's something I can love then I'm okay with the offer.
I am open to customs, but I'm REALLY picky. So, i'm sorry if I decline.

I have to go out after making this post, so I'll respond to anyone that commented once I come home.

Merch question

Hello everyone :)
I'm interested in getting some items from this promo:

It says they went on sale on december 12 (I think) I tried sunyshore but they don't seem to have them.

I wanna get most of the items with Gloom on them
Anyone know where I can buy them?

Thanks and I hoppe everyone has very happy holidays :)

2016 Pokemon US Tomy news (and small update!)

Hey everyone! Just letting y'all know that I have arrived at my new home right now aaand I'll be able to show off some of my figure collections I am currently growing. :D

But, I bet you came here for this right?Collapse )

So, without further ado, here are the new North American Tomy products coming soon for 2016!

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So yeah, what do you guys think of this? (I was totally suprised that Espurr got a figure and that JP Tomy didn't!)
I'm also really happy that the US Tomy company decided to instead import the JP version figures that they make entirely brand new sculpted figures. Kinda sad there's no Mega Kangaskahn action figure with baby punching out of the mother, but a dude can dream!

Anyways, thanks so much for reading and have a happy Christmas and a brand new year!

(Edit: Added in plush! Also, that's literally all the new plush on the picture.)

Awesome get! And Customised Porygon Zs video :D

Hi everyone! I want to share the awesome pokedoll that arrived yesterday! :D

It's metagross! I started to really like Metagross after I unlocked him as a character in Pokepark. He is so cool! I've always liked steel types as well. He cost me a bundle but I really love him!!

The second thing I would like to share with you is a video of the two Porygon Z plushes that me and my boyfriend customised. I'll keep it a surprise what we did with them -- hope you like it tee hee!!


Sales update - lowered prices!

Hey Pokefans!
I lowered a lot of the prices in my Sales post from earlier this month!
most of the prices i lowered also have OBO next to them to so feel free to haggle them down some more! I would really just love to free up some space and have my collection go to a good home!
Here is the Sales post again. and a small preview of some of the items
Thank you again!