December 17th, 2015


Quick Want!

Okay so I've been looking for this one plush for awhile with no luck, so it's time to recuirt help from you guys!

[Help me find this plush!]
pika winter.png

I've been trying to find the winking verison of this plushie for awhile now. I've seen the regular-faced one at a few places, but I REALLY want the winking-version!
So if you know anyone, or somewhere (realiable) that is selling one, please tell me. Please and thank you!

Lots of exciting gets! :)

I'm home from uni for Christmas and have finally had time to open all the packages that were waiting for me! :D There's quite a few items for all my different collections, so here we go! ^-^ And just a warning that this will be very photo heavy! XD
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That's it for now! :) To finish, here's a photo of a failed pokedoll pyramid I tried to make! XD

Arisamon's First Sales Post!

Hello Hello I have done a much much needed collection weeding and i have finally finished editing my store! If you have time, please take a look! Sorry my store will only be open for about a week because i am going on vacation >.> but i will reopen later! Click on the picture or Here to be taken to my sales post!

Thank you! :) I will post a collection update soon ^_^
Mudkip wooper lotad


Hi I'm new to pokemon collectors and I've been around for a while.But now I just got around to actually joining the community.I'm an avid lover of Skiploom, wooper, Lotad,and Mudkip. I mainly collect Mudkip plushies though because he has a ton of merch. I'm trying to find some lotad, and wooper plushies though to branch out from just collectin' mudkips. So far I only have a 1:1 mudkip plush and a jakks? mudkip plush from target.I also have two random kids of lickilicky and hoppip.I'm basically just lookin' for lotad, wooper, and mudkip plushies or kids for like under 30 bucks . On a off note I'm also into MLP but yeah :3. I may occasionally get other pkmn plushes but only if they're appealing.
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Quick Pokedex Sale

Selling a Pokedex, 15 shipped!
It speaks, lights up, spins, and has different language settings. A great cosplay prop or gift to any little poke trainers out there :)

Sales permission granted on Feb 19, 2013

I also have a new item in my store, perler sprites with pokeball bases. You can check it out here if you're interested.

And a question- how rare are the first round of pokebox coins now? I have Umbreon and a gold Eevee- would anyone want to trade Eevee for a different one?

Please Help Me Find This!!

My friend is looking for one of these to buy as a Christmas gift for their partner who really, really likes Snivy and the one they had their eye on and was going to buy was snatched up before they could get it. The only one they can find up anywhere is on ebay and it's a little too pricey for them. They're looking to get one within a $30-$40 range. It doesn't need to have the hang tags.

Thanks for reading!

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Large Sleeping Mudkip!

Hey guys. I hope your winter break is going well!

I have recently been on the lookout for the Large sleeping mudkip that was recently released!

I know it's available on Pokevault but I'm trying to find it for a better price.

This was the series it was released with. Please let me know if you guys have any suggestions! It does not need to be in by Christmas. :)
Pokemon - Growlithe/Arcanine Love
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Denali's Holy Grail! A 7 Year Search is Over!

Oh my gosh you guys it’s been so long! I have a very exciting get to share with you! :D

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I hope you enjoyed my puptastic post! Let me know if you have any questions, and you are free to use my pictures for wanted lists (but I don’t let people gank my images for auctions, even if selling the same item).

New to the Community :3

Hey guys! The names Nathan but you can call me TiamatRuler, Tiamat, or anything else you might come up with based on my username. Please don't call me Nate, though, as I really dislike it. This is pretty much the introduction post I have on my own live journal page with a bit more added to it.
I am big into Pokemon and my favorite Pokemon is Cyndaquil, if you couldn't tell by my icon. The icon actually features the shiny colors of Cyndaquil that were in the original Gold/Silver/Crystal games. I really wish they hadn't changed the shiny in generation 3 and onwards. I don't understand why you'd change out those amazing, purple flames for normal flames and a dull brown in place of the blueish black.
Anyway, I was forced to take a huge break from anything Pokemon after Crystal because of my dad. I wasn't able to get back into Pokemon until X and Y came out. Since then, I've gotten back into pretty much everything, the games, the anime, the cards. The only thing I really haven't gotten back into is collecting anything other than cards. I've managed to get myself a few plushies, figures, and other things. Most of my figures and pins come from buying TCG collection boxes, though. I plan to start getting into collections of some specific Pokemon but I know I missed out on a lot of stuff due to the huge gap I had and I really don't know what I'll be able to afford. xD
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This got so long that I decided to put another cut around the section above so people know that whole part is just about my collection interests. I didn't want to spam the front page of the community with quite that massive wall of text. x3
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Another tidbit you might want to know about me, since I'm introducing myself, is that not long after X and Y came out, I actually started youtubing Pokemon stuff. I have a few Pokemon playthrough series on my channel along with some card openings and other things. I'm not as active on it right now as I'd like to be because I had a 3DS capture card and did a lot of shiny hunting streams...but my capture card stopped working, so I'm trying to save up a little every paycheck so I can get a new one and start that up again. My icon is actually my channel icon. xD I'm not a big youtuber or anything, I only have 250 or so subscribers, but I enjoy it when I get to do it nonetheless. o3o

Sorry for the long wall of text, guys. I get really excited when it comes to things like this. I hope to meet tons of great people and make some amazing friends, along with slowly adding to my collections. ^-^ Pokemon is one of my absolute favorite things and I just can't seem to meet any people around here who are as into it as I am, so I tend to look online to make friends around it and this just seems like a perfect place to do so. x3 Also, I hope I did the cuts right. This is my first post on a community on live journal. I tried to follow everything in the tutorial, so please forgive me if I'm so newbish at this site that I messed something up. ;w;

Week before Xmas Merch News: Sleeping Bag NukuNuku Style Pics, Steven Stone, Pokemon market, & more!

Merch news this week~ Click on the pics to direct you to the official sites.

The next wave of Nebukuro Collection sleeping bag kuji~ NukuNuku Style comes out January 30th.

I love the individual expressions especially Snorlax and Gengar's! For me, I think I love this one better than the first. I'll probably have to get the whole set off Yahoo! Japan...

I love the milk bottle mug!

The Daisuki Club released photos of the Steven Stone promo coming out in one week on Christmas! Well, really the day after Christmas in Japan.

The stainless steal mug, glasses case, and pin are my top picks.

Now you can see why it's so expensive (8,000 yen) but it's soooo gorgeous. A must for any Steven Stone lover and perfect if you're cosplaying him. XD

Tonight's news: Also coming out next week on the 26th are these Pokemon Center plush!

Ash's Greninga ~ 3,200 yen and Zygarde 10% ~ 2,000 yen

Doggy is cute~

Coming out New Year's as well... along with the New Year's Monthly Pikachu (They will be only available in Pokemon Centers, the Pokemon Store on Amazon JP will not have them) are..
Pokemon Market goods and these mascots!

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Also, there's new It's Demo goods that came out today! Pics on Twitter for you to see. I want all the masking tape and the stationery stuff are are very cute! If you're an stationery addict like me... it's so tempting to get it all. XD

Edit: A TCG kuji on New Years! Mikitzune has more detail here.

Lastly, a small plug that I'm desperately wanting the Aurora Snow Scene greeting cards which went out of stock recently. If only I didn't wait after this weekend to buy them....

I just love the artwork so much... I have the Japanese goods that feature it like the pouch, notebook, clear file, and masking tape... Having the greeting cards would be great.. if only they released a clear poster of it.

Well they did release the Aurora Winter theme for the Pokemon Style app yesterday so I bought it and now am using it on my phone. :D I'm using a multi wallpaper app. I can just stare at my phone screen all day...

Happy holidays~ December is going by too fast. ;_; Can my wallet survive till the end of the month..

First Pokémart Sales!

Hey guys! :D

Today I have got permission to start sales on PkmnCollectors! :D I have not much to sell yet, but I have more later :) Here the beginning:

Click here or the banner to be transported:

Also I do trades for Zigzagoon stuff I don't have yet.

Thanks for watching and have a nice evening!